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Review; Saving Ella by Kirsty Dallas

Title: Saving Ella 
Author: Kirsty Dallas
Publication Date: May 24th, 2013
Add to GR: Goodreads 
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As a child, Ella dreamed big.
Her art was her life, her Father her biggest supporter.
All that changed the night Ella's father died.
Her mother remarried EVIL and for the next 4 years, the Ella that once loved and had dreams, died.
The Ella that now existed was filled with hate.

~ Hate - to feel intense dislike, or extreme aversion or hostility.
Such a powerful word, such a strong emotion. To live without hate must be bliss.~

After years of Abuse, and failed attempts at escape, Ella is bidding her time.
One night the Abuse is taken to whole new level, Ella refuses to be controlled no more. Ella fights. Fights for her life and runs.

~I ran, I escaped, I survived.~

Jax Carter has spent the last nine years serving his country.
Having seen so much pain, blood and hurt he still can't stay away from his mom’s shelter. Helping the beaten and solemn women who grace Mercy’s doorstep is his mission.

After 4 years on the run, Ella finds herself in front of Mercy's Shelter.
Jax saves her as she takes a fall on the ice.
Despite the size of Jax, Ella feels safe around him.

Jax can't seem to stay away from Ella. He is intrigued with her, and soon finds himself wanting more from her.

~"Jax, a man who barely knew me, knew none of my secrets, none of my dirty awful past, he had brought me a gift that pierced right through all the bullshit and wrapped itself right around my heart."~

Jax feels a connection to Ella, he wants to know who hurt her.
He feels protective over her and vows to help her overcome her past.
He vows to make her feel safe again.

~"Deep breaths angel, breathe with me baby. You're safe here. It's just you and me and you know I won't hurt you."~

Soon their connection is too hard to ignore.
They both felt it and need it.

~"This," he whispered, squeezing my hand. "This is a gift." His fingers then touched my face with reverence, running tenderly down my temples, tracing my scar and finally sweeping around my eyes which fluttered closed. "These," he brushed his thumbs gently over my eyelashes, his face so close I could feel his breath on my skin. "These see more truth than anyone I have ever known."
"And this," he pressed his hand over my chest, right over my heart. "This is the most beautiful thing in existence."~

It is a slow build between them.
Jax is patient and kind. Ella holds so much pain from her past and needs time.

~Please kiss me, I silently begged. He did, but not at all how I expected it. Jax took my hand once more and placed his warm soft lips to the centre of my palm. No one had ever kissed me in such a way. The kiss vanquished all ugliness and left me feeling raw, naked and beautiful. This kiss rocked my world like no other touch could. ~

Soon the fire between the two is blazing and Ella is the one that needs to take them to the next level.

~"I want you so bad Jax. Take me away from all of this, make me feel beautiful."~

I wasn't expecting too much steam, but wow the steam factor once they got there was just perfect. I loved it.

~"I'm greedy angel, I want to be in you when you come for me the first time. Next time it will be around my tongue." ~

They have a little struggle with Jax making a Douche mistake.
Normally you have to expect these things but… Man, Jax just broke my heart when he played that hand. I was like WTF?????
But bigger things come to head and soon more danger is in store for Ella. Will she run from her past again, when Jax is her future?

~"You don't scare me Jax Carter. I've been waiting a long time to find a man who could love me again. My heart is yours, so please be careful with it."~

I really enjoyed this. I have read a few intense books... but that prologue and 1st chapter owned me.
FUCK it was way intense my heart was pounding, I was seriously in freakout mode.
Marcus is a sick fuck and I wanted to stab in the face.

I loved all the secondary characters. I loved Mercy.
I can't wait for the next in the series.
Rebecca was a hoot!

Normally I'm a huge bossy alpha male fan, but Jax was sweet, kind, loving and swoon worthy.
His patience with Ella was so sweet and I fell in love with him as soon as he called her Angel.

I loved the Epilogue. Love me an epilogue.

Definitely a must read.

Buy it.
Read it.
Love it.

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