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Feature Spotlight... Ruin by C.J. Scott

Title: Ruin
Author: C.J. Scott
Genre: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Release Date: August 2013
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Kate Bell isn’t perfect. Not even close. The things she got up to in college would cause her parents to fall off their pedestals in shock. Home for the summer vacation, Kate settles in for a long, boring break in the tiny backwater of Winter with folks who still treat her like she’s twelve.

Then Ben Parker arrives and suddenly Winter gets interesting. He’s hot, mysterious and good with his hands. Kate falls for him instantly, but her cop father warns her to stay away. But how can she stay away from someone as compelling as Ben? Someone who thinks she’s perfect just the way she is?

When Ben’s secrets catch up to him, not only is Kate’s heart in danger of being broken, but Ben’s entire future could be ruined.


"So Ben Parker, if I want you and you want me...what's the problem?"
"You don't like to beat around the bush, do you?"
"We don't have time for that. We only have one night."
"Yeah," he said softly. "Don't I know it."
I turned so that I was fully facing him, one elbow on the railing. "Is that why you're reluctant? Because you're leaving tomorrow?"
"No. Yes. Partly." He shook his head. "It's complicated. I'm complicated."
"You're a guy. You can't be too complicated." I smiled and he smiled back sadly. "I'm listening if you want to explain all your complications to me."
He shook his head. "I can't."
"Look," I said. "I get that stuff has happened in your past that you want to forget."
He straightened. "What makes you think that?"
"You're traveling around the country with only one bag and no money. Not only that, but you got off the bus in a place with no jobs. If I wasn't mistaken, I'd say you're trying to lose yourself."
He leaned on the railing again, his hands dangling over into nothing. He looked out to the garden, but it had grown darker in the last few minutes, and it was difficult to make out more than just shapes. "You'll make a great criminologist, Kate. I have no doubt you'll go far in whatever you decide to do."
"Thanks. That's very sweet of you. But it has nothing to do with the question at hand."
"The question?"
I leaned over until my lips were near his ear. My breath fanned his hair. "Will you kiss me, Ben?" It was the wine talking. It had to be. I'd never been so brazen with any man before. I never made the first move, never took a chance on being rejected.
But I knew Ben wanted me. I just didn't know why he pushed me away.

***To read the extended version of this scene and discover what Ben has tattooed on his shoulder, check out C.J.'s website


C.J. loves reading stories that take her away to another world. If she’s in the middle of an amazing book, she’ll keep reading while cooking or cleaning (when she can be bothered doing either).

She likes interesting artwork but can’t paint, sketch or make anything more complicated than a snowman from plasticine. She enjoys beautiful gardens but hates gardening. She also hates housework, cooking (see above) and writing about herself.

C.J. loves connecting with readers. The best place to interact with her and other fans is via her Facebook page. That’s where she posts teasers and other stuff from her books.

Author links:

Website / Goodreads / Facebook

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Friday's Five... 5 Stars are NOT Enough

Top 5 books where 5 Stars were not enough....

Out of the hundreds and hundreds of books I have read, there is a small handful that have completely, absolutely, down right owned me.
I think my body was pretty much covered on goosebumps the entire time I read these five.
I just want to go back and experience these over and over.

UnBreak Me 
Lexi Ryan 
See my Review 

On the Island 
Tracey Garvis Graves
See my Review 

Waiting for You 
Shey Stahl 
See my Review

Collen Hoover

The Sea of Tranquility 
Katja Millay

Want to read any of these Amazing Books? 
Follow the links to Amazon.

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Travis (Alluring Indulgence Series) ✦Review and Giveaway✦

By Nicole Edwards
My rating: ★ 4.5 Stars ★
Travis (Alluring Indulgence, #3)

Warning: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS graphic language that some readers may find offensive..



If I could poses any power in the world right now… It would be to make my Husband like a little GUY ON GUY action….


This was me throughout TRAVIS….


I don't think I have ever been so aroused by a book before.
NICOLE EDWARDS, You rock my fucking world.

Hi my name is Jess, and I love it when a Man loves a bit of cock.




Travis is the oldest of Walker brothers.
He is my type of Alpha, moody and mysterious.
10 years ago, Travis walked away from Kylie, the only woman he has ever loved.
As much as he loved Kylie, she would never be enough.
Travis has been hiding apart of himself from everyone. Though he has accepted his truth, he still hides it from everyone in his family.

“There are things about me that you don’t understand, baby. I’m not the man you think I am.”

“Travis, I don’t understand.”
“You will one day, I promise.”

In the lead up to this book, we see Travis and Gage Matthews have a few encounters.
He and Travis were far from being friends, but there was some undeniable dangerous attraction.

After Travis reveals one of Gage's secrets, Gage sets about to bring out one of his.
Hell bent on revenge, Gage uncovers that Travis is married to a woman named Kylie.
He sets in motion the plan to bring Kylie back into Travis' life. Little did he count on falling for the woman.

Kylie, has never really gotten over her only Love. After 3 weeks of marriage, Travis walked out. Taking her heart with him.
When she comes face to face with Travis and figures out Gage's plan, she feels her heart breaking all over again.
Confused and hurt that Travis still holds a large piece of her heart, and Gage now possess the rest.

Travis decides now is the time to tell the truth, and come clean to both Gage and Kylie.
He wants them both. But no way in his life would he ever begin to imagine he could possibly have that.

What follows, is an absolutely consuming journey of 3 people who find their own way to their own happiness.

And let me tell you, that journey was soo fucking sizzling.

“Because if she’s getting in your bed, I’m going to be right there with her,” he said, his voice low as he moved closer. They were practically nose to nose when Travis spoke again, “And when I do make it to your bed, I’m going to be buried ball’s deep in your ass until you scream my fucking name. You think she can handle that? You think she’s the type to be open to a ménage? If so, then by all means, make the suggestion. I’ll be there in a heartbeat.”

Kylie struggles with the fact that one plus one did not equal three. But Travis is there to convince her that she is what he needs. Always

“For fuck’s sake, have you not figured it out yet? You’re the only woman I’ve ever loved.” 

They all are not sure how to go about these feelings they have, but once they come together, there is no denying they fit perfect.


OH GOD THE SEX… Have I mentioned how highly aroused I was reading this?
It had everything I could ever want.

~"I need to taste you again. Your pussy is the sweetest thing I've ever had on my tongue." ~


The shower scene alone was epic…

~ "One day soon, I'm going to make you come down my throat. Then I'm going to bury my cock deep in your ass until you're begging me not to stop. Ever." ~


 ~ The moment gage was inside of Travis, Kylie knew. Even if she couldn't see where they were joined, she could feel the tension in Travis' body as he hovered above her, and she could see the tortured expression on Gages's face. 

She was hanging on by an emotional thread, her head spinning from what was happening and the fact that it felt so right. ~


~Travis began rocking back and forth, impaling himself on Gage's cock while driving into Kylie with each forward thrust, making her shiver as another orgasm slowly built in her core.~ 

Insert cold shower here…

This was even BETTER than Zane. Nicole has done it again. I can't wait to find out who is next.
But what I am I really looking forward to is Ethan story… Oh dear God could you imagine it…

If you haven't picked up this series I would highly recommend it!


Buy it
Read it
Love it

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Zane (Alluring Indulgence Series) ✦Review and Giveaway✦

Zane by Nicole Edwards
My rating: ★4 SEXY SINFUL STARS ★
Zane (Alluring Indulgence, #2)

Warning: This book contains sexual encounters and graphic language that some readers may find objectionable, including, but not limited to: m/f, m/m, m/f/m, m/m/f encounters, anal sex, exhibitionism, and voyeurism. Contains graphic material that is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

FUCK ME.. I'm ready!


"Awww, shit.  Another one bites the dust" 

This is the story of Zane Walker and Vanessa Carmichael
Zane is the youngest of the Walker brothers. The story starts off 3 months after the attack that lands him in a month long coma. When Zane is attacked in front of Vanessa’s house by Jake, he ends up fighting for his life. Zane has had a slow road to recovery and wants nothing more to be back home out of the confines of Hospital.

V has stayed cleared of Zane for the last 3 months. She feels guilty for what happened to him and believes that he is better off without her.
Since the accident, V has been suffering from PTSD. Struggling to leave and enter her home. She manages to keep her issues to herself. But when Zane is released from Hospital, his first stop is to V's.
Zane, will do anything to help V past her fears.

While their chemistry is off the charts, V is worried for Zane'ss safety and refuses to let him back in.
But Zane won't allow V to harbour those feelings. He knows what they have, he just needs to prove to her. After 15mins back in each others space, they can't stop the need their bodies Crave.

~ For some reason, when Zane was close, her clothes just seemed to fall off. ~


"Tell me how much you've missed this, and I'll give you everything you want. I'll bury my tongue in your sweet pussy and make you come with just my mouth. You want that, don't you?" 


Now if you have read Kaleb you will know the Walker brothers have a reputation when it comes to the ladies. And a certain appetite to threesomes.


Enter Beau.
HOLY HOTNESS BEAU. Beau is a whole different kettle of fish. SWOON…
Zane, V, and Beau have a little different twist to their three way. Beau is Bi-sexual and possibly attracted to Zane.
When I read the scene with Beau, V, and Zane playing pool I was like…



~ Zane did the unthinkable, letting go of V and standing straight before looking down at his best friend on his knees sucking his cock deep and deeper into his hungry mouth. Zane didn't let go of Beau;s hair. He held the man firmly in place, glanced up at V one last time and when she nodded her approval, Zane let go.~ 


I was a little disappointed that there wasn't anymore action with Beau and Zane. Poor Beau… I hope he gets his HEA

But I was ok cause then I was given a little teaser into Travis.. HOLY SHIT ON A STICK..
I couldn't wait to start.


With Jake still threatening V, Zane will take matters into his own hands to protect her. But she completely shuts down and her walls go back up
Distancing herself from Zane, she goes to stay with her mum for a while. When she does, not only does she break Zane's heart, she finds herself broken again.
Can her and Zane get back to where they were?

Loved it! Nicole writes Off the chart hot sex scenes...and if you are a fan of really awesome menage, don't wait to get your hands on these. I'm heading Straight to Travis…..


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Cover Reveal Twist Me by Anna Zaires

Title: Twist Me 
Author: Anna Zaires
Genre: Contemporary Dark Erotica
Publication Date: Early 2014
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When eighteen-year-old Nora Leston catches Julian’s eye, her life changes in an instant. Kidnapped and taken to a remote island in the Pacific Ocean, she must satisfy the whims of her sadistic captor – a darkly enigmatic man who is as cruel as he is beautiful . . .

Warning: This book is dark erotica, not a traditional romance. It contains a young and virginal heroine, disturbing scenes of dubious consent, captivity, power play, and graphic sexual content, including anal sex and mild BDSM. This is a work of fiction intended for a mature, 18+ audience only. The author neither endorses nor condones this type of behavior.


It’s evening now. With every minute that passes, I’m starting to get more and more anxious at the thought of seeing my captor again.

The novel that I’ve been reading can no longer hold my interest. I put it down and walk in circles around the room.

I am dressed in the clothes Beth had given me earlier. It’s not what I would’ve chosen to wear, but it’s better than a bathrobe. A sexy pair of white lacy panties and a matching bra for underwear. A pretty blue sundress that buttons in the front. Everything fits me suspiciously well. Has he been stalking me for a while? Learning everything about me, including my clothing size?

The thought makes me sick.

I am trying not to think about what’s to come, but it’s impossible. I don’t know why I’m so sure he’ll come to me tonight. It’s possible he has an entire harem of women stashed away on this island, and he visits each one only once a week, like sultans used to do.

Yet somehow I know he’ll be here soon. Last night had simply whetted his appetite. I know he’s not done with me, not by a long shot.

Finally, the door opens.

He walks in like he owns the place. Which, of course, he does.

I am again struck by his masculine beauty. He could’ve been a model or a movie star, with a face like his. If there was any fairness in the world, he would’ve been short or had some other imperfection to offset that face.

But he doesn’t. His body is tall and muscular, perfectly proportioned. I remember what it feels like to have him inside me, and I feel an unwelcome jolt of arousal.

He’s again wearing jeans and a T-shirt. A grey one this time. He seems to favor simple clothing, and he’s smart to do so. His looks don’t need any enhancement.

He smiles at me. It’s his fallen angel smile – dark and seductive at the same time. “Hello, Nora.”

I don’t know what to say to him, so I blurt out the first thing that pops into my head. “How long are you going to keep me here?”

He cocks his head slightly to the side. “Here in the room? Or on the island?”


“Beth will show you around tomorrow, take you swimming, if you’d like,” he says, approaching me. “You won’t be locked in, unless you do something foolish.”

“Such as?” I ask, my heart pounding in my chest as he stops next to me and lifts his hand to stroke my hair.

“Trying to harm Beth or yourself.” His voice is soft, his gaze hypnotic as he looks down on me. The way he’s touching my hair is oddly relaxing.

I blink, trying to break his spell. “And what about on the island? How long will you keep me here?”

His hand caresses my face now, curves around my cheek. I catch myself leaning into his touch, like a cat getting petted, and I immediately stiffen.

His lips curve into a knowing smile. The bastard knows the effect he has on me. “A long time, I hope,” he says.

For some reason, I’m not surprised. He wouldn’t have bothered bringing me all the way here if he just wanted to fuck me a few times. I’m terrified, but I’m not surprised.

I gather my courage and ask the next logical question. “Why did you kidnap me?”

The smile leaves his face. He doesn’t answer, just looks at me with an inscrutable blue gaze.

I begin to shake. “Are you going to kill me?”

“No, Nora, I won’t kill you.”

His denial reassures me, although he could obviously be lying. I feel a tiny bit calmer, but there is one more thing I have to know. “Are you going to hurt me?”

For a moment, he doesn’t answer again. Something dark briefly flashes in his eyes. “Probably,” he says quietly.

And then he leans down and kisses me, his warm lips soft and gentle on mine.

For a second, I stand there frozen, unresponsive. I believe him. I know he’s telling the truth when he says he’ll hurt me. There’s something in him that scares me – that has scared me from the very beginning.

He’s nothing like the boys I’ve gone on dates with. He’s capable of anything.

And I’m completely at his mercy.

I think about trying to fight him again. That would be the normal thing to do in my situation. The brave thing to do.

And yet I don’t do it.

I can feel the darkness inside him. There’s something wrong with him. His outer beauty hides something monstrous underneath.

I don’t want to unleash that darkness. I don’t know what will happen if I do.

So I stand still in his embrace and let him kiss me. And when he picks me up again and takes me to bed, I don’t try to resist in any way.

Instead, I close my eyes and give in to the sensations.


Anna Zaires fell in love with books at the age of five, when her grandmother taught her to read. She wrote her first story shortly thereafter. Since then, she has always lived partially in a fantasy world where the only limits were those of her imagination. Currently residing in New York City, Anna is happily married to the man of her dreams and closely collaborates with him in the writing of the Krinar Chronicles.


 Website |  Facebook |  Twitter Goodreads

Sign up for Anna's New Release List at in order to stay informed about the release of Twist Me.

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New Release Feature & Giveaway: Captivated by Emily Jane Trent

Title: Captivated
Author: Emily Jane Trent
Genre: New Adult, Romance 

Release Date: 
Purchase Link: Amazon | B&N | Smashwords
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Ella Walker, still suffering from issues of mental abuse, turns twenty-one and meets the man of her dreams. Can she break the bonds of her emotional prison and be the woman he desires? As an aspiring romance author, Ella struggles to find passion in her work. When Adam Bianci, the gorgeous Italian billionaire appears in her life, he lights up her drab existence. She’s determined not to let him slip through her grasp. But will his secrets and the tangled web of his own abuse keep them apart?


Emily Jane Trent writes steamy romances about characters you’ll get to know and love. The sex scenes are hot, and the romance even hotter! If you are a fan of stories with a heroine that’s got spunk and a hunk of a hero that you’d like to take home with you, these stories are what you’re looking for. The stories will let you escape into a fantasy – and you won’t want it to end - ever.

Author links:
 Blog |  Goodreads | Twitter  Facebook 


Only a couple of feet from her, he dropped to the sand and sat, cross-legged, hands on his knees, looking at her. His look seared right through the faded gray sweatshirt she wore over her suit, and left her feeling completely undressed. Clearly, he wasn’t socially trained like the men she knew. There was a certain etiquette she could count on. They’d glance quickly and then look away. No one would have the nerve to just look, with such a boldly lustful gaze. His amber eyes burned into her, and she ran her hand through her long, light brown hair, in a vain attempt to present a casualness she didn’t feel


Emily is giving away one (1) ebook copy of Captivated to A is for Alpha fans. 
Open internationally. Prize will be sent out after september 16th.
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Feature, Author Interview & Giveaway: Open Your Eyes

Title: Open Your Eyes
Author: Jani Kay
Genre: Contemporary, Romance 
Release Date: 27th July
Purchase Link: 
Amazon US/AUS/NZ | Amazon UK 
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Second chances? Twisted love
triangle? Hot steamy sex? Hell YES!

Warning: 18+ Contains sex scenes and explicit language 


Shattered and disillusioned after separating from her
domineering husband, all Natalie wants, is a peaceful Christmas vacation in New
York City, with her 21 year old daughter, Olivia. Uncomplicated. No pressure.

What she didn’t expect, was meeting a dangerously handsome
stranger in an art gallery. He is charming, sexy as hell, and does funny things
to her insides. Her frozen heart slowly melts as he seduces her, awakening her
deepest desires, showing her that the kind of love she craves is very possible.
She wants him as much as he wants her.

Battling his demons from the past, famous photographer
Nicholas Gallagher has successfully evaded serious relationships, earning him
the title of the world’s most eligible bachelor. But from the moment he lays
eyes on Natalie, she stirs something in him. Compelled to chase the sadness
from her vivid blue eyes, Nick is captivated by the spirited Australian beauty.

Hot romance.
Steamy sex.
Absolute perfection.

Until Natalie gets a call from home – one she can’t
ignore.  In a fateful moment the game
changes and throws her life into chaos. Gabriel, her jealous ex, wants her
back. Two powerful men want her. She is forced to make a choice that will tear
her apart.

Will Natalie make the right choice? Will she
finally find her soul mate, the one person who can look into her eyes and see
deep into her soul, everything she is and everything she desires… will she
finally open her eyes?

A Stand-alone Novel


Author Bio

Jani has been married for a long time to a special man, and

her two children and their partners are the sunshine in her life. She is a
voracious reader and would spend her last dollar on a book - always fascinated that
for the mere price of a book, she can escape her world for a while and see
through someone else's eyes.

Besides reading, her favorite 'thing' is traveling - she has traveled the
world, learning about the ways people live and has come to the realization that
no matter where we live, we all ultimately want the same things. Her hobby -
Scrapbooking - keeps her up till way after midnight and her usual subjects are
her family and her travels.

Ever since she can remember, Jani wanted to

write stories about people, about their lives and loves. Relationships and

Happiness - arguably the most difficult things to master in life and yet
exactly what everyone ultimately desires (in her humble opinion).

Author Links

Interview with Jani Kay

What is it that you
enjoy about writing fiction?

When I write I go into a different world. It is the purest form
of escape. Time stands still. All my senses are engaged. I am fully alive, but in
an alternative universe. It is a feeling unlike any other. Addictive.

I love peeling back the layers and discovering all that is
hidden beneath the surface of the book characters. I want to keep digging till
I get to the very core of them – of what makes them tick, their inner desires,
their conflicts and fears - searching into their very soul.
I am an observer of people and their behaviours; you will
always find me in the back corner of a café, sipping a latte, watching people,
imagining what goes on in their lives.

When did you first know
you wanted to become a writer?

My childhood dream was to be a writer - I wrote elaborate
stories with well-developed plots and characters. I told my younger brothers
stories I made up as I went, every night before bed. I have a VERY active
imagination... My writing style is the same – I am what is known as a ‘pantser’
- weaving stories by the seat of my pants, making it up as I go, letting the
characters speak for themselves. I merely record the story they show me in a
movie in my head.

As a teenager I spent school vacations reading. I would start a book in the morning and only close my eyes when done at around 3 am,
sleep a bit, wake and start the next book... I have always been a voracious

I would spend my last dollar on a book. Reading gives insight into another human being’s thoughts, expands your mind - all for the small price of a book – often less than the cost of a coffee. Amazing!

What made you write
your first book?

Fear of failure is the biggest stumbling block to realising
our dreams. All my life up until last year, I waited, thinking I had to write
something really profound. Then one day I had an AHA moment - I realised I
didn’t need to, I could simply write what I enjoyed and connected with - steamy
adult romance... seems there are an awful lot of people who like reading it...

I realised that time is fleeting, that I had do it NOW - not
waiting any longer to realise my dreams. I had to open my eyes to the
possibilities. I didn’t want to die with regrets of never having the courage to
follow my passion of writing.

Tell us about ‘Open
Your Eyes’ – your début novel.

I started writing Open Your Eyes in the air, flying between
Australia and New York in January 2013. It's a very long flight…
I’d just been to New York for New Year – to see the ball
drop in Times Square with my daughter – something on our ‘bucket list’. So a
big part of the story plays off in New York.

In Open Your Eyes, Natalie is a disillusioned
forty year old woman who is in search of inner peace and tranquillity; she
wants to escape her problems by having a fun and relaxing vacation in NYC with
her feisty daughter, Olivia. No pressure, no worries, no complications…

Natalie believes in second chances in spite of her demons. Separated
from domineering Gabriel – whose cruel and jealous ways hurt her deeply – she
still hopes for reconciliation for her family’s sake.
However, her world is turned upside down when she
unexpectedly meets a charming, seductive bachelor – the famous photographer Nicholas
Gallagher - who awakens her latent desires and sweeps her off her feet in a
delicious holiday romance.

Just as Natalie starts falling for Nick, Fate steps in. Caught
up in a heart wrenching love triangle, she is forced to make a difficult
choice. Gabriel is her first love, the man whose name and children she bears. Nick
truly sees her, deep into her soul. Both men want her. Who will she choose? Because
above all, Natalie wants a second chance at love and happiness.
So one of the issues we explore in ‘Open Your Eyes’ is how
she deals with her search for her true soul mate. Is it ever too late; are we
ever too old to stop yearning for that special connection?

Why is ‘Open Your
Eyes’ based on mature adults?

As a voracious ‘more mature’ reader, I have read a lot of
contemporary romances, particularly all the latest best-selling romances. And
although I enjoyed reading them, I sometimes couldn’t quite connect as much
with the very young heroines. I wanted to read about someone I could identify
with myself, a heroine who had a bit of life experience, who had been through
ups and downs over a few decades of life.

Natalie is forty, experienced and mature, but she still has
a LOT of living left in her. So we follow her journey in ‘Open Your Eyes’. And
yes, sex is still very hot and steamy at that age!! Probably even better, as
she is in the prime of her life...


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