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***Blog Tour, Review, Excerpt & Giveaway*** Figure Eight (Celtic Knot #2) by Cassy Roop

Title: Figure Eight (Celtic Knot #2)
Author: Cassy Roop
Genre: Adult, Erotic Romance, BDSM
Publication Date: July 24, 2014
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Figure Eight (Celtic Knot, #2)


Figure Eight- A strong, secure knot that jams under pressure.

He was betrayed by the one person to loosen the knots of his control.

She sacrificed her love to protect him.

Blackmailed into destroying the man she desperately fell in love with, Ashley (Carter) Woodson tries desperately to cling to hope that Dominic will one day understand her reasons for her betrayal and stop the one person determined to keep them apart.

False accusations send Dominic Michaels into a legal battle involving The Celtic Knot and emotional turmoil from the devastation that Ashley caused him. The battle between his head and his heart makes picking up the pieces of his life difficult while he fights to escape the haunting memories of the only woman to break his control.

When outside forces conspire against them, will Dominic be able to unravel the ropes on his heart to trust Ashley again? 

What happens when love exists on the edge between finished and infinity?

My Review

I was nervous going into this book because I knew what was to come but OMG I didn't know it would rip my heart out!
We were left in Celtic Knot where Ashley has shattered Dominic’s heart with all these lies she is having to say in order to protect her friends and her love, Dominic.  Watching her be played like a puppet pissed me off so much. The shit she had to go along in order to ensure their safety was just horrible. My heart broke for Dominic over and over again. That man is tough as nails but with Ashley his heart is hers. After everything he went through and the stuff she did, that man still loved her. I mean he loved her hard! Although I knew Ashley was forced to do the things she was doing it was still hard to swallow the things she did.

“I went to get answers, Knox. I’m going fucking crazy. I can’t stop thinking about her, I can’t get her off my fucking mind. I can’t stop hating her, but worst of all I can’t stop loving her.”

You will feel the emotions and rawness of what the characters are going through. I don’t want to go into much detail about the story or I will spoil it. There is so much more twist and turns and then there is some unexpected news that unravels. I was glued to my kindle because I needed to know how this was all going to end. Then when it ended I wanted to scream! Yes, you are left with a cliffy and I feel like heart is in my stomach!
The next book is due in the fall and I will be on pins and needles till it’s out! This series just keeps getting better and better and I just know the next book is going to be Awesome!!

★★☆ 5 Stars ☆★★

Reviewed by Ashley Lenderman

  “No! I want you to look into my eyes when you come. I want to see the moment your body comes undone through your eyes. I am the one who does this to you, I am the one who knows every single place on and in your body that drives you wild. He will not give you that.”

            I unleashed myself then, grinding into her so hard that her ass started to scoot backward on the sink. I saw it in her eyes the moment her body gave up to me. It sent a primal, gut wrenching feeling through me as she screamed out my name and her tight little pussy clamped down around me. Her voice carried acoustically throughout the bathroom and it sent me flying over the edge. I pumped my seed into her in the biggest, longest climax I had ever had. It felt like I kept coming and coming until there was finally nothing left for my cock to give. I collapsed my head to her chest, as she remained stark still upon the counter.


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About the Author

Cassy is a work at home mom where she spends her days surrounded by children running her in-home daycare. She loves to cook, read and spend her nights and weekends being a Les Mills group fitness instructor. She has been a lover of all things romance from a very early age. She hopes and dreams that everyone can receive their happy ever after. A good ol country girl at heart, she was born and raised in Arkansas and now resides in Charlottesville, Virginia with her husband and three young children.

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***BLOG TOUR, REVIEW, GIVEAWAY & EXCERPT*** Enemies On Tap By Avery Flynn

Title: Enemies On Tap
Author: Avery Flynn
Genre: Romance
Publication Date: July 14th 2014
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Brewing up trouble one pint at a time.

Enemies ...After years away, Miranda Sweet returns to Salvation, Virginia to save her family's brewery, but her fate is in the hands of her lover-turned-enemy, Logan. What's a girl to do when the only person who can help her is the man who betrayed her?

Lovers ...Logan Martin can't believe his luck when the woman who smashed his heart to smithereens walks into his bank asking for his help. What she doesn't know is that he needs the land her brewery is on--and he'll do whatever it takes to get it.

An Irresistible Combination ...Their wager becomes a battle between their attraction and their determination to win. But it's in each other's arms that they realize there might be more at stake now than their bet. With the town against the Sweet Salvation Brewery's success, Logan has to choose between what's expected of him and what he really wants..

My Review

He's a Martin, She's a Sweet. In the small town of Salvation, they will never work. Or will they?
Enemies On Tap is sweet story of two rivals who have some serious sexual chemistry between them. Miranda, Logan and the other people in the community of Salvation really gave this story a cute touch. It felt real, funny and I did enjoy reading about these small town people and their crazy lives.
If you like a light hearted, humorous, sweet love story than this book may be for you.

I felt this book just needed something more to give it WOW factor. I didn't really understand how Miranda and Logan's connection could be so strong when I felt they had barely interacted and spoken with one another. I needed more from these two and I needed more depth from the author. Overall, It wasn't bad, just didn't stand out for me. 

★★☆ 3 Sweet Stars ☆★★
Reviewed By Bel Burgess

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For the love of Pete, the man was injured and all Miranda could think about was jumping Logan’s bones and riding him like a rented pony.

She hadn’t just drunk the Salvation Kool-Aid—she’d started to brew her own.

That was not good.

Not good at all.

She needed to bandage him up and get him the hell out before she forgot who he was—again. She grabbed the kit from under the sink and hurried back into the kitchen.

“Okay, I got the—what are you doing?”

A barefoot Logan stood at the sink, holding a yellow and green I heart NORML glass in one hand. “Getting a drink of water.”

“You should be sitting down.” The last thing he needed was to pass out, or whatever it was that people did after getting conked on the head with a garden gnome.

She threw out one arm and pointed toward the table. “Sit.”

He shut off the water and walked over to the chair facing out toward the rest of the kitchen. 

With exquisite slowness, he unbuttoned his light blue shirt, which had a small reddish-brown stain on the collar. Inch by inch, he revealed his broad chest and the happy trail that disappeared beneath his waistband.

The sight made Miranda’s tongue stick to the roof of her mouth, and her thighs quivered. Desperate to stick to the plan, she leaned against the doorframe to anchor herself to the here and now instead of the if and when and why nots.

He never lost eye contact as he shucked off the shirt and laid it across one of the empty chairs. 
God, he shouldn’t but he looked perfectly at home in the farmhouse kitchen. Big and brawny and sexy as all hell with his mahogany hair ruffled and the fuck-me-now pheromones coming off him in waves. She tried to remember he was an injured man. A very sexy injured man.

He sat down in a chair and spread his legs, drawing her gaze to the outline of his hard cock pressing against his pants. “I’m all yours.”

About the Author

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***BLOG TOUR & GIVEAWAY*** Misplaced by Lee Murray

Title: Misplaced
Author: Lee Murray
Genre: New Adult / Mystery Romance
Publication Date: 
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Dream cars have no registration plate…

One evening, Adam’s mum pops out for the milk and doesn’t come back, launching a frantic nationwide search. Yet after weeks with no leads, the television crews drift away, the police start asking hairy questions, and Adam’s dad starts seeing someone else. Adam’s life is falling apart. But then he meets Skye, who it seems has misplaced a parent too, and things start to look up. That is, until a body is found…


The make-up girl has a silver nose ring and hair streaked psychedelic orange.

‘Almost done,’ the girl says, puffing his face with powder. She has bony knuckles like cauliflower stalks. Holding his breath, Adam wills himself not to fidget as she deals to the fresh eruption of zits on his forehead. Right now, a few spots are the least of his worries.

‘There, that’s put some colour in your cheeks.’

Adam opens his eyes, stares at the mirror, and doesn’t say anything. Even with the powder, he’s as pale as Colgate. There’s fuzz on his chin and dark bags under his eyes. He looks like a druggie, a metal-head on a bender.

The Powder Puff girl selects a lipstick from a tray which, held vertically, could be a Connect Four player board.

Resolution Red.

With a practised twist, she pushes up the tube.

‘Pucker up, now,’ she coaxes. ‘Give me your sexiest pout, the one the girls love.’ But Adam clamps his mouth shut, pursing his lips in a thin line, and shakes his head. No lipstick. This isn’t an audition for American Idol.

‘But...’ The Powder Puff girl puts on a pout of her own.

‘No!’ he says, with more vehemence than is warranted.

The girl shrugs, rolls her eyes. ‘Whatever.’ She packs up her Connect Four box and leaves him there.

‘One minute, people!’ the floor manager screams. Through the scramble of movement, Adam is aware of Dad, shuffling about on the spot off to the side of the make-shift set, a man out of his comfort zone. Six days a week, Dad’s natural habitat is Creighton Cars, the yard that he runs. On Sundays he mows the lawns, then slumps in front of the telly, cold beer in hand, watching whatever sport happens to be on.

Adam notices that Dad’s tugging his earlobe again. Dad always does that when he’s out of sorts. It’s a good thing the clients haven’t cottoned on or he’d never sell any cars. Lately, he’s pulled that lobe so often it’s a wonder he isn’t mistaken for a tribesman from Borneo.

Not that Adam isn’t uncomfortable. He wishes it hadn’t come to this. The thing is, the news people insisted a public appeal could make a difference. They said it’d made a difference in other cases. But Dad couldn’t face it, so Adam had agreed to do it instead. At this point Adam would agree to car surf down Auckland’s Queen Street in the wrong direction at rush hour, if there was a chance it would make a difference.

Anyway, it’s better Adam does it because, being younger than Dad, he’ll make the biggest impact, apparently. Adam knows this because he heard the camera crew chatting. They’d started off saying how Adam and Dad’s story was made for television, the kind of story that won awards. Then one of them said it was a bummer that Adam was seventeen. That’s when the guy holding the boom said, in these kind of cases, nothing tops a 7-year-old girl, especially a little blondie with dimples.

‘Trust our freaking luck!’ They’d laughed then, quietly amongst themselves, but one of them caught Adam looking and quickly shushed the others.

‘Hey, show a bit of compassion, will ya?’

Maybe this is how his life will be from now on. People shushing each other or looking away. Feeling sorry for him.

‘Adam? We’re ready for you.’ The floor manager speaks quietly. Adam’s grateful. Right now he feels like the entire cast of Lost, like something awful is about to happen. Maybe it already has, maybe he’s living in a parallel universe and none of this is real, but whatever it is, Adam doesn’t get any of it. He gets to his feet and allows the floor manager to direct him to the lectern. Placing both hands on either side of the lectern, Adam steadies himself.

This has to work. Please, let this work. Please.

But Adam knows that even if it does, nothing will be quite the same.

‘In 5... 4... 3...’ The floor manager holds up two fingers, then one...

The microphone makes a soft buzz as it’s switched on. Adam pauses, marvelling at how they actually do that, the holding up the finger thing.

Oh shit.

He’s on national television. His face spreads with warmth: the nasty-but-nice feeling you get when you pee in the sea. Great. His face will be red and blotchy now. He inhales deeply.


Stares directly at the camera lens.

What if this is the last time he ever speaks to her?

‘Mum... Mum, if you’re out there, if you can hear this, please, please call and let us know you’re all right. Whatever’s wrong, Dad and me, we’re worried. Please, Mum, just come home...’

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About the Author

Lee Murray is a full-time writer and editor with masters degrees in science and management. Lee wrote Misplaced after a friend, Florence, went missing from her home in France in 2003. Sadly, Florence is still missing. Lee lives in Tauranga, New Zealand with her husband and their two teenaged children

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***Review*** Crossing the Line By Nicola Marsh

Title: Crossing the Line (World Apart 1)
Author: Nicola Marsh
Genre: Romance
Publication Date: May 8, 2014
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Laying it all on the line for love… 

Mia Cresswell is tired of being good. 

Achieving geek status at college doesn’t equate with fun. So when she heads home to her dad’s tennis academy in Santa Monica on spring break, she’s determined to be bad. And hot Aussie tennis star Kye Sheldon is just the guy to help her do it. 

However, Kye’s troubled past continues to dog him and attending the Cresswell Tennis Academy is his last chance at the big time. He can’t afford to screw up…by screwing the boss’s daughter. 

But Mia and Kye’s relationship is much more than a vacation fling. 

Will it be game, set, match, when the truth is revealed? 

Or will Mia and Kye have a real shot at love all?

My Review

Kye is an uber hot bad boy tennis player from Australia, who has moved to Santa Monica after having been kicked out of the top academy back home for fighting. He’s here to attend one of the best tennis Academy’s the US has to offer, with the help of his famous father. Working with Dirk Cresswell is his last chance to succeed in achieving his goals. Goals that include turning pro, joining the tour and winning as many Grand Slams as possible. 

That is until he meets Mia…Mia Cresswell, Dirk’s daughter of course!

Mia and Kye meet on her first night back in Santa Monica from the University of Denver. She is back and not too happy to be out on the prowl with her bestie Dani so soon upon her return. She'd much rather be chilling in at home watching a movie, catching up with her bff. That is until she spots the hot Aussie that is Kye and decides she needs to meet him. Not only to get Dani off her back about her need to cut loose, but also because she’s tired of being the "good girl.” 

Once Kye steps outside of the party Mia decides to make her move. Upon meeting Mia, Kye is instantly attracted to the beautiful brunette standing before him offering a distraction he knows he can't afford. So of course after trying to brush her off Kye realizes there just might be more to Mia then meets the eye. Like every hormone infused male in existence he gives in and decides to spend some time with the witty and sexy Mia. I am honestly instantly in love with these two! Mia and Kye have instant chemistry and I cannot wait to see how this story plays out!

After some witty banter and lots of smiling by me as I'm reading, Mia admits that she's looking to cut loose and that Kye is the perfect person to do that with. Despite Mia being his type he tells her that in no way can they happen, that he is solely there for tennis and nothing more. It's here that I'm thinking goodluck buddy, have you seen the chemistry between the two of you??? Well, Mia being a girl on a mission offers a Kye the perfect challenge.

"How about this. We play one game of tennis. I win, we have sex. you win, we don't." 

And of course Kye being of the male species, this is an offer he cannot refuse. After one hot ass game of tennis where Mia is teasing the shit out Kye while wearing her short party dress, and I'm grinning ear to ear at his reactions. Needless to say Mia wins and we are of course treated to some pretty hot sex. I loved reading Kye's POV during these scenes, he's just so flippin' hot and the things he thinks had me swooning like crazy! Honestly, this book is so well written, it flows beautifully and I can feel how perfect these two are for each other. In the end I'd say the tennis match was a win win for both!

As the book progresses we see these two try and stay away from each other, but thank goodness Mia is relentless in her pursuit of Kye. She knows her father could make or break Kye's tennis career but she's too selfish to give him up. Thank god for persistent girls. Finally he agrees to be "friends" and let me tell you this "friendship" is so full of off the chart sexual tension and frustration that it was painful to read at times.  I just wanted to smack Kye and tell him to give in already!

Thank goodness for rainstorms!!! One beautiful perfect rainstorm helps to create the perfect opportunity for Mia to get herself back in to Kye's pants and maybe even his heart! From this point on Kye realizes that Mia is indeed too perfect for him and that he cannot simply be her friend any longer. So rather than accept his feelings, the ass that he is, turns around and starts ignoring her completely! Ahhhh! Piss me off!

After 14 days of putting up with his shit Mia confronts him the best way she knows how and boy does it pay off! Finally Kye gives in to his feelings and agrees they can be together in secrecy of course until she leaves for school again. Things are going so well between them and their feelings for each other only grow stronger and stronger making some some super sweet moments. 

Then Mia's so-called BFF tries to pull a fast one that almost rips these two apart, but thank goodness, despite Mia's decision to run away back to school  Kye realizes that he needs her. He realizes for the first time in this life that he may not need tennis. He realizes that Mia brings about a calm to him, one that he only ever knew existed through playing tennis. So he does what a man in love should do, he goes and gets his girl, leaving tennis behind for the first time in years.

Jumping for joy here!! Love these two, and so happy with the way the book ends!

★★☆ 4 Stars ☆★★

Reviewed by Gillian Grybas

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About the Author

USA TODAY bestselling author Nicola Marsh writes flirty fiction with flair for adults and spooky, supernatural fiction for young adults.

She has published 45 books with Harlequin, Entangled Publishing and indie, and sold over 5 million copies worldwide.

Her first mainstream contemporary romance, BUSTED IN BOLLYWOOD (Entangled Publishing) released to rave reviews, including a nomination for RWA's RBY, Romantic Book of the Year 2012.

Her first indie-pubbed contemporary romance CRAZY LOVE released September 2012, is a Barnes & Noble bestseller, and was nominated for a 2012 ARRA award.

Her young adult debut, BANISH, a supernatural thriller featuring Wicca, spirits and murder, released August 2013 with Harlequin Teen.

Her young adult fantasy series with Month9Books launched November 2013 with SCION OF THE SUN.

Her debut new adult novel BEFORE releases December 2013.

She's also a Waldenbooks, Bookscan and Barnes & Noble bestseller, a 2013 RBY and National Readers' Choice Award winner, is a multiple finalist for awards including the Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award, HOLT Medallion, Booksellers' Best, Golden Quill, Laurel Wreath, More than Magic and has won several CataRomance Reviewers' Choice Awards.

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Revive by Nina Levine
Book #3 of Storm MC Series
Cover Designer: LM Creations
Photographer: CJC Photography
Model: Joseph Troisi


He doesn’t do relationships.  Neither does she.  But they can’t fight the attraction any longer…

Nash Walker hides the demons that consume his soul.  He buries them deep and distracts himself with sex.  Anything to avoid facing a past full of heartbreak and regret; anything to numb the pain that he struggles with daily.

Velvet Carr has spent years fighting her demons.  It’s a fight she’s winning.  That is, until Nash crashes his way into her life and into her heart.  

It started out as a bit of harmless fun between friends; it wasn’t meant to get complicated for either of them.  But when two broken souls come together and arouse unwanted feelings in each other, complicated is what happens. 

Can Nash and Velvet help heal each other and revive the love in their lives that they’ve both been refusing to allow in for years?  Or will they let their demons ruin any chance they may have at happiness?


HOLY HOTNESS! If you have not got your hands on Nash and Velvet’s story I suggest you one click that baby now! Nina blew my expectations out of the water with Revive. 

Nash, he is living in his own personal hell. He can’t seem to find a way to move forward, he sees no light at the end of the tunnel. So instead he suffers quietly, hiding his demons away for no one to witness. He finds solace in the arms of many women, using the pleasure from pussy to distract him from the pain of his reality. That is until one night with Velvet leaves him with thoughts and feelings he hasn’t felt for a decade. Can Velvet find a way into Nash’s cold, broken heart? Can she help him find peace so he can move on with his life?

Velvet, to the world she is a sexy, fearless woman who lives to serve no man. On inside of that confident outer shell, is a woman that hasn’t fully healed from the years she suffered being degraded, manipulated and having her self worth torn to shreds by a man not worth the dirt on her high heeled stilettos. She repels the idea of a relationship, lacking faith and trust in any man. Can Nash help Velvet see herself through his eyes? Can he build up her self confidence enough for her to realise what she deserves? 

NASH, NASH, NASH… the man is HOT AS HELL , obsessed with his cock and is one hell of a dirty talker! 

“Babe, how ‘bout you take the rest of my clothes off and then I’ll give you the ride of your life. This cock was made for your fuckin’ pleasure.” 

I have been waiting patiently for this book and it did not disappoint. Nash has been a favourite of mine from the very beginning of the storm mc series. He had me at …”sweet thing.” Oh I just melt, seriously. Every. Damn. Time. He is most definitely one of my favourite bikers, he is everything I personally love in a hero. I don’t think anyone could read this book and not fall for him. He’s a badass sexy alpha male and he sure knows how the charm the panties off any woman. In Revive he is so sweet, kind, loyal and loving quite a lot of the time and this made me swoon over him even more. It might not have been obvious, he still is always swearing his head off and acting all biker tough, but when you see how he interacts with his family, you can just feel the love. Velvet is the perfect match for Nash. She also rocks one hell of a dirty mouth. For those who don’t know, Velvet has been a long time stripper at the club’s strip joint ‘Indigo’. She has been a good friend to Nash for many years, and NO they had never slept together. Who knew there was a woman in the world Nash hadn’t slept with? Velvet is a very likeable heroine and I totally adored her. I admire her so much, after everything she has been through she still puts on a brave face, tries to put the past behind her and be as happy as she can be! She is also a very kind and caring friend towards her girl friends and Scott, the Storm VP. 

The sexual tension between Nash and Velvet is crazy thick. These two ooze sex and together they go off like fireworks. The sexy scenes between them.. OMG. HOT HOT HOT!!!!! they are steamy, raunchy and will leave you all hot and bothered! These two getting together was inevitable. It was just a matter of time before too many tequila shots were drank and they were too horny to resist one another. 

“Sweet thing, I want to take you home and fuck you. And I’m not taking no for an answer tonight. We’ve been dancing around each other for too long now and my dick is so fuckin’ hard for you that if you don’t do something about it, I won’t be held responsible for my actions.”

Once again, we got to read more about our favourite storm characters and their eventful lives. We also learnt a little more about the club’s happenings and can I just say, WHAT THE HELL with that ending in church. A certain club member has some serious explaining to do and now I’m sitting here wanting the next book already! 

Revive is yet another fantastic instalment in this hot biker series and you will not want to miss it. Nina’s writing gets better and better each book that much is clear. She has done an amazing job at sharing Nash and Velvet’s story with us and I can not wait to see what she has in store for us next! It is sure to be nothing less than fabulous. If you love a good mc series with sexy alpha male bikers than get your hands on Nina’s books now. I highly recommend reading the previous novels in the series before starting Revive. 

★★☆ 5 Nash Lovin' Stars ☆★★
Reviewed By Bel Burgess

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I watched Nash as he walked from the bathroom back into the bedroom.  Dressed in nothing but a towel, water still dripping from his hair and down his body, I couldn’t take my eyes off him.  Ink covered nearly every patch of skin on his neck, chest, stomach and arms, and I realised I didn’t have a clue what the significance was for most of his tattoos.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to get into that this morning; we had to be at Harlow’s cafe in just over an hour.  She was testing out some new cake recipes for the cafe and had asked for volunteers to test them.  Nash didn’t even have to think about it; he’d accepted straight away, and I could never say no to Harlow’s food.  I made a mental note to ask him about his tattoos tonight.

“You going to stare at me all day, baby, or get ready?” Nash asked with a smirk.  

As he said this, he removed his towel and finished drying himself off.  Of course, my gaze was diverted lower, and I took in everything he had to offer.
Sucking in a breath, I murmured, “I think I could happily skip Harlow’s food if it meant I got to stare at you all day.”
Desire flashed in his eyes, and he closed the distance between us in two determined strides.  Curling his hand around my neck, he growled, “I’d eat you over her food any day of the fuckin’ week.”  He pulled me closer and dropped his lips to mine.  We’d had sex twice already this morning, but our need for each other was never fully satisfied, and his kiss told me how much he wanted me again.
I placed my hands on his chest and gently pushed until his mouth let me go.  “Nash, I don’t want to let Harlow down.”
“I’ll make it quick,” he promised, his eyes almost begging me to agree.
My body was screaming ‘hell yes’, but I pushed him again, and took a step back.  “There’s not enough time; I’ve still got to do my hair and face.”
“They look fine to me,” he said, clearly not wanting to let this go.
“That’s because you only care about my boobs,” I said as I walked towards the bathroom.
“And your pussy, babe; I care about that too.”  
My back was to him, but I could feel his eyes on me.  I turned to give him one last look before I went into the bathroom, and sure enough he was staring at my ass.  “Tonight, they’re all yours.”
“Seriously?  You’re going to say no to this?” he asked, his hand pointing at this dick.
“I know it’s hard for you to believe that any woman could ever say no to that, but yes, I’m saying no,” I said, teasing him a little.  
He shook his head in disbelief.  “Why the hell did I choose the only woman on this planet who has the ability to knock me back?” he grumbled.
“Obviously your brain was doing the thinking that day, rather than your dick,” I shot back at him.
I began applying my makeup, waiting for his comeback, but he didn’t say another word.  I could hear him getting dressed so I figured our conversation was over, and I focused on getting ready.
A couple of minutes later, he appeared in the doorway.  I continued applying makeup, but watched him in the mirror.  He was leaning against the door with his arms folded across his chest.  His eyes were roaming over my body, and electricity shot through me.  I wanted him just as much as he wanted me.
“Nash, you need to leave because if you don’t, we’re never going to make it to Harlow’s.”
He continued devouring me with his eyes, until finally he pushed off from the door, and made his way to me.  Standing behind me, he gently swept my hair to the side, and bent to kiss my neck.  His hand slid around my waist, and he murmured, “Fuck, I could watch you all day, sweet thing.  I don’t even need my cock in you to be a happy man, but tonight there’ll be none of this denying me shit going on.”
My body tingled with lust.  “You do realise that I could never fully deny you, baby.  If you really pushed the point, I’d be yours in a heartbeat,” I admitted.
“I kinda like it when you say no.  It excites the fuck out of me to have to chase you.  But, I appreciate the fact that the word no isn’t one that comes out of your sweet mouth very often.”  
“I’ll be sure to use it every now and then; I like it when you chase me.”
“Fuck,” he muttered, and straightened.  Taking a step away from me, his eyes found mine in the mirror, and he said, “This is going to be the longest fuckin’ day, babe.  Harlow better appreciate what I’m giving up for her.”
I smiled sweetly at him, more to tease him than anything because I knew this kind of smile did him in.  “I’ll make it worth your while, Nash.”
He raked his hand through his hair.  “I’ll be fuckin’ holding you to that,” he promised.
He muttered something else under his breath that I didn’t quite catch and then turned and stalked out of the bathroom.  I loved getting him going; it had to be one of my favourite things to do.  The thought of Nash and what he’d do to me tonight had me all hot and bothered.  He was right; today really was going to be a long day.


** This takes place the morning after Velvet meets Nash’s family for the first time (just after Chapter 17) **


I finished making coffee for us and placed the milk back in the fridge.  As I closed the fridge door, Velvet walked into the kitchen and smiled when she caught my gaze drift to her chest.  I saw her smile directly before I gave up trying not to look at her tits.  
There was a hint of laughter in her voice when she said, “I swear it’s like you’ve never seen boobs before.”
I didn’t bother to take my eyes off them as I moved towards her.  My arms circled her waist, and finally, I looked back up at her face.  “I haven’t, baby,” I murmured.”
Her forehead creased.  “Ummm, yeah you have, Nash.”
“Not like yours.”
Something flickered across her face; I couldn’t be sure because it moved so fast, but it looked like my words made her happy.  When she stood on her toes and kissed me, I figured I was right.  
I held her tight, and asked her something that had been bothering me since last night.  “Why were you worried to tell my family what you do for a living?  I’ve never seen you care about what people think.”
She hesitated, but then answered me with her trademark honesty.  “I’ve never really cared before, because I’ve never cared what people thought of me, Nash.  But I care what your family thinks.”  Her voice softened as she kept going, “I feel kind of stupid about it now; they were so good about it.”
“And I’d have fuckin’ kicked their asses if they had something to say about it.”
Smiling at me, she said, “I know you would have, but it turns out your family are amazing so you don’t have to.”
It pleased me no fucking end that she loved my family.  Bending my face to hers, I whispered, “They fuckin’ loved you, sweet thing.”
Again, my words made her happy, and she showed me just how much with her lips.  It was a damn shame we both had shit to do this morning, because I would have happily spent the day buried in her.
She ended the kiss, and murmured, “I could so go for some Nash loving right now.”
I let her go, took a step back, and raked my hand through my hair.  “Christ, woman, don’t fuckin’ tempt me.”
She gave me that sexy smile of hers; the one that made me want to lock her away for days so I could fuck her six ways to Sunday.  “Nash, baby, you never need tempting,” she said with a breathy sigh.
And that right there was the fucking truth.  The only thing she didn’t realise, was that with her, I was fast becoming addicted as well.


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