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Documentary by A.J. Sand
My rating: 4.5 Stars

Documentary (Documentary, #1)

A person's story is often nothing like it appears from the outside.

Dylan Carroll, an ambitious college student filmmaker still reeling from the death of her brother.
Landing an amazing opportunity, Dylan is employed to create a web series aimed at cleaning up Musician Kai White's image.
There’s also a promising offer at stake, if Dylan can abide by the rule of staying strictly professional, and if she can figure out what Kai is hiding.

Musician Kai White is in the middle of a public relations nightmare, His bad boy boy image, fighting has drawn bad press and a bad image.
Keeping a secret that could turn things around. His manager/publicist offers full rights to Dylan if she can get Kai to tell her what he is keeping from everyone.

What can I say about this??
I really really really did enjoy it. I found that I really struggled the first 20% but by then I really wanted to know what Kai was hiding so I stuck with it. I'm glad I did.

Kai is not your typical Rock star. He is super sweet!
Not into groupies and totally not a douche bag and soo not what the public makes him out to be.

Stability with one person beats just fucking everybody any day of the week.~ Kai

He really does care for Dylan and they have an undeniable connection, and when they are together, they discover that rules are pretty easy to break.


I loved how they both have their own stories, own pasts and grief. There bond over their hurt was real and deep.

"Last time I saw you, the whole world had broken your heart, If I could, I'd find a way to collect all the parts, just to make you whole again. Find a way to pull you back from the end." ~Kai

As Dylan gets deeper into Kai's world, capturing his life on film, she'll learn that some secrets are so big, they are kept even at the expense of a career.

The secret is big and your kept guessing all the way though! So many rumours and
and speculation. It's fabulous!!!

But in the end it's Dylan who holds back in the relationship her guilt holds her back from really giving herself over to Kai.

"You know why I'm always staring at you? I don't want to forget any part of you, ever. Because you're leaving me, without even a chance of coming back. You're shutting me out, even though I see you. I see your struggle, and I know it."~ Kai


When she does let her demons go and goes after him they really are perfect!

"So, I do choose you, Kai White. Every week that I've gotten to show the world how beautiful and wonderful of a person you are, I've chosen you. I am choosing you, and I wanted to find you, the same way you have always come to find me. I want to always find you, too, because I'm falling for you. I have fallen for you."~Dyaln


I loved it, I love Kai he was amazing.
The secondary characters were amazing! Loved Leko and the twins.
I can't wait for Erika's story.

Buy it
Read it
Love it

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