Monday, July 8


 by Nicola Claire
My rating: 4.5 Stars

Sacrifice (Sweet Seduction, #1)


You all know that feeling when you finish a book and your like…


This one was of those ones.

Like really bad! I practically devoured this, then quickly went on to devour the second one.

This was abso-fucking-lutely, posi-fucking-tively AWESOME!!!!

Genevieve has worked hard for her dream. 'Sweet Seduction on High'. The place to be, delicious coffee, chocolate treats and a kick ass music store.
Dealing with an Ex that just won't take no for an answer. Gen has to take things to the next level.
Gen is still being pursued by her ex whom she kicked out a year ago, he won't let go and now is threatening to take her for half of everything she owns.
Not prepared to lose Sweet Seduction, she needs a lawyer.

Genevive meets Dominic in the elevator on her way to meet her lawyer.
Dominic, who turns out to be senior partner of said law firm, is holy hot sexy, commanding, possessive, total alpha-male.

Yes this was a fall in love 1st sight and yes he is persistent.
I'm not usually a fan of Insta -love, but this was believable.

Nicloa Claire does a perfect job of slowly building up the tension between these two.

Dom is definitely going to the top of my HHA list (HOLY HOT ALPHA)


He was not afraid to tell her exactly how he felt about her.

~"Sweetheart, give us a chance. Trust me. We'll get through this, we'll get Elliott sorted and we'll get your life back. I have every intention of being a part of it when we do. Know this, the more you push me away, the more intrigued I become. I haven't had this much fun in a long time, Genevieve. I'm not about to walk away from something so delightfully addictive any time soon, so stop running."~

Yes Ladies we have a runner…
Normally a woman like Gen would of annoyed the shit out of me, but I really did enjoy her.
Yes she cried.. A lot.
I would too if I went through what she did. And she did try to push Dom away but that just made it so much more fun. Dom was awesome, he loved it.
I loved how Gen just always rambled on. Hahaha the stuff she came out with.

As Gen's crazy Ex puts her in harms way, Dom and his close connections, i.e. The sexy team of lawyers and security guys, will do anything to protect her.
Things get crazy and intense, it's action packed and fast paced from the get go.

This totally had it all,
JAM packed full of hot guys, make that hot ALPHA guys, kidnappings, shoot outs, near death escapes and smoking hot sex. What more could you want?

OH some swoon worthy moments from our Dominic. Yes there were lots of them.

~"That, sweetheart," He whispered into my hair as he curved my body into his under the bed covers,"was the most exquisite love making I have ever experienced in my life. You are most definitely paradise, do you know that? My paradise."~

~"You fought like a hell-cat to get away. You didn't go quietly, once you knew Katie was safe, you gave it everything you had." I watched him swallow visibly. "You jumped out of a moving vehicle to escape a fate worse that death. No fear. Amazing."
"Aren't you mad at me?" I asked in surprise.
"Furious," He whispered. ~

And the Sex,
Nicola Claire definitely knows how to get to the sexy times. Every time Dom growled or muttered "Christ" I was gone for.

~"I'm going to make you come and I'll drink it all down. Then I'm going to fuck you slowly to begin with, teasing another orgasm out of that sweet, sweet pussy making you beg for more. Then when you're putty in my hands, so sated you can't lift a single limb off the bed, I'm going to flip you over and take you hard. That's for me, because I know watching you come, is going to be my downfall. I almost came watching you against my front door yesterday. Watching you come when I'm inside you, is simply too much, sweetheart."~



I loved everything from start to finish.
Loved all the secondary characters. I really want all of them to have their own book!

I picked this up after reading a few reviews that said if you enjoyed Kristen Ashley's Rock Chick series you would like this.
I don't like comparing authors or books in reviews, but if I am being honest I might not of picked it up if I hadn't of read that.
Being a huge K.A fan I will always read something that is said to be similar as I love that style.

Sweet Seduction Sacrifice definitely has the same feel, But Nicola Claire has her own style and flare.
If you enjoy K.A's style of writing of an alpha male then this one is for you.

I can not wait for the rest of the series.

Buy it.
Read it.
Love it.

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