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*** Release Blitz & Review*** Rock Heart By K.Webster

Title: Rock Heart
Author: K. Webster
Genre: Contemporary
Publication Date: August 15, 2014
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Rock Heart (The Vegas Aces Series, #2)


Chaz Montgomery has it all—fame, fortune, the best band mates a guy could ask for, as well as Neve. He loves his fiancĂ©e of three years, but something’s missing. It isn’t until he witnesses firsthand the epic, whirlwind romance that his best friend Bobby shares with his girl June that he realizes what he and Neve have is broken.

Being the lead singer in the hot rock band The Vegas Aces, Chaz is used to being around women all the time. He’s never been tempted, unlike his buddy Donnie. No, Chaz is loyal to Neve. But is she loyal to him? 

Circumstances arise and the band is suddenly on the hunt for a new bass player. After many auditions, they still can’t find “the one” to replace their old one, Manny. When they feel like they’ve hit rock bottom, in comes an angel—a rock-and-roll bad-ass chick—who plays the bass like a star. There’s only one problem. She’s hot and an absolute distraction to Chaz.

Taylor Ryan, or just Ryan to everyone who knows her, has finally landed her dream job. She’s the new bassist for the Vegas Aces and she couldn’t be more excited. Problem is, she has a secret—a big one the size of a mountain. There’s no room in her head or her heart for anyone else—especially the sexy, rock-hard, muscled, musical god she has to spend all of her time with. 

Things get heated when they go on tour and are crammed in a tour bus literally on top of one another. Tempers flare. Passions ignite. And people get burned.

When Neve leaves the picture after an epic showdown, will Ryan finally let Chaz put a chink in her rock heart? Or will her mountain of secrets pile up and crush them both?

Sometimes you have to break before you can piece yourself back together again.

My Review

So it’s confession time….I have the hugest girl crush on Kristi Webster!! This woman is freaking amazing, with every book she writes I think ok this is it she can’t do any better and then well she does. From the paranormal to contemporary this girl rocks my socks. This book in particular I was so blown away by and that is because I didn’t think that any of the other boys from the Aces could top Bobby but man oh mighty Chaz does.

So Rock Heart starts up right where Rock Country left off with Chaz being engaged to the bitch from hell Neve. Let me take a moment here to say that holy crap Neve is a bitch and I would really like to slap a hoe!! So anyway The Aces are trying to find a replacement bassist and in walks one smoking hot rock chick Taylor Ryan. She takes Chaz’s breath away but he doesn’t like the way she makes him feel, he shouldn’t notice her and his body defiantly should not react to her the way it is. But when the band hires her he is forced to be with her night and day on the tour bus, so the next best this he can do is be a complete asshole to her and an asshole he is. But no matter how hard he pushes he can’t help the way he really feels about her. And through all this time his relationship with Neve is being tested. He can now see how ugly of a human Neve really is but it’s not till Neve does the unthinkable that Chaz is done with her and free to be with Taylor.

Taylor is starting over after a disastrous marriage but is determined to keep her private life private but to be a success with The Aces. When she first meets the guys she feels an immense welcoming from all but Chaz. She can’t figure out what she did to piss him off so bad but she’s not about to walk away or let him bully her. But one night with some liquid courage Chaz does the one thing she never thought he would..He apologizes and tells her why he’s been such an ass.

The relationship between these two is explosive but with Taylor unwilling to be completely  honest with Chaz it puts a big stress on them Just when they think that they have found a way to love each other and be together a tragedy strikes Taylor’s home life and with it the secret she’s been keeping comes out. But I tell you Chaz will make you swoon over and over again because once he decides you’re his women he will make sure that you know your loved more than any women on the planet. He made me laugh, cry and damn well combust with the sweet and sexiness of his alphaness.

“How could I not? I love you so much. I’ll fight every day to get you back. Angel, I told you we are more. We can go through hell and back but I’ll be standing on the other side with you. Can’t you see that my love for you defies everything?”

Like I said holy swoon. So the extra bonus to this book is that not only do we have Donnie back and that his story is next but we also get a glimpse into Bobby and June’s life with their growing family. I love all these characters and as much as I can’t wait for Donnie’s story I will be uber sad to say good bye to them. I hope that maybe we will get another book for each of them or even several I love these boys and their women!! Miss. Webster thank you so much for bringing The Aces into my life!!

★★☆5 Rocking Stars ☆★★

Reviewed By Angela Deforge

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About the Author
K.  Webster

I’m a thirty-two-year-old self-proclaimed book nerd. Married for nearly eleven years, my husband and I enjoy spending time with our two lovely children. Writing is a newly acquired fun hobby for me. In the past, I’ve enjoyed the role as a reader. However, recently, I learned that I absolutely love taking on the creative role as the writer. Something about determining how the story will play out intrigues me to no end. My husband claims that it’s because I like to control things—in a way, he’s right! 

By day, I run around from appointment to appointment, wearing many hats including, mom, wife, part-time graphic designer, blogger, networker, social media stalker, student, business owner, and book boyfriend hunter. (It’s actually a thing—complete with pink camo. I lurk around the internet, “researching” pictures of hot guys who fit the profile of whatever book boyfriend I’m reading or writing about) 

I guess you can blame my obsession with books on my lovely grandmother, who is quite possibly my favorite person on the planet. At an early age, she took me to the half-priced bookstore each weekend and allowed me to choose a book. Every single time, she caved when I begged for two. Without her encouragement, I wouldn’t have been able to cope during some hard times without my beloved books. 

Currently, I am finishing up my college degree that has taken me forever to complete. It’s just on the list of my many “bucket-list” goals that I subject myself to.

Most days, you can find me firmly planted in front of my computer. It’s my life. If the world ever loses power, I’d be one of the first to die—of boredom! But I guess as long as I have books and a light, I might just survive. 

Looking forward, you can expect to see two more novels in the Breaking the Rules Series. I’m nearly finished with the third. Also, I have a standalone novel that will be released soon as well. 
This writing experience has been a blast, and I’ve met some really fabulous people along the way. I hope my readers enjoy reading my stories as much as I do writing them. I look forward to connecting with you all!

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***Blog Tour,Review,Excerpt & Giveaway*** Lemon Drops and Love By Angela Stevens

 Title: Lemon Drops and Love
Author: Angela Stevens
Genre: Contemporary
Publication Date:
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For years, Jude loved Maya from afar. When she falls into his arms at his sisters wedding, Jude decides he’s waited long enough. But it’s complicated. Maya’s no longer the carefree, self-assured woman he once knew. Frightened, vulnerable, her confidence crushed, Maya is unable to see a way out of an abusive relationship. But Jude Holland is not going to stand back and watch this happen. After rescuing her from Carl’s clutches, he plans to stay and pick up the pieces.

But getting rid of Carl is harder than anyone imagined. Carl’s sociopathic tendencies know no boundaries. Determined to take back what is his, hatred consumes him. With all rationality gone, Carl is prepared to go to monstrous lengths to destroy what he once loved. Driven by envy and hate, he sets out to destroy Maya. If he can’t have her, then he is damn sure no one else will have her either.

My Review

Lemon drops and Love…let me tell you after the first few chapters of this book I actually had to put it down and let it sink in with me what I was reading. The subject of this book is defiantly a hard one to read about, only in the fact that the author was able to put us in the heads of everyone involved, from the abuser to the abused and all the bystanders in between. With this said this was a brilliantly written book and my props to the author for being able to go into this dark world and give us everyone’s side of the story.

So our main female lead is Maya, she is in her own personal hell living with Carl. He has beaten the spirit out of her physically and emotionally. She is alone in her head and doesn’t know how to get out because this is all she knows. Carl was her first serious relationship and she fell hook line and sinker for his game. It was very emotional to watch her inner struggles to break free of her life and start anew. But when she is at her best friends, Roxy wedding she runs into Roxy’s younger brother Jude. She had a major crush on Jude since college. Jude was 3 years younger than her and best fiends younger brother so she never pressured anything with him. But when she sees him again the feelings are there once more. Unfortunately the asshat that is Carl drags her out of the wedding, takes her home and starts the beating and rape all over again.

This is where I had some problems, it made me sick to my stomach to hear from other characters still at the party that they kind of knew what she was going through with Carl but they all just stood back and let it happen without really questioning it or trying to help out Maya.

Ok with that said Jude does want to help out but is stopped by others. I got to say Jude sound like one hot ass man. He is a hockey player and works out all day long. But it is his heart that I love the most about him. He saves Maya in more ways than one but has to battle himself along the way. The thing is he also had a crush on Maya that turned into love over the years but he had the same feelings as her about the age difference and the fact that his sister is her best friend. But when push comes to shove and his heart is on the line he man’s up and admits his feelings even if the timing sucks. He takes charge and protects Maya with everything he has and it is a beautiful thing to see the way he brings out Maya’s true self while not pushing her to just get over it.

Ok so all in all this was a beautiful book and a story that really needs to be told. It gave us insight into the mind set of an abuser and the way a situation can be twisted into a sick reality of what it really was. Like I said it was a hard read only because of the story line but I would defiantly recommend you read it. Jude and Maya’s happily ever after comes with a beautifully tragic story but is well worth the journey and I will say this all I want to do is nut shot Carl. So really the fact that I actually have such strong protective feelings for Maya goes to show the true brilliance of this story and the of the story teller.

★★☆3.75 Learning to Live Stars ☆★★

Reviewed By Angela Deforge

Jude couldn’t believe his luck when Maya spun around and came crashing into him. After spotting her outside, he'd followed her in; his progress hindered as he tried to navigate across a yard packed with partygoers. As he fought his way through the kitchen, he thought she was going to slip away yet again. It seemed all day long he'd been trying to speak to her but she was a whirling dervish spinning here, there, and everywhere. Organizing photos, straightening buttonholes, helping elderly aunts into cars and goodness knows what else.

Every time he came within five feet of her, she twirled around and headed off in the opposite direction, intent on some errand or mission of mercy. But now here she was in his arms. 
She’s still all hair, he thought. 

He never understood how anyone so small could have so much of it. It was so damn sexy; it always made him want to run his fingers through it. Those curls had a mind of their own. Even now they were escaping here and there from the barrette. 

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About the Author

Angela Stevens is the author of the contemporary adult romance novel Lemon Drops and Love. She also writes YA fantasies and Children's books under the pen name of A.D. Stevens
Angela is British born but moved to Virginia, USA eight years ago. Always a keen traveler, she has enjoyed spending time living outside of her native country. She is an ex-teacher and the mother of two children. When empty nest syndrome threatened, Angela turned to writing novels to fill her growing free time. As her hobby grew she found storytelling began to fill her waking hours.
Her recently released novel, Lemon Drops and Love grew out of her voracious appetite for reading. After one particularly momentous year, when she consumed over one hundred paper backs, Angela decided to attempt her own first novel. 

Her debut novel is set in her local town and the setting for her love story was partly inspired by her passion for ice hockey. She discovered her love of the sport when she first moved to America. A rabid Washington Capitals fan, Angela can often be found 'rocking the red' at the Verizon center supporting her beloved team.

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***Blog Tour, Review, Excerpt & Giveaway*** Into The Light By Kat T. Masen

Into the Light (The Dark Angel Series)
by Kat T. Masen
Publication: August 23, 2014


“I need to tell you why I was so afraid to fall in love with you again. Why from the moment I saw you in the restaurant I tried to deny any feelings I still had for you. Why I pushed you away, why I lied to you that day in the hospital… It all started during the summer break of 2005, exactly sixty days since the last time I had seen you…”

He was the Dark Angel. He came and stole what she had desperately tried to hold onto: her heart. Charlie Mason thought she knew better until her insecurities overruled and she again believed he broke her.

In a bid to finally find their happily ever after, Lex and Charlie find themselves on a journey of learning how to love again. They began a new future to move forward from a broken past, but life is never so easy. When you finally have the one thing you’ve always wanted, what do you do when that place of darkness finds its way back, shattering everything you fought so hard to have? 

This is the final story of Lex and Charlie, two souls that were brought back together in a twist of fate. An eternal love that has been through every storm, dragged into the dark abyss without a chance of climbing out, but through all the battles they find themselves in a place they call home, away from the darkness and away from the fear. With a glimmer of hope, they look directly into the light.


Into The Light is the second instalment in the Dark Angels series and it concludes Charlie and Lex's story. This was another bumpy ride for Lex and Charlie towards finding their happily ever after. Drama occurs left, right and centre and I swear these two can never catch a break. BUT, for those of you who have read the first in this series you will know Charlie and Lex have a habit of pushing each other away and running in the opposite direction. This is a very emotional read, while I enjoyed the depth of the characters sometimes their words and actions felt forced and totally not warranted, this is what brought this story down for me. Over the top drama and stubborn-to-the-point-it's-annoying characters tend to get on my nerves. However, if you enjoy a story full of passion, love, lust and drama then this book may be for you! I would recommend reading the first novel in the series before starting Into The Light. If you fell in love with Lex and Charlie in book one then you will LOVE them all over again in book 2, and of course we can't forget our other favourite characters that make this series all the more interesting. I really hope we get the stories of the secondary characters, I will definitely be reading more from this author again. Thank you Kat for a well written book that took me on a completely emotional roller coaster ride.

★☆★ 3 Stars! ★☆★
Review By Bel Burgess

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Finally he pulled me in, our lips only inches apart. His warm breath lingered in the air between us. I closed my eyes, waiting in anticipation to feel his lips against mine, but it was his finger I felt, tracing my bottom lip. My chest rising and falling at a fast pace, I shivered from his touch. His mouth lingered on my bottom lip, and what only was seconds but felt like hours, he gently sucked on my lip, savoring this moment. Everything that weighed heavily on my shoulders slowly lifted as his kiss spread throughout me, shining a light on every part of me that had been encased in darkness. He was mine, and I was his. And I knew that I wanted his kiss for the rest of my life and nobody else’s. He was the one... He was always the one.

About the Author

Born and bred in Sydney Australia, Kat T. Masen is a mother to three crazy boys and wife to one sane husband. Growing up in a generation where social media and fancy gadgets didn’t exist, she enjoyed reading from an early age and found herself immersed in these stories. After meeting friends on twitter who loved to read as much as she did, her passion to write began and the friendships continued on despite the distance. 
“I’m known to be crazy and humorous. Show me the most random picture of a dog in a wig and I’ll be laughing for days. “

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***Cover Reveal*** Covertly Strong By N.A Alcorn

Covertly Strong Banner
Coming Soon 9/29/14…

Covertly Strong

Book One in The Strong Series

By: N.A. Alcorn
Covertly Strong Cover Ebook 


She can track down the world's most dangerous drug lords, hack into any computer, and kill a man in fifteen different ways—but when she comes face-to-face with the only man who’s ever held her heart, it might be her most dangerous mission yet... Or is it? Sloan Walker. Dr. Felicia Santora. Agent L-55. Three very different personas, three very different names, but all have one thing in common. They’re all controlled, acted out, and lived by one woman. Her past has been long forgotten. Ten years have gone by since someone remembered the girl she used to be. The young girl with the big-brown eyes and beautiful dreams of happiness, dreams of love. She now lives a clandestine life. A life filled with top-secret missions and covert assignments. Only a handful of people know the true nature of her job. Her safety is constantly being pushed towards the brink of life-threatening danger. Then one day someone unexpectedly steps back into her life… A man who once owned her mind, body, and soul. A man who held her heart in the palm of his hand. He remembers. He knows. And this knowledge could threaten everything she’s worked so hard for. Nixon West is as intelligent as they come and his Navy SEAL training has made him one of the most dangerous weapons in the United States Military. The moment she reappeared into his life he promised himself that he wouldn't let her go. But the true question is…what extreme lengths will Nix go to for her? She will soon face another mission. And it will test everything. Time never seems all that important until your life hangs in the balance. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock…

N.A.’s Social Media

About N.A.

I march to the beat of my drum. Can you hear that? That perpetual bang, bang, bang that’s continually drumming relentlessly inside of my head. Oh, that’s just me? Never mind then, carry on…
Beautiful words, lovely plot lines, and COFFEE...Three of my favorite things. 
I savor the weird, embrace the pervy, and willingly open both arms to anything that will make me laugh.
My obsession is books. I like to read them, write them, and inhale them in any way my ravenous mind will allow.
I’m awkward and sarcastic and can’t take a proper selfie if my life depended on it.
I was once told by my high school English teacher that my colorful ability to state the obvious would be my biggest weakness. I thanked him and made it my life’s mission to make that my biggest strength.
At times, I’m bordering on obscene and have strongly considered tattooing the words Approach With Caution on some part of my body.
Procrastinator at heart who tries to tell herself that she’ll meet every deadline.
Tomorrow. I’ll finish it tomorrow, I swear.

***Blog Tour,Review and Giveaway*** Broken By Lauren Layne

Title: Broken
Author: Lauren Layne
Genre: Contemporary
Publication Date:
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Lauren Layne’s New Adult novel tells the story of a girl with secrets, a guy with scars, and a love that could save them both... or destroy them.

When Olivia Middleton abandons the glamour of Park Avenue for a remote, coastal town in Maine, everyone assumes she’s being the kind do-gooder she’s always been. But Olivia has a secret: helping an injured war veteran reenter society isn’t about charity—it’s about penance. Only, Olivia’s client isn’t the grateful elderly man she’s expecting. Instead, he’s a brooding twenty-four-year-old who has no intention of being Olivia’s path to redemption . . . and whose smoldering gaze and forbidden touch might be her undoing.

Paul Langdon doesn’t need a mirror to show him he’s no longer the hotshot quarterback he was before the war. He knows he’s ugly—inside and out. He’ll do anything to stay in self-imposed exile, even accept his father’s ultimatum that Paul tolerate the newest caretaker for three months or lose his inheritance. But Paul doesn’t count on the beautiful twenty-two-year-old who makes him long for things that he can never have. And the more she slips past his defenses, the more keeping his distance is impossible.

Now Paul and Olivia have to decide: Will they help each other heal? Or are they forever broken?

My Review

Holy cow!! What an emotionally charged book. I was so not prepared for this book and went in not expecting to need a box of tissues and to hide in the cornier while I sobbed my eyes out. So this is defiantly one of those stories that will haunt you for a few days, I finished it a few day ago and I’m getting choked up thinking about but mind you I’m kind of a big baby at times. The way Lauren Layne was able to bring such beautifully broken characters and a beautiful well thought out story was amazing. So without further whining about my big babyness here is the story….

Olivia is your typical New York socialite, except for that she feels broken inside. She drops out of school to pursue a more philanthropic life, except it’s not really from the good of her heart but to prove to herself that she not without redemption after she hurts the love of her life. So her parents find her a job helping an injured war vet. She goes expecting an older man that she will have to do everything for. On her journey for redemption she never expects one Paul Langdon. At their first meeting things do not go as planned and she soon realizes that this may not be as easy of situation as she thought.

Paul is living a life as a shell of a man, after the things he saw and went through in Afghanistan he can’t stand to be in the real world. Instead he pushes everyone away and takes to drinking his life away. His father however has other plans when he hires Olivia. Paul plans on running her out like all the other hired help but when his dad threatens to cut him off he strikes a deal with him. Three months…if he can work with Olivia for three months he will leave Paul alone and never push another “nurse” onto him again. Paul needs to play his dads game but not for himself, but for a friend and her daughter.

Both of them were broken souls but Olivia is determined to bring Paul back as well as save herself. When they do come together its explosive but with secrets and hurt their relationship will not be an easy one. Even when she reaches Paul and he opens to her, she can’t get him to open up to society out of fear and his demons.

This story is one of overcoming all obstacles to find love and what you would do to have and earn that love. I loved this book through and through, the only downside is that I did get a tad pissed off at some of Olivia’s inner monologues and her shallowness; however she does redeem herself to me. Paul is wow..he just blows my mind. His story is one that I’m sure will haunt me for a while but to see him come into his own was magic. Really thank Lauren for writing their story and sharing it with us…cheers to you and I look forward to many more books in the future.

★★☆4.5 Healing Stars ☆★★

Review By Angela Deforge

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About the Author

Lauren Layne graduated from Santa Clara University with a B.S. in political science that she has yet to put to good use. After dabbling in an e-commerce career in Seattle and Southern California, Layne moved to New York City, where she now writes full-time. She lives with her husband and their plus-size pomeranian in a tiny Manhattan studio.

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***Release Blitz, Teasers & Giveaway!*** You Loved Me At My Darkest By Evie Harper

Title: You Loved Me At My Darkest
Series: You Loved Me #1
Author: Evie Harper

Release Date:  August 28, 2014


Ripped from Heaven, Burned in Hell.
Caught and caged in beauty.
Beauty comes at a cost.
One man holds the key to our survival, to our freedom.
Find out how I lived and lost the greatest thing on earth.

I didn't see her coming and that will be my downfall.
She will ruin me, take everything from me, and give me everything I can't have.
I can't help her. I won't.
She is innocence. She is strength.
She is my piece of heaven in hell.
I’m not letting her go.

Links to Buy

Author Bio

Evie Harper is an Aussie girl who has always been in love with reading. She decided to try her hand at writing and found it addictive and inspirational.
You Loved Me At My Darkest is Evie's debut novel. It is a stand-alone with two companion novels to follow:

You Loved Me At My Weakest

You Loved Me At My Ugliest

You Loved Me series are dark romance stories and are only recommended for readers 18+ due to mature content.

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***Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway*** Adagio By Delancey Stewart

The world of professional ballet is built on illusion. The illusion of perfection. The illusion of effortless beauty. The illusion of eternal love.
But backstage, few members of the Union Ballet Company suffer from such illusions.
Anna Glaser has dreamed of nothing but dancing professionally her entire life. And when she’s finally offered a position with Union, she takes it, giving little more than a passing thought to what she might have to give up in exchange. But Sebastian Kaplan, the director who gave her the chance, won’t forget so easily.
When Anna meets Cain, who has been dubbed by the local media as Union’s most eligible bachelor, she realizes that making a deal with the devil might mean that Heaven — in the form of a gorgeous dark-haired man — is forever out of her reach.
Dancers at Union know that something that glitters and shines under the stage lights can still be vicious and evil when the lights go down.
Adagio is the first episode in the series The Company – an engaging drama-filled ride through the darker parts of the ballet and the lives of those who live to dance.
*This book contains explicit content and is suitable for readers over 17

If you are a dancer or ever were one, let me just point out to you, this book portrays the crazy-intense world of professional dancing quite accurately! You will totally get this story and feel for the characters as they dance their way to success while dealing with all the bumps in the road along with way. Well done to Delancey Stewart for creating a sweet and sexy romance based around a world that I personally LOVE and cherish.

The world of professional ballet is built on illusion. The illusion of perfection. The illusion of effortless beauty. The illusion of eternal love.

Meet Anna Glaser, a young woman whose hopes and dreams revolve around becoming a professional dancer. She is driven, dedicated and will do whatever it takes to succeed. One private audition later, lines are crossed and deals are made. While reconsidering her actions and dealing with the consequences, Anna meets Cain.

Cain is a dancer, a very talented and HOT one at that. The man is gorgeous, plain and simple. He also has no desire to get close to any female dancer within the company. That is, until he eyes off the feisty little Anna. Friendships are built, sparks fly and sexual tension is thick. 

This book is a great mix of sweet and sexy. If you enjoy light, sweet romance with a side drama then this book is for you. While I didn't love it, I still really enjoyed reading about Anna, Cain and their friends at the Union Ballet Company. Both the hero and heroine are very likeable, and for me, the secondary characters really made this book all the more interesting. 

☆★★ 3.5 sweet stars ☆★★
Reviewed By Bel Burgess

About the Author
Delancey Stewart writes contemporary romance.
Stewart has lived on both coasts, in big cities and small towns. She’s been a pharmaceutical rep, a personal trainer and a direct sales representative for a French wine importer. But she has always been a writer first. A military spouse and the mother of two small boys, her current job titles include pirate captain, monster hunter, Lego assembler and story reader. She tackles all these efforts at her current home outside Washington D.C.