Monday, July 8


Almost by Anne Eliot
My rating: 5 Stars

BREATHTAKING. As in, stopped my breath.

I think Jess Jordan is my all time favourite!
Normally I'm all swoon swoon swoon on the guy... But JESS she just did it for me in this one. Don't get me wrong Gray Porter is totally swoon worthy and those one liners lol "I want you to know if we die right now, I won't be able to distinguish if i've made it to heaven or not, because I'm already sitting here with you. Like this." He is totally swoon worthy! and FUNNY!!


Jess Jordan....
Im not huge on highlighting my kindle will do it maybe once in a book but my little fingers where burning up my kindle screen highlighting everything that came out of Jess's mouth or went through her head! She is so funny Yep. I've stopped breathing. Baa, baa, BAA_OHMYGOD. I hate myself right now. I think I also blatantly sniffed him! bhahahaha

And then in the same heartbeat your heart just breaks for her!
she is so sweet and I loved her relationship with Kika
The nightmare can't compete with my sister. She's always had some special brand of magic. Asleep or awake, any space she occupies somehow instantly becomes the sweetest place on earth
I read that line and just instantly fell in-love with her!

This was just soo good! LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT!
Loved her, loved Gray, loved this Book!

Buy it
Read it
Love it

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