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Polished by Alyssa Turner
My rating:  4 Stars


Wow Holy Hot Wow!

Alyssa Turner has done it again.

I was asked to review this book and I had no idea exactly what was going to go down.
Well, actually, a little lie. This is my second Alyssa Turner book , so I knew I liked her writing style and I knew she had the ability to strike a chord in me with the M,M,F genre.
So I was not surprised Polished met my expectations, exceeded them and now has left me wanting more Alyssa Turner.

Rory and Spencer have the picture perfect relationship.
Together three years, Spencer burns for Rory. Sweet, impulsive, and always up for anything.
Just one thing holds Spencer Back, the truth about his sexuality.

Rory would love to give Spencer the one thing he doesn’t have, the freedom to explore his secret desires. She knows keeping his desires in the closet is eating at him, but is unsure of how to address the issue.

~It seemed like they had everything, but they didn’t have Jack.~

A work accident traps Spencer and the Engineering Consultant Jack Rothman in a flooded subway tunnel. While waiting to be rescued a spark between the two men stirs something strong that’s impossible to ignore.

Jack Rothman, Man whore, and Dom. Jack is hard working and likes to play dirty.
After being trapped with Spencer, Jack is introduced to Rory when they are rescued.
Jack, not ever having known what its like to feel concerned for someone or show tenderness, sees something between Rory and Jack that stirs something inside of him.

Jack's Company could be at fault for the blast that trapped Spencer, going into damage control Jack, invites the couple to his Hampton's beach house for the weekend.

The sexual tensions heats up and Rory realises Jack is a Dominate. Soon It's not just Spencer's desires that Rory wants to fulfil, she has secret desires of her own.


Rory and Spencer ask Jack to show them that side of him. Give them a little taste.

~"Are you ok with this?"
"I'm curious."
Rory looked down at his shorts. "You're hard."
"So I'm curious and hard." ~

That whole scene on the Island was freaking hot!!!!

~"She might be your girlfriend, but here you have no rights unless I give them to you. You belong to me. She belongs to me."~

With just the tiniest taste, Rory and Spencer want more.
Jack is the one who can give them both what they desire.

~Jack had them both utterly captivated, getting them to do things they both wanted but couldn't quiet find the courage to do alone. he'd taken the power away form them and, along with it, the ability to doubt or resist their urges.~

After spending some time with them, Jack starts to feel more for both of them.

~"Their light was too bright, like a beacon calling to him. It was already obvious he was going to follow it."~



~"How about you, Spencer? Do yo think I can make your girlfriend's pussy cream for me?"~

~"I think I could play with you all night, Spencer. You are so fucking obedient." ~


~"I want to taste your girlfriends pussy, Spencer.
Up close this time. Tell her to come to me." Jack added another finger to the one already lodged against Spencer's prostate.
"I could tell her myself, but I want to hear you say it."
Spencer's lips had been pressed so tightly they were numb, but he manage to croak out the words, "Go baby Jack wants to eat your sweet pussy." ~


It was great we had Spencer experiencing being with a man for the first time. And then Rory having her first experience with submitting. Soo hot!

Soon it's more than sexual indulgence and satisfying curiosities.

Jack didn't know things could be better, he thought he was satisfied with what he had, thought he knew what he needed. He wasn't looking for love until Spencer and Rory fell in his lap.

Can bringing Jack into Rory and Spencer's relationship ruin what they have and tear them apart?
Can Jake help them let go an embrace what he can offer them?

I loved it.
The sex was hot, the self discovery of each of the main characters was well written and you could feel along with them.
I was a little concerned with Jack being a Dominate but the three of them together was perfect and I was loving them all together.
I loved the moments between them all, weather it being the guys together or her with one of the guys or all three together, it was great.

I have read a few M,M,F books and I'm very much addicted to them.
I love the dynamics of each of the individual relationships and how they are all work together.
Alyssa's writing definitely hits the right spot for me.

This one is for you if you love M,M,F


Buy it.
Read it.
Love it.

Arc provided from author for review.

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