Tuesday, July 9

Sometimes Never

Sometimes Never by Cheryl McIntyre
My rating: ★ 5 Stars ★

Sometimes Never (Sometimes Never, #1)

~ I'm standing in the middle of my bathroom, naked clutching a razor blade between my thumb and finger. I need to release the poison. The fear. The anger. I want the pain that festers inside of me - Out. I want it on the outside. On my flesh. Where I say how I hurt. Where I say when. Where I say for how long. Where I say stop. Where I can stop it. 
I'm so ugly.
I am so fucking ugly.
My insides are disgusting.
There is nothing good inside of me. I'm not a nice person. I'm not smart. I'm not funny. I am selfish. Mean. There is nothing special about me. I can't stand the sight of myself. I hate myself. I hate everything that makes me, Me.~

WOW what Intense, Powerful, Heart wrenching words!

I can't even begin to tell you about the incredible story of Hope and Mason.

Hope was amazing, She was real, she was broken and I just wanted to climb through my kindle and hug the shit out of her!
Hope self harms, to deal with her painful past. It's an addiction.

It's like an itch that no matter how many times I scratch and dig at it, it just won't stop tingling until
I'm raw and bloody. It may settle down for a while, but it never actually stops prickling and crawling below the surface. Just waiting to flareup and grab hold of my sanity again.

Mason, who is dealing with his own demons is amazing! Just perfect for Hope, sees past her insecurities and gets through to her.

Mason Patel is my counterpart. He is the eraser to my chalk. The milk to my cereal. The chocolate to my peanut butter. We were made for each other in cookie heaven.

Both so terrified of what they feel for each other and what that means they slowly start to let each other in.

"Mason, you terrify me."
His voice lowers in a deep murmur. "Im also starting to think that's possibly a good thing because you scare the shit out me too."
"So what do we do?" I whisper.
"Maybe we should start facing our fears."

I loved all of the secondary characters, they all were there for Hope and Mason and I fell in love with them just as much!

This was intense, Cheryl McIntyre brings these characters to life on such a raw level, You feel them, you experience their pain right along with them!

The writing.. Oh was just beautiful Im utterly in love, the words just flowed off the page, I couldn't get enough! The words spoke to me, called to me, captured me.

"Pink lips, and rosy cheeks; eyes so light and hair that shines.
They tell me that you're beautiful."
"Five foot nine, size two dress, bones protruding from your chest.
They tell me that you're beautiful."
"Inflated breasts, extended hair, pigment perfected. They tell me that you're beautiful."
"Shape me, mold me, manufacture me, and tell me that I'm Beautiful.
Wax me, dye me, chop and dice me, and tell me that I'm beautiful. Choose me, use me, take me break me, and tell me that I'm beautiful. Bleach it cover it, go ahead and remove it."
"Erase all that is beautiful."
"Break me. Break me. Break me to fit you."

"I don't want to be beautiful."

Amazing you must read this!!!!

Buy it
Read it
Love it

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