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Seize Me

Seize Me by Crystal Spears
My rating: ★ 5 Fucking Crazy Stars ★

Seize Me (Breakneck, #1)


What the fuck did I just read?!?!?

~ "I'm about to fuck you so raw that every step you take is going to feel like your c*nt has been rubbed down by sandpaper, baby." ~ Braxx 


Seize Me is like no other.

Your about to be DRAGGED into the unashamed world of the Breaknecks.
Once given a taste, I swear you won't be able leave.
Seize Me, makes no apologies for the raw, intense, and at times, heartbreaking ugliness that happens in the life of the MC.

Get ready ladies cause your about to have it all stripped bare. Your senses set on fire, and your heart seriously broken, your limits will be tested and you won't have one say in it all.
Hold on, and enjoy the ride.


Winter grew up under the control of her Russian mafia family.
When her father takes her first love away in cold blood, she runs.

All she leaves behind is a cold trail to make sure he can never find her.
A year on the run, see's her to using her expensive dance lessons and working as a stripper in an up market strip joint.
When asked to do a private show for the Breakneck's President, Winter, reluctantly agrees.

Braxxon is President of the MC Breakneck's.
When he sets eyes in the most beautiful Angel dancing, he claims her as his own.

~  "Name's Braxxon baby and I wanna touch an Angel." ~ Braxx

Braxxon is total Motorcycle Alpha. He can be a total douche at times but I found myself loving him more for his sweetness then, hating him for his Doucheness
And like Winter, I would swoon when he would totally do the most sweetest things.

~ I hate that I hate him because I think I just may love him, all because of a bag of gummies that he knew I would need. ~ Winter

He claims what's his. And Winter is his.
She is strong and beautiful and needs to be taught a thing or two.

~ " And tomorrow I'm gonna pound the shit outta your c#nt for talking to me like that." ~ 


Winter hates that this man has to be the one man that she has a connection with.
She fights so hard to keep him at arms length, she can't let him break her walls down. She can't go back into this ugly world. It's what she has run from. But this man holds something over her.
When her weekend stay with Braxx, puts her life in danger, she finds herself on club lockdown and in Braxxon's  bed.
Their attraction is more than sex, it's something that neither have had before.

~In that moment where my mind, body and soul are assaulted, I know that I'll never be the same again. Braxxon has seized me, and something tells me he isn't letting me go.~ Winter

Soon their intense relationship is put to the ultimate test when Winter is taken from Braxx, as retaliation to club business.

This was intense. You find yourself thinking, nope nothing is gonna happen, it never does in these situations.

OH Shit it's happening…

This is where Seize Me stands out from the rest.
Crystal takes you out of your comfort zone and pushes the limits where no-one else seems to go.

While there is a warning at the start of this book, I must stress that if you do have a hot botton, this book might not be for you.

The abuse and rape that follows is heartbreaking to read.
Your sitting there with your pulse raising, waiting for the hero to sweep in and save the day.

But unlike others, this is no fairytale in the traditional  sense.
Winter and Braxx must work through the repercussions  of what they both went through.



It's covers it all.
With a few bumps along the way slowly, Winter starts to heal.
And with revenge on her mind, and one holy fucking shit scene, she is able to move past the black hole she was finding herself in.

Can I just say the scene with PP
Omg omg omg
Oh my fucking GOD!!!



With threat of the enemy still out there, Braxx moves Winter into the compound.
While they struggle with coming to terms of what their short relationship has entailed for each other. Their connection is undeniable.


But how does one define a relationship based on one week and living through the pain and guilt they both have.
How can Braxx be there for her? The Angel he fell for is never coming back. He must let that go and move forward, with this woman who has replaced her.


This was heartbreaking. And this is where I really fell for Braxx, his intentions were always clear and they never wavered. You felt his love for her.

There passion was intense. The sex was at times smoking hot, but then so freaking sweet.

~“I want it real slow, baby."
"How slow?" I ask wrapping her legs around my waist and lifting her into my lap, causing her to moan with the change of position.
"So slow I can feel you enter my soul," she whispers.” ~

But Winter is under no illusions that Braxx is solely hers, so when there is an indiscretion you don't find her flying off the handle in a jealous rage.

I however wasn't as forgiving…I would be saying, "Bitch get your mouth of my mans dick."

The scene with Dizzy, pissed me off. I was pissed at both Winter and Braxx.
I hated that for them. I hated that what they went through, made her say that, and in turn made him do that. I really felt the struggle within Braxx afterward.

I hate cheating, it makes me feel so sick and I was holding back reading this because it happens in these books. However, I must say this wasn't as bad as what I have read before in Motorcycle club books. I was expecting a lot more considering Braxx is one bad Ass dude.
But once they do sort their shit out, they are totally faithful to each other.


When you meet the key characters of the Breakneck family you soon find yourself falling in love with them all.
Winter finds herself settling in to her new family and life.

But soon Winter's past catches up with her.
Putting her family in danger.

Her father is hell bent on taking her back, taking anything and anyone that she cares for.
But the Winter he knows doesn't exist anymore and there is no way she will go down with out a fight.

~ "I fell in love with a fucking Mafia princess" ~ Braxx

Overall I really enjoyed this. Yes, I was a little apprehensive starting this. I guess it's one of those stories that you are either gonna really love it or not.
I can see how people are saying WTF? How can you like this. But looking at the bigger picture. Spears, has given us a look into the dark MC life and left nothing back.
Sex, Drugs and Murder has never been so wrong, yet felt so right.
Kudos to Spears. I will definitely be reading the next instalment.

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Tuesday, July 30


Edible by Ella Frank
My rating: ★ 5 Smoking Stars ★

Edible (Exquisite, #3)



~"There's one small problem here, don't you think?"...

"And what's that" he asked with a smile.

"We both want to be on top."~

This was so freaking HOT I didn't know what to do with myself.

It had everything I love in a book

Hot Bossy Alpha
Spunky Kick Ass Female
Hot Smouldering Sex
No Angst!!
Amazing Epilogue.
Did I mention the fan-fucking-tastic sex?



Ella Frank is a master of Erotic
This is the 3rd book of the exquisite series.

Rachel and Cole's story.

Rachel is hiding behind a past of secrets. Secrets and hurt that keep her from experiencing relationships the way she truly wants.
Her loneliness runs deep inside her heart.
With everyone close to her moving on she finds herself being left behind.

Cole Madison knows exactly what he wants, and Rachel Langley is it. From the moment he spotted her at Whipped, he knew he wanted to grab hold and take a bite.

The sexual tension between the two is scorching. With Cole taunting her at every stop, Rachel can't seem to deny the chemistry that runs between them.

~ "If I say yes, I'll give you my tongue to suck on, and you can take a guess at what it is." ~ Cole

In the beginning, Cole's intensity scares Rachel.
He has this ability to make her feel.
Like she can totally let go and trust a man again.
With no intention of handing over control to a man again, she refuses to let him in.

Rachel intrigues Cole.
What starts out to be a mission to release what she is clearing holding back, Cole soon realises this woman is it for him.
He just has to convince her of it.

- "I'm bossy, I'm arrogant, and I can be an asshole at times, but I also crave the power to control my surroundings. So, that is what I ask of you. Will you let go and give me the power to make you happy? To make you scream when your body finally explodes around mine?"~ Cole

I love a dirty talker and Cole… God he was good.

~ "Suck me, Rachel. Put those sticky lips around my cock and suck it good…"

Quit fucking around, Rachel, and suck my fucking cock."~

The sex was freaking HOT SO hot..

~ "I bet you're wet from just thinking about playing with my piercings."~



What they both don't realise is they found their one person who is it for them.
Their connection runs deeper then just sexual chemisty.

~"You're so much more than I ever expected. How did I not see that coming? He asked, mystified.
Her lips tipped into a sly smile.
"Because I was hiding," she confessed.
"And now?"..
"And now I want you to see me"~

I loved it!
I loved that there was no drama, no unnecessary misunderstandings.
I loved Cole and loved Rachel equally, you really felt that they were made for each other.

~ "Thank you"
"Being exactly who you are. For being impulsive, strong, and mine."~ Cole

I LOVED the Epilogue.. Love me a good Epilogue.

And the sneak speak of Logan's story in her new series,
The Temptation Trilogy
For those of you don't know, I am a HUGE fan of M/M. If you have never read a M/M romance.. Girl you are missing out!
Can NOT WAIT for this one..

If you haven't started on this series, I suggest you get on it straight away. You won't regret it.

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Spark by Brooke Cumberland
My rating: ★ 3.75 Stars ★

Spark (Spark, #1)






When your past controls your future, how do you move forward?

When the people who are meant to love and protect you, leave you broken with no hope, how do trust anyone?

~"You would never be just another girl , Velaney. You are the girl. The way I feel when I'm close to you.. the way my heart races so fast it nearly beats out of my chest anytime I see you. It's unnatural, Velaney."

Velaney has endured a world a hell, growing up in the picture perfect household with picture perfect family, anyone would think she had it all. But behind closed doors Velaney knows the pain of what happens when your own family fails you.

Years later, living with her best friend Carissa and now not having any contact with her family, Velaney refuses to let anyone in. She is broken, why bother with anyone only to end up pushing them away when it all gets to much.

Everything changes the night she wakes up in the arms of Sexy firefighter Eric Reilley.
Never has anyone ignited that kind of Spark in her. Being held in Eric's arms she felt safe for the 1st time since she was a child.

Eric Reilley, lives one floor below Velaney's apartment. After saving Val from the fire, he can't seem to stay away.
Soon they keep bumping into each other and spending more and more time together.

What starts out as a slow friendship build, with a few misunderstandings, eventually turns into more when Eric refuses to let Valenay push him away.

Velaney can't do relationships, but the Spark between Eric and herself can't be denied, the pull he has on her is too strong. When she comes clean about her past he doesn't run, he promises to take things slow, at her pace.

Soon Eric takes the pain away, replacing it with something she always believed she could never have… Someone to Love ,trust and care for her.

But Velaney's past won't seem to let go, when evil comes back into her life refusing to let go, will she be pulled back into the darkness that Eric worked so hard to pull her from?

Is their love strong enough to handle what is about to come their way?

Spark was a very fast paced and intense story at times.
It felt like it is was going one direction then next thing you know you would be hit with the realisation of Valaney's past. It was full on.

Velaney has good reason for her reluctancy to allow a relationship with Eric, finding it hard to move on from a past that haunts her.
But Eric was very patient and when they did get there it was smoking.

~He makes his way down my body by laying fresh, sweet kisses down my torso. he stops at my navel and tongues a ring around it before continuing to go down further.
"So wet," he groans, making me clench my thighs, but he stops me and opens them up for him even wider. ~

Eric was sexy, hot and lets not forget her calls her SWEETHEART…. The ONLY word that melts my heart. When a man calls his woman Sweetheart (Sigh) instant love there.
oh and such a great talker in bed….

~"God Velaney… I've wanted your legs wrapped around me for so long," he mumbles, dropping his lips to my collarbone, suckling it before he make his back up to my mouth. "You taste fucking amazing," he Growls.~

There definitely was a spark between the two.

I was surprised by the direction it went, I wasn't expecting it.
One min I thought I had it figured, but because it was so fast paced it really had me guessing. So many twists.

I think the whole school fire scene was such a big shock. I was like yeah right not gonna happen, surely not… no way and then I kinda had about 3 mins of really believing it. It really felt real. So I was devo but then I was wrong. Hahhaha thank god.

But the 2nd twist in the hospital….. FML omg seriously I was like WHAT THE FUDGE POPSICLE….
GOOD GOD WOMAN what are you doing to me…

I loved Carissa, she was really fun and had a great sense of humour.

Her and her Pussy fairy talks loved it.

Loved Val's words for coming up with new swear words haha

Alex was real sketchy for me from the start, I kinda called it early but wasn't 100% sure.

I think my biggest problem for me was Valaney's family, I was so frustrated that they were the way they were, how did Aiden get away with everything that went on in the book?
How could Velaney and Carissa really believe what they did in that bathroom was a good idea? hahhahaaha

I guess I couldn't agree with her actions dealing with everything.
I was yelling at my kindle why would you do that? OR run?

Eric was so sweet and I was so upset with what happened, couldn't she see what type of person he was?

~"Why are you always saving me?" I ask, breaking the silence. "How can you not realise. " He pauses to place a kiss on my forehead. "You've been the one saving me all along." ~

Finally she realises that she can't allow her past to dictate her future.


The ending was a little OMG creepy!


Yes ladies we have a cliffhanger.. not a bad one, a HEA with a cliffhanger of the danger still following Valaney and Eric.

Overall I liked it. It was fun, steamy, with bit of suspense and few twists and turns
I didn't fall in absolute love with it. But will definitely read the follow up to see how it turns out.

*Copy courtesy of the author, in exchange for an honest review*

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Axel by Harper Sloan
My rating: ★ 4 Stars ★

Axel (Corps Security, #1)


~Fate hasn’t always been friends with Isabelle West. In fact, fate has been a downright bitch.~

Isabelle West really has had it bad. After being knocked down over and over she finally is taking her chance to live free, breathe easy.

When her ex husband won't let go, it sets off a chain of events that pull Isabelle back to the most horrible time of her life.
Everything she knew has become a lie.
Looking into the face of the man you love, the man you thought was taken away from you was the last thing she ever expected.

Axel has carried his anger over Isabelle West since the day she broke his heart.
Their dreams didn't go to plan, he accepted it, but fate intervenes bringing them back in each others life. Now he is faced with protecting her.

The pull she has always had on him makes it hard for him to hold onto the anger.
Can he forgive her for turning away from him? How can he protect her from the danger when she isn't being honest how far it goes.

With their past filled with lies, a crazy Ex- husband, some kick ass friends and some sexy ex-Marines, Can Iz and Axel find there way back to each other?

I hate it when I'm not 100% sure what I want to rate a book. Sometimes it's just too much pressure.
What works for one might not work for the other.
I have sat on this for 2 days now and I'm still stuck.
So I'm reviewing this one a little different to my normal style.

Did I enjoy Axel?
Did I absolutely fall in love with it?
Did I get a healthy dose of Alpha Males?
Were there awesome sexy times?
Did it frustrate me?
Would I read the next one?

So I guess what I'm saying is I didn't love it love it I just liked it.

Lets talk about the things I did like.

GREG….. Sweet mother of GOD give me Greg right now. I wan't him yesterday…
~"Baby girl? I know you're scared. Iz mark my fucking words, he will not touch you. Do you hear me? He won't breathe your fucking air, I promise you that."~

Seriously I can NOT Wait for his story.
He was my type of Alpha

~"Oh really? So, you can see through fucking wood and steel now? I didn't realise you picked up fucking super powers. Remind me next time to just have you beam me the hell over, sure as fuck will save on the gas." ~

Hahah I kinda liked him more than Axel…..

But that's not to say Axel wasn't good. He was, he was total sexy badass.

~“She was mine.
She is mine.
She will always fucking be mine.”~


I loved the sexy times.

~ "You feel how fucking hard I am for you? I can feel your warm fucking c*nt hugging my dick, even through my god damn pants, you are on fire for me." ~


I loved all the Bad Ass Men of Corps Security.


I loved Isabelle's side when she was carefree and little a bad ass. She was funny at times

~ “Axel Reid, you wake up right now!” I yell. “Get your paws off my tit and call your dick off its search for my pussy, he found it asshole, now back off.”~

I really loved it when they finally got together. Bring on the sexy times, the sweet words and playfulness any day.

~“Never again, Izzy West. I will never again let anyone take you from me, or anything from us.” ~

Loved that they finally got their HEA.


But there were a couple of things that really frustrated me. And for me, it took away what could of been epic.

I wish Isabelle communicated a lot sooner. I thought that if you were standing in front of the man you loved and thought dead you would ask "How is that possible?"
She just assumed and from there was the delaying in communicating.

~“Process? What the hell is there to process? Where are you, Izzy? Not asking you again, and I am not fucking doing this text message shit like a goddamn prepubescent little shit.”

I hated the stressed feeling I got because I was an emotional mess waiting for them to communicate. I destroyed my nails reading this.

You know the moment when your waiting for them to finally click where it all went wrong. Then you can breathe easy. Well it felt like I couldn't catch my breathe for 50% of the book.
In saying that, some people love Angst. For me, too much angst stresses me. hahhaha


I really didn't like the way she treated Greg, not talking to him for ages.
But when he finally gets her to talk it was like a 2 sec apology and she was over it lol.

For a little bit at the start I thought we were gonna have a love triangle there.
I was getting mixed signals. But maybe I was just hoping to see some Greg ACTION hahaha.

I think a little more detail on The Corpse Security would of been really awesome. You know, seeing them in action, being their badass selves.
Maybe that will come as the series moves forward?

Overall Harper Sloan's debut definitely kept me interested.
She has all the ingredients for an amazing series, I guess for me the storyline of these 2 particular characters frustrated me, taking away everything else.

I have no doubt Greg's story is what will turn my view of this series from being good to freaking awesome.

Check it out for yourself.

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Competition Winners

Thanks to everyone that entered. 
A big thanks to all the Authors who donated and made this possible. 

Congratulations to all winners
An email has been sent to you all. Please check your Junk Mail.

Signed Paperback Winners 

Jennifer Huston-Griffin 
Tanya Chase
Liz Duran 
Tamara Marceau 
Rebecca Knight 
Gabrielle Bingley
Trish Rivers 
Cindy Gibson 
Andrea Cordova 
Kim Mathon
Amber Slagle
Holly J. Underhill
Gina Deason Meier
Chelsea Bates
Jennie Liebermann


Stefanie Nix 
Jaclyn Natter
Melissa K. Gordan-Vasel
Sara Mathewson

E-Book Winners 

Kathy Watkins 
Natalia Becker
Leza Weber
Kim Perry
Kristen Ervin
Ameila Ellis Andrews 
Jessica Anderson 
Brettani Villa
Tracey Rigg
Nicole Huffman 
Jansen Garland 
Amber Jo Knight 
Stephanie Christensen 
Jessica Chadbourne 

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Shine Not Burn

Shine Not Burn by Elle Casey
My rating: ★ 4 Stars ★

Shine Not Burn

Why Hello there Cowboy....


~"Sometimes when our lives are out of control, the only thing that makes us feel secure is to swing in the opposite direction. To control every last detail.” ~

And that's exactly how Andie lives her life.
Obsessed with following her life plan.


Her life is one organised plan. One she will not deter from.

Until one night in vegas.


Gavin 'Mack' Mackenzie is one holy hot smoking Cowboy..
A night in Vegas for his brothers bucks night turns into something more when a sexy woman spills her drink on his lap at the blackjack table.

Andie decides to let loose for the weekend, relax. When she spots a sexy Cowboy across the room she heads straight over.
After clumsily spilling her drink on his lap and then proceeding to "Rub" it dry, Mack excuses himself to take care of the mess leaving Andie at the table.

Hahaha Andie and the Blackjack scene is a freaking HOOT!! Hilarious.

~"Soft Hand"
"Thank you. I use hand cream to keep them moisturised"
"Not your hand, the card"~

When Mack comes back to the table the chemistry between the two is on fire.

~"I doubted at this point that I'd be able to string a coherent sentence together. His beauty combined with his slow-talking cowboy sexiness had completely robbed me of any intelligence."~

After flirting and drinking they decide to go up to her room.

Now let me tell you the sex was Hot Hot HOT HOT


But I couldn't stop laughing at Andie's inner dialogue.
She was a dork. Pretty funny.

~ Sweet Jesus he's hung. Thats some kind of magic, the way he somehow fits that thing into those pants. ~

~ "Woo hoo" I yelled, pushing him down onto the bed and jumping on top of him. My leap was a little too enthusiastic through, because I misjudged my landing and fell to the side. I tried to catch myself on the edge of the bed but the stupid satin cover gave me nothing to grab onto. I tipped off the bed and fell onto the floor with a loud thud. I stayed there for a few seconds, waiting for the room to stop spinning.~

What was meant to be a one night stand, brings forth feelings they both weren't expecting.

~ Feeling his heavy body on mine, wallowing in the afterglow of the best sex I'd ever had, I questioned for the first time what the hell I was doing with my life.~

But waking up in Vegas, alone in bed, with a foggy memory about one sexy Cowboy is all Andie remembers. Leaving her to head back home with nothing but a name and a little niggling feeling that she is forgetting something, something important.

2 Years later…..

We find Andie about to get married to some Douche bag. Her obsession to stick to her life plan has pushed all her friends away.
When the application for her marriage comes through stating she is already married, Andie is taken back to the one night in Vegas 2 yrs ago she has very little memory of.

~"Says here in my system you married a man by the name of ... Gavin MacKenzie, on April tenth, two thousand and eleven... The signature matches the one you put on the form, maybe a little more messy, but it's the same one.
That name ring any bells? Gavin MacKenzie? What's that? Scottish?... "~

With a mission to find her 'Husband' and demand a divorce before her fiancé finds out, Andie sets off for Oregon.
What she wasn't counting on was her damn sexy husband Mack to make her life a whole lot harder.

~"I don't believe in divorce."~

Hahhaha that was gold. Loved it.

Mack is angry. He remembers every part of their night shared and 2 years later is still holding onto the hurt of coming home without his wife.

At first Mack is really cold and short with Andie and refuses to talk to her, leaving her hanging around his family waiting for a chance to talk.
Soon she finds herself warming up to his family and daily life on the farm.

As soon as they get near each other, the undeniable sexual tension is too much.

~“You’re my wife,” he said, only inches away, his hot breath flickering over my lips. “You married me in Las Vegas two years ago.”
“And I’m your husband.”
I nodded, tears slipping out.
He gritted his teeth and growled out, “And this is us, consummating our marriage.” ~

Holy Shit the shower scene was fucking hot!

Mack believes what they shared in Vegas was something on a different level and he refuses to let her walk away. Not without a fight.

~"Why can't you just let me go?"

"I can't let you go because you're mine.” ~

She fights it, not believing one night in Vegas can amount to a fulfilling life long marriage. This is not part of her life plan, but the more time she spends with Mack, the more she finds it harder to make the decision to stay or leave?

~"It's not a second chance, Mack. It can't be."
He sat up next to me and pulled me to his side with his arm across my shoulders.
Touching his head to mine he spoke in a low voice.
"Yes, it can. We're still married. Why can't we just take a shot at making it work like a real marriage?"~


With the help of Mack and his funny and amazing family, can they show Andie what she truly is missing in life?

~“With that realization came the understanding that sometimes you can't appreciate the true beauty of a thing until you experience it for yourself; no amount of words or pictures will do the trick. And no amount of planning could make it happen. Sometimes, we just have to go where the wind takes us and see where we end up.”~

I really enjoyed this one. It kinda came out of nowhere and everyone was raving about it on my GR so I one clicked again… I'm glad I did.
I loved Mack. He was one sexy Alpha Cowboy. Seriously SEXY. Andie has her issues and at times I had to remind myself of those. She did frustrate me and at the same time I really thought she was funny. I loved that she was a little stubborn with Mack. It made the banter more fun.
This was sweet and sexy. Fun and playful with just enough steam.
Elle Casey hit a mark here. I do hope she continues on with Ian's story.

I must say the Sneak Peek of Casey's next release By Degrees has me VERY intrigued….. can't wait.

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Off the Record

Off the Record by Sawyer Bennett
My rating: ★ 4 Sexy Stars ★

Off the Record (Off Series, #3)

Sawyer Bennett has had me at Offsides and I haven't been able to let go…


Ever Montgomery has closed herself off from men.
After coming home early one day and catching her fiancé in bed with her classmate, she vows never to let a man betray her again.

Hot goalie for the New York Rangers, Lincoln Caldwell is a rising star at the age of twenty- four. He works hard and he plays even harder. Ladies fall at his feet.
Then Ever walks into his life.

~"Aside from her stunning looks, I find her to be charming, hilarious and interesting. I can't remember the last time a woman intrigued me past the point of wondering what her bra size was, although I peg her at a nice B cup, which is my preference."~

Ever jumps at the chance to further her journalism career when her friend, Emily, gets her an interview with Linc, at his annual BBQ for his Team mates.

With a little banter and flirting, Linc opens up freely with Ever, even speaking off the Record. He leaves feeling like the interview went well, with the dark haired beauty on his mind.
With a few miss understandings and wrong place wrong time, Ever gets the wrong idea, and publishes her interview, painting Linc to be nothing but a womanising jerk, plus giving the information given Off the Record.

Linc is furious and instead of getting Ever fired he comes up with the idea that Ever come and stay with him, to see the real him, so she can write an honest retraction and public apology.
He refuses to allow her to paint him that way to his fans. What he doesn't understand is how he could possible be so wrong about her.

~"But I did fuck the woman you saw me with in my bedroom, and I fucked her hard and more than once. That's after I got her off with my hand. You remember that part, don't you? Now that's the truth.
And you can look at me all you want with contempt, but I don't apologise for who I am. You have no right to judge me or my sex life.~

As Ever starts to get to know the real Linc, she starts to realise her 1st impression was totally wrong.

~ Less than a week ago, I was beyond infuriated with this man, believing him to be the lowest form of scum on this earth.


I see someone different.

I not only misjudged his character, but I've learned very quickly that it runs deeper than I would have imagined. ~

As she spends more time with Linc, her attraction grows. Trying to push it aside, some things he says just makes it harder and harder to deny their attraction.

~“Your smile would bring a lesser man to his knees. But if you wore your glasses and smiled at me like that, it would topple me.”~

Linc starts to see a different side to the infuriating woman. His feelings toward her have been all over the place from instant attraction to anger to vengeance then amusement and fascination back to fighting his attraction.
But Ever holds something over him. He fights the attraction due to fear she is setting him up for more bad Press.

It's a slow sexual build up, The kiss on the couch.. The whole build up was totally hot. You could just feel the sexual tension coming at you.

The Hotel scene! OMG...
Bennett has this amazing talent with the buildup. It's believable and keeps you hanging on for more.

~The massage started out as I'd expected. He diligently worked my sore muscles until I was feeling loose and relaxed.
But the closer Linc got to my Ass, the more I kept imagining him taking his fingers a bit further. What would it be like if he just dragged one finger down the middle of my ass cheeks? Or as he worked his way up my legs, what if he cupped me with his hand? Would he feel how hot I was for him? ~

With Linc in doubt over her sincerity and Ever's distrust in men they slowly move past their issues and take their attraction further.

~His actions were intense and raw. I was stripped naked, but he made me feel more exposed and vulnerable…. stripped to my core.. with the way he moved inside of me.~

The sex was HOT. Of course, Sawyer does not disappoint.

~ His eyes bore into mine and he growled, I'm close… you better come with me, Ever. You better fucking come with me."~

As they grow closer and cross the line to something more, Linc sees the anger that Ever holds inside herself. Not allowing herself to let go.
He wants to pull her out and help her heal.

~"You're not broken. You just need some time to come to grips with what happened."~

But Ever holds back, not allowing the chance to give her self true happiness.

~"Linc… I don't deserve your goodness. And you don't deserve my badness..I am damaged goods. And I tried.. I really did. I wanted to be able to let you in so bad. But I'm just not emotionally able to."~

Will she push him away for good? Can she move past the hurt and truly allow love into her life. Give herself completely over to someone else?

~"Love has a lot to do with the power of forgiveness.”~

I really enjoyed this one. It had everything I wanted, plus more.
I must admit I'm still 100% Nix girl. ( I love me a grouchy bad boy) But Linc comes in a close second.
If you haven't started this series, Get on it. Off the Record is the 3rd in series but all 3 can be read as standalone.

★ 4 Sexy Stars ★

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Love it

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Wednesday, July 17

Beauty and the Billionaire


Beauty and the Billionaire by Jessica Clare
My rating: ★ 4.5 Stars ★

Beauty and the Billionaire (Billionaire Boys Club #2)

Dark Broody Cranky Male …… CHECK
Sexy and Scarred ……. CHECK ( some women find scars sexy)
Billionaire…….. CHECK
Virgin Hero…… CHECK


He is a virgin....
Say what?? 

Wow Holy Hotness
Who would of thought a Scarred Billionaire Virgin would get me hot and bothered!

First and foremost do not, under any circumstances let the fact that the hero is a virgin sway you from reading this.
Cause let me tell you ladies you will want to meet Hunter.

It is really quite erotic reading about a grown man and his first time.

Hunter is a recluse, hiding away from the world. Scarred from an accident when he was young, he has kept himself closed off.
Closed off from the world.
Closed off from the thought that anyone would want anything to do with him when his face looked the way it did.

Gretchen is a writer and one hell funny chick.
With bills piling up she takes a job offering her lead writer. The job entails writing a story based off love letters found in an old mansion.
She takes it on, even with the strange request that she is to stay in said Mansion, as the letters are not to removed from the house.

Hunter first met Gretchen when he overheard a conversation between Gretchen and Brontè in the last book.
He became intrigued with her, and comes up with a plan to have her in his house with the hopes of getting to know her and having a friendship.

While they slowly and awkwardly get to know each other,
Gretchen starts to feel more towards Hunter and yet finds it really frustrating that they can't seem get past the awkwardness of it all.
She soon realises that Hunter really is shy and she is determined to break through, even if that means coming on to him.

You could feel the pull she had on him and how he would push away… Afraid.
But with persistence she finally broke through.


Slowly she would introduce a new level of touching or foreplay.
Each time he would struggle within himself then pull away.
Soon she realises that he is a virgin.

~ He flinched and pulled away. 
She released him from her mouth and shook her head 
"I like it when you touch me. Show me what you want. Please, Hunter." She let her lips rest against the head of his cock, looking up at him and waiting. 
The look in his eyes was a mixture of frenzied longing and.... Something else. Anxiety? She wanted to make that look go away, but it would take time.  For some reason, sex made the man skittish. She had to be patient.~

Yes, at times he was awkward BUT it was SUCH a freaking turn on to read him go through the motions of experiencing what most young males go through in their teens.
For me it was believable and oh so right.


The build up was H.O.T
The not quite sex was H.O.T
The first touch was H.O.T

~He looked down at her in wonder and ran the backs of his fingers over her bare skin, then leaned into the kiss the swell of her breast. 
She moaned in response " That feels so good, Hunter. More." 
He licked her flesh, pushing aside the cup of her bra and revealing  her aching nipple. 
"Tell me what to do - what pleases you?" 
"Just keep doing that," she told him, running her fingers through his hair.~ 

When they finally got to the sex H.O.T


~ Gretchen gasped startled at the sudden move. She'd been thinking she'd have to convince him to touch her, but now that it was all laid out in the open, he'd dove upon her like a starving man. 
"Ah fuck," Hunter moaned, and she felt his breathe on her pussy. His tongue stroked out and licked her lightly, and then  he groaned again. 
"You taste so good." 
"Yes keep touching me." Her hands moved to his hair, holding him there 
"Tell me how," He growled, sending a shiver through her body.~

She teaches him and encourages him. But not only does Gretchen bring Hunter out from his world he has been living in, she must fight to prove to him that hiding behind his scars is holding him back.

~"I don't find you ugly, Hunter. No one who knew you could." Her voice was achingly soft "If anything, I'm grateful that you have these scars, because they saved you for me- for this moment in time. And that's a little selfish of me, Isn't it? And yet I can't help but feel that way." ~

It was interesting to read the insecurities with the Hero this time around.
Normally the female would have the hangups and reading it in the reverse role was strange. Especially with the virgin aspect of it all.
For me it was a little more heartbreaking. You understood his pain. You felt his hunger and need for Gretchen, being in his head at times and experiencing all the firsts with him.

~"I'm a practical man. I never thought to have a woman in my life, ever. I thought my face would turn off any woman worth having. I never thought I would be lucky enough to meet someone like you. I have no illusions as to what this means to you, but for me. It is the world. ~

But will Hunter's insecurities hold him back from what seems too good to be true? Or can he trust himself with another person, let go and allow himself to be loved?

I really enjoyed this. I loved Stranded with the Billionaire but I must admit I loved this more.
I love series where we get a little of each character that is to come.
I can't wait for the next one.

★ 4.5 Sexy Stars ★

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Jess xx