Monday, July 8

By Surprise

By Surprise by Alyssa Turner
My rating: ★ 4 Stars ★

By Surprise

M/M/F has me totally intrigued at the moment. 
I'm slightly becoming addicted… Hell lets be honest I'm already addicted. 
This little number sure did not disappoint!!!

Paxton and Nicholas are a happily married gay couple
Cleaning out the shed one day Nicholas finds a box of Paxtons cheerleader porn stashed away.
Nicholas doesn’t feel threatened by this, Paxton has always been honest with his attraction to women.
Nicholas wants Paxton to explore whatever sexual desires he has. Even if that means bringing a woman into the mix for a threesome.
With Paxton's Birthday right around the corner Nicholas even offers up a night for a woman to join them in the bedroom.

The next day Paxton runs into his childhood best friend, Jodi at the store.
Jodi has been out of Paxton's life for a few years but now Jodi is back after a nasty divorce.
Catching up over dinner, Jodi meets Nicholas and the three of them hit it off.

When Paxton and Nicholas offer a room for Jodi to stay and a place for to do her art, Jodi, jumps at the chance.
However as Jodi enters the picture life for the three of them is about to be turned upside down.
As Paxton and Jodi renew their old friendship, Jodi and Nicholas start a new friendship.

~"I'm not jealous, though. I’m grateful, I think. Getting to know you feels like getting to know a part of Paxton I wouldn’t have been able to without you."~

Jodi is happy and everything is going well until one night Jodi overhears Nicholas and Paxton making love.
She finds herself burning hotter than she ever imagined.



The unexpected turn comes when Nicolas starts to have feelings for Jodi as well.
It's a big shock to Nicholas to have an attraction and feelings for her especially when he has never liked women.

As they all come to terms with their feelings, guilt eats at them until it all comes to a head and truths are told.

~"Don't do this for me, Nicky," Paxton warned, pinning Nicholas with an examining gaze.
Holding Paxton's gaze with an equally piercing stare, Nicholas placed Jodi's hand against the raging erection straining behind his zipper. "Ask her if she thinks I'm doing this for you."~


~Sharing her sealed the circle. To make her theirs, together…to be hers, together—he couldn’t wait to know what that felt like."~

~"You are like a key, Jodi. You unlock a part of Paxton that I wanted a part of. At the same time, you reveal a part of myself that I didn't even know existed."~

I was definitely left wanting more of this threesome. The sex between the boys is hot for sure and when they do let Jodi into their Bedroom… HOT HOT HOT!
There is not a lot of steamy sex scenes, but the ones you do get are smoking…
I originally really liked Paxton but as Jodi and Nicholas got to know each other, I fell in love with Nicholas.
I wish there was an epilogue, would love to know how everything worked out after everything happened.

'By Surprise' was great little read,
It's quick, its fun, STEAMY and I really enjoyed it.

Buy it.
Read it.
Love it.

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