Thursday, July 25

Competition Winners

Thanks to everyone that entered. 
A big thanks to all the Authors who donated and made this possible. 

Congratulations to all winners
An email has been sent to you all. Please check your Junk Mail.

Signed Paperback Winners 

Jennifer Huston-Griffin 
Tanya Chase
Liz Duran 
Tamara Marceau 
Rebecca Knight 
Gabrielle Bingley
Trish Rivers 
Cindy Gibson 
Andrea Cordova 
Kim Mathon
Amber Slagle
Holly J. Underhill
Gina Deason Meier
Chelsea Bates
Jennie Liebermann


Stefanie Nix 
Jaclyn Natter
Melissa K. Gordan-Vasel
Sara Mathewson

E-Book Winners 

Kathy Watkins 
Natalia Becker
Leza Weber
Kim Perry
Kristen Ervin
Ameila Ellis Andrews 
Jessica Anderson 
Brettani Villa
Tracey Rigg
Nicole Huffman 
Jansen Garland 
Amber Jo Knight 
Stephanie Christensen 
Jessica Chadbourne 

Jess xx


  1. Thanks for the ebook! I never win anything so I'm thrilled (plus there's also the fact that I'm a book whore, lol Can't get enough!)

  2. Thanks so much!! I won a signed book!! Can never have to many books! Like kentuckykat said above^^^ I'm a book whore!! With over 1300 books on my kindle and another 1200 in my iBooks account I'm also a little addicted! Thanks again!

  3. Congrats to all the winners!