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Under the Orange Moon

Under the Orange Moon by Adrienne Frances
My rating:  4 Stars

Under the Orange Moon

"Some day you're going to fall in love. Some day you're going to fail. Someday you're going to be broken. You have to keep the fight inside you-the fight that I love about you. The fight that makes you dylan."

The only girl in a family full of overbearing brothers.
Secretly crushing on her twins best friend Ben McKenna.
Ben returns home for holidays however this time he stares at her differently, but his tormenting banter has remained the same.
This time it seems impossible to stay away from one another

Dylan was the best!! She was so funny.
Her banter with her brothers and Ben were hilarious.
She totally crushes on Ben but can give as much as she gets!

"Well, thats just it. You don't seem vey happy to see me."
Dylan stopped peeling and stared at his face. He was so full of himself that sometime she wanted to slap her own cheek for even holding him in the high regards that she did.
She gasped dramatically. "Oh my lord! Is it really you, Ben McKenna?" She covered her mouth. "My life make so much more sense now that you're home. Take me Ben. Take me now." She let out another fake, girlish yelp and went back to peeling.

Ben has not been home in five years.His mother is depressed and has a certain way of taking it out on him. His father is absent but dominating. His only solace in life are the Mathews, a loving family that Ben has found refuge in since he was a small child. Returning home to find the feelings for Dylan haven't changed only this time he decides he can't stay away.

Their relationship is kept quite with sneaking around until they decide that they don't want to hide it anymore
That's until Ben's life comes crashing down around him, he pushes away the only family that have been there for him. Including Dylan.

The best thing about this story…
Dylan and all her family!
I loved everyone one of them.
I loved all her brothers and how protective they were.

You really do feel for Ben and what his parents put him through.
Still a few times I was like "Oh Ben!! Seriously!!!"

But in the end he can see the love has been there all along.

"You're the girl who loves pink but won't admit it because you're afraid it will make you sound too girly. You're afraid of moths because you think they'll eat your hair, and hate chalk."
"You secretly love Harry Potter movies, and when you were ten you fell off your bike and I carried you home. When your dad died, you only wanted me and cried in my lap. I stopped skateboarding because you were better and I was embarrassed. God, you even throw a football better than me.
And, finally, I'm an asshole, but you loved me anyway"

Buy it
Read it
Love it

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