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***BLOG TOUR, REVIEW & GIVEAWAY*** of Blue Notes by Carrie Lofty

Title: Blue Notes
Author: Carrie Lofty
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: April 7th, 2014
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Blue Notes


For fans of Jamie McGuire and S.C. Stephens, a sizzling new adult novel featuring the tumultuous relationship between a young piano prodigy and a reluctant billionaire playboy—set against the vibrant backdrop of a New Orleans college campus.

After being bounced from foster family to foster family, Keeley, a talented pianist, is ready to start over as a junior at Tulane. But when she plays a small concert that attracts the attention of Jude, a brooding playboy and heir to an enormous fortune in the wake of his parents’ tragic death, suddenly Keeley’s life is thrown off balance once again.

Jude is the first person to confront her about the pain behind her music, and she struggles with whether or not to let him into her life, or to keep protecting herself from the hurt that relationships have caused her in the past. But Keeley’s about to learn that the melancholy young billionaire who appears to have everything he wants can open her eyes to exactly what she needs.

My Review

Keeley Chambers is a talented pianist at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA. If you were to look at her you would think she has all together. Smart, beautiful, confident and a gifted young lady she is. 
When really under her facade she is fearful, disconnected and struggles from her past. Keeley has always used music,specifically her piano to release her feelings. She pours everything in her music.  
 Keeley is chosen to mentor a freshman Adelaide Deschamps. She is completely opposite of her. 
Confident, loves attention, and has a unique fashion statement. Adelaide is your spunky, feisty take it or leave it kind of girl. The only thing these two have in common are they are brilliant pianist.
Adelaide invites Keeley to watch her perform one night at a local place in town. Not only was Keeley blown away by Adelaide and her performance but she was blown away by a handsome, strong willed man who gets her attention!

Jude Villars is a young, southern, sexy, playboy billionaire whose is heir to his late parents company and fortune.

 He lost his parents in a tragic accident and had dropped out of college to become a CEO and take care of the rest if his family. He is confident, a bit arrogant and goes after what he wants. 

And he wants Keeley!

"Here's the thing, sugar."
"You're intriguing. I've been with intriguing women before, but they knew exactly what they were doing when they got into my car or came home with me. And that's fine. We played accordingly."

"I get the feeling things are different with you."

Keeley is speechless to how forward Jude is with his feelings and what he wants from Keeley. However, she can fight the feeling Jude makes her feel and she wants him just as bad! But for how long will it last?

She doesn't want her past to ruin him so she decides to not let him know the real her and will live in the moment of just being with him! As they are getting to know each other Jude pushes Keeley in her music and shows her how she can do anything and be strong. He helps her conquer playing for crowds. 

He even opened her heart up. Jude shares with her about his parents and what it was like losing them and what he had to do afterwards. He has never talked or shared that with anyone. Keeley knew she was falling in love with Jude. He was everything she needed!

When things are going their best of course Keeley's life is thrown off balance and her past is back to haunt her. Jude is blindsided, hurt and pissed! He thought he knew Keeley Chambers, the girl who has changed the way he sees life and is falling in love with, when the truth is he doesn't even know her at all.

"You know.." He punches his hands into his pants pockets with a curse.
"I thought you were somebody different."

'I told you who-"

"I heard what you've said, but I also know who I fell in love with."

He gives me a harsh look, up and down. '"Whats that called in music when it sounds all wrong?"


"That's the word for it."

Keeley knew this day would come, but she wasn't prepared to deal with her past and a break her heart and Jude's. She knows now she needs to face her past once for all and close that chapter of her life forever! 

She doesn't want Jude involved during this because he's a well known CEO and doesn't want it sabotage it by her connection with him. So she ends it with Jude and leaves to set things straight with her past and just hopes that Jude will understand that she needs to do this.

After she returns back and she is free of her past and stronger than ever, she tries to contact Jude. 

But he never responds. Keeley knew she was risking losing him forever but she thought if he really loved her he would understand and take her back. Keeley turns to her music and pours all her energy into her fall recital that will determine her future career. She played a performance that told her whole life! 

Pain, Fear, Love, Heart break, and forgiveness. She blew everybody away with it! 

She prayed Jude would be there to see her,hear her the real her!

"I was too lost to hear you"

You play your music really loud" he says we a kiss beneath my jaw.

"It's making you to deaf. But you hear me now? 
Do you hear how much I need you in my life?"

"I hear you. And I mean it right back. I love you Jude. So much."

I really enjoyed this story line. It was different but in a good way! It does have a little suspense to it too.

 I just loved Jude! Who wouldn't!? 

He even possessed a little alphaness that I LOVE so much!

I was glad to see the Keeley's character grow to be strong and stand up for what she wanted by the end. 
Her and Jude brought out the best in each other! They are amazing together!

★★☆ 3.5 Stars ☆★★

Reviewed by Ashley Lenderman

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About the Author

Since 2008, RITA-nominated and RT Reviewers' Choice-winning author Carrie Lofty has over twenty books to her name--or four names, to be precise. Her paranormal (as Lindsey Piper ) and historical romances from Pocket have been described as "nuanced and superbly realized" (The Chicago Tribune) and "sexy, brutal and somehow innocent" (All About Romance). Now Carrie is celebrating her first New Adult romance, Blue Notes , featuring a shy piano prodigy and a New Orleans playboy shouldering his family’s crumbling empire. 

With Lorelie Brown, the Katie Porter co-writing team has been honored with a Reviewers' Choice award for Best Erotic Ebook, and the first m/m nomination for RT's Book of the Year. Back-to-back releases of their La Femme Nakita-inspired " Boston Boys " series will begin in May from Samhain. 

During her junior year abroad, Carrie lured an unsuspecting Englishman to the Midwest, where she's kept him a happy ex-pat for sixteen years. With two pre-teen daughters and a master's degree specializing in the Old West, Carrie is a movie buff, a former ballroom and bellydancer, and a woman in desperate need of a maid service.

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**REVIEW** Escape With You by Rachel Schurig

Title: Escape With You
Author: Rachel Schurig
Genre: YA Romance
Publication Date: March 2014
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Ellie is not a serious relationship kind of girl. She’s perfectly happy with her friends, her parties, and her meaningless hook-ups. In her experience, anything more than that leads to trouble. All she has to do is look at her mother to be sure of that. 

Fred has made a career out of worrying. He worries about his parents, his burn-out sister, his screw-up best friend. When he starts hooking up with Ellie, he’s ready for nothing more than some no-pressure, worry-free fun. Which is just the way Ellie likes it. So long as they stick to the plan, both can get out unscathed. So long as they stick to the plan, both can get what they want. 

But life has a way of messing with the best of plans… 

My Review

Escape with you is the second book in a companion novel series. The first book, Escape In You, does not need to be read first.

First off…can I just say how much I love Fred. I really liked him in the first book to. He is so unlike most of the other book boyfriends you may have. He is kind of nerdy, really responsible and so so sweet.

Fred it a man who takes on the responsibilities of everyone around him. He worries about everyone and will do whatever he can to help those he loves out. He worries about his best friend Jett with his drinking/depression, his parents and their house/business and his sister and all her issues. He doesn’t know how much more he can take before everything comes crashing down.

That is until the tough bad girl with deep blue highlights and a body covered in tattoos enters his life. She is the complete opposite of Fred in every way but they are exactly who the other needs. What starts out as spending time together because their best friends are dating slowly turns into more.

But the word “more” has different meaning for Ellie and Fred. To Fred it’s everything. He feels so connected to Ellie and will do whatever to be able to spend time with her. She takes away the weight on his shoulders and shows him how to relax and just “let go”. He will agree to anything as long as she stays in his life. But Ellie is a free spirit. She doesn’t do relationships and will not be tied down to one man. So to her, “more” means bed buddies with no commitment and the free will to see other people. She and Fred are friends to can enjoy each other both in and outside of bed without all the messy complicated relationship stuff. Just the thought will send her into a panic faster than a hot knife thru butter!
“How about we drop the charade…” 

He takes a stelp closer to me and I don’t like the look in his eyes.

“What charade?”

“The one that says we don’t mean anything to each other. I’m tired of it.”

Ellie has had to grow up faster than most, with a dad who left and a mom who can’t even take care of herself, Ellie has learned the hard way that in life, you need to be tough and fight for yourself. You can’t rely or trust on anyone but you when it comes to taking care of yourself.

But eventually things get to be too much for both of them. Ellie reverts back to the girl she used to be. The one who knew what she wanted and what she had to offer. She refuses to see what everyone else sees when it comes to her and Fred…and she will do whatever she can to prove to everyone what her relationship with Fred is or isn’t.

How long will Fred be able to sit by and watch the woman he has fallen for self-destruct? What will it take for Ellie to finally realize what she is doing to herself and see what she has right in front of her?

“Maybe that’s why I loved you so much. Because you were the one person I didn’t have to worry about. Because you were the person I could just let go with. The one person I could just be with.” -Fred

★★☆ 4 Stars ☆★★

Reviewed by Alissa Evanson

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About the Author

Rachel Schurig lives in the metro Detroit area with her dog, Lucy. She loves to watch reality TV and she reads as many books as she can get her hands on. In her spare time, Rachel decorates cakes. Her THREE GIRLS series is available now from Amazon!

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**Cover Reveal** BENDER by Stacy Borel

Title: Bender
Author: Stacy Borel 
Genre:  Romance
Publication Date: Coming April 2014
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Purchase Links:  TBA


All Keegan wanted was a roommate who was quiet, minded their own business, and paid for part of the rent. Instead, she got Camden Brooks.

Camden, with his sinful body, sharp tongue, and the inability to stay out of Keegan’s personal business, couldn’t seem to curb his interest in the new girl who wouldn’t put up with his domineering ways.

Feelings were running rampant, sexual tension was thick, and both were struggling to let go of control.

To some people, getting a roommate simply meant living with another person. But to both Camden and Keegan it was a curveball that neither was prepared to swing at.


Standing up I began pacing. This was going too far. I could handle nice gestures, but coming into my room, and giving me things that I didn’t ask for was taking it too far. I wanted it out. I wanted it all out.


Marching downstairs, I was a girl on a mission. When I reached the bottom step, Camden turned around to look at me. Sure enough, there was that smug, satisfied little grin. I bet he was expecting a thank you for his diluted sense of generosity. Oh boy, was he in for a treat. I smiled back at him, but I had a feeling it didn’t look quite right. I was certain I had a crazed look in my eyes, and at this point, I didn’t care. My crazy was about to be hanging out all over the place. Now where in the hell was what it? My eyes drifted to the corner of the dining room. Up against the wall was the Louisville Slugger, just what I was looking for. I casually walked over to it and picked it up. I knew Camden’s eyes were tracking me. The grin on his mouth had slipped and now he just looked confused. I held the bat in my hand, testing its weight and deciphering my next move.

“What are you doing?” Cam asked.

I looked up at him, sending daggers at him through my eyes. “Practicing my swing.”

His confusion deepened. When I saw his eyebrows raise, I knew realization hit him. “Now Keegan, don’t go doing something you’re going to regret.”

The laugh that came from my mouth was pure evil. It sounded bizarre, even to me. “Oh Camden, I’m not going to regret this. I’m going to enjoy it very much.” With that I turned on my heels raced up the stairs. But not before heard him say “shit” and hurdle the couch coming after me.

I made it up to my room before he did. I took a brief moment to breathe in through my nose and back out through my mouth. I was centering myself for my grand swing. Standing before the beautiful bed he had no business buying me, I brought the bat up high and was about to bring it down as hard as I could, when it stopped mid air. Twisting my head around, I locked eyes with wild deep brown ones.

“Don’t you dare.” He growled, inches from my face.



Stacy Borel currently resides in southeast Texas with her husband and two kids. She grew up as a military brat and has lived everywhere from California, Alaska, Azores Portugal, and Hawaii. She loves traveling and seeing new places, so being a military spouse is perfect for her. Stacy enjoys the adventure of moving every 2-4yrs. It's refreshing to experience a new place.

Stacy is a self proclaimed reading addict and Facebook addict. If she's not doing one of those two things, she can be found writing, or playing with her kids. Some of her hobbies are listening to new music, going fishing, being active outdoors, and she always loves spending time with her out of state family.

Stacy discovered Indie Authors in early 2012 after reading Fifty Shades of Grey, and there began her passionate love affair with books. She always wrote stories and journals growing up, but she decided in December 2012 to really dip her toes in the water with a romance novel. She now has three full length novels under her belt, and a whole new series for the 2014 year.

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Crash Dash Day 11 Stop, Challenge & Giveaway by K.Bromberg

ALL the Girls at A is for Alpha B is for Books are HUGE K.Bromberg, Colton and Rylee FANS! 
We are so excited to be apart of the Crash Dash and you should be too! Make sure you follow the rules and you still have time to enter all stops. Go back and read through and Goodluck x 

The premise of Colton & Rylee’s Awesome Scavenger Hunt (CRASH) is to create a fun task list for readers to complete and at the same time experience their own Driven Trilogy trip down memory lane like in Crashed. There are 22 tasks. Readers must complete 20 of the 22 tasks to be entered into the final grand prize drawing. The grand prize is a complete signed set of the Driven Trilogy and there will be a few runner ups as well. This is meant to be fun and readers can get as creative as they want with it. Please visit the Facebook Page or my Website for more information and how you submit your proof of task completed.

Excerpt from Chapter 12 in Coltons POV

What the fuck Donavan? You’re going to do it to her. Walk away to save her from yourself. And you think it’s going to be any easier just because you’re doing it? Think that the acid laced knife that’s going to barb through your heart is going to hurt any less because it’s by your own hand?
Fucking crash.
Fucking prescriptions that I swear are messing up my head.
Fucking voodoo pussy.

Crash Dash Task 

Crash Dash task for our stop... You must Take a picture of you kissing an Australian (an innocent Aussie kiss if you will)

Upload your Pic Here
Links to Crash Dash rules 

Here is mine ;) I'm lucky I'm married to an Aussie…

Links to Blogs so far participated 

Next Blog in the Crash Dash…... 


Our Blog stops Giveaway is a $20 Amazon Voucher. 

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**BLOG TOUR, REIVEW & GIVEAWAY** Shadow of Deceit by Mal Olson

Title: Shadow of Deceit
Author: Mal Olson
Genre: Romance/Suspense
Publication Date: February 2012
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Purchase Links:  Amazon


Can an FBI agent obsessed with redemption and a grieving widow desperate to clear her husband's name learn to believe in love again?

Shannon Riedel faces down danger when a gunman breaks into her office claiming her dead husband swindled him. When FBI agent Tony Crazaniak arrives to investigate, sexual heat sizzles. The ex-Delta Force operative's massive presence and dark eyes trigger an attraction the young widow finds unnerving.

When Crazaniak convinces Shannon she needs his protection, they partner to unearth secrets her husband left behind--secrets involving a Tanzanian mine that yields perfect blue diamonds coveted by dealers around the world--secrets connected to a terrorist leader Crazaniak has vowed to take down.

With danger surrounding them, two emotionally wounded souls bond, but can they put their demons to rest and trust in love? Can they survive long enough to find out?

My Review

Who knew having a gun shoved in your face and being threatened could actually turn out to be a good thing? Well, that’s what happened to Shannon while she was working one day. A large man with a mangled scared up face barges into her office and holds a gun on her threatening her to hand over some stuff her deceased husband has left behind.

The problem? Well she has no idea what the man is talking about and she has no idea where to even begin to find out. What she does know is that she will do whatever possible to protect those she cares about.

Enter Detective Tony Crazaniak, the mouthwatering FBI detective that is bound and determined to do everything he can to protect Shannon. He is after the same information the man with the gun is after but for different reasons. The problem is that he doesn’t know if he can trust Shannon. Is she really as innocent in everything as she seems? His gut is telling him yes but the detective in him has to look at the evidence which seems to make her look more guilty by the day.

Shannon has suffered an unimaginable loss and has slowly been trying to get her life back. She is healthy again and she has a great job with a great boss. She is finally starting to live again.

Tony’s life changed several years ago while in Afghanistan. He has never looked at himself the same. He not only let himself down but his team. He made a mistake that cost people their lives and now it is impossible for him to think of himself as a good man. He does what he can to help the people he can but he never lets anyone get to close because he knows they deserve better than him.

Two people with horrific pasts come together to solve a mystery of illegal “blood” diamonds. While Shannon is trying to prove her husband’s innocents and Tony is trying to find the evidence he needs to take down the one man that he can blame for his time in Afghanistan other than himself; they embark on a forbidden bond.

The attraction between them has been evident from day one and the more they get to know each other the more they begin to see themselves and each other differently. They start to think of “what ifs” and can envision a future of happiness other than one of loneliness and guilt.

Will Tony and Shannon finally be able to let go of the past and start a future? Or will the truth about what really happened be too damming for them to move on?

I found this book kind of hard to get into. I didn’t think it got really good until around 50 percent or so. The best part of the book for me wasn’t until after eighty percent. The storyline was interesting but also kind of confusing at times.

The time span of the book was only about 4 days I think (besides the end) so it was really hard to believe things happened the way they did. I definitely felt the attraction between Tony and Shannon from the start but nothing really happened between them until after fifty percent. Even then it wasn’t all earth shattering. I was glad to see them finally give in a little to what they were feeling for each other but it seemed like any time anything started something would stop it. This is definitely more suspense than romance book. 

★★☆ 3.5 Stars ☆★★

Reviewed by Alissa Evanson

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About the Author

Mal Olson writes adrenaline kicked romantic suspense. She enjoys skydiving, ski jumping, SCUBA, hang gliding, big wave surfing, car racing, mountain climbing—that is, vicariously through her characters, who are always kick-ass, and often boss her around rather than allowing her to spin her stories the way she intends. (She did, however, personally engage in zip lining this past summer.) 

Her debut novel Shadow of Deceit, released by The Wild Rose Press in 2012, is an edge of the seat romantic suspense-thriller set in Milwaukee and parts of northern Wisconsin. A couple of her favorite reviews came from Beverly at The Wormhole, who said, "Wow! This one has it all! Non-stop action, hot and sexy characters, betrayal, smokin' romance, and a thrilling plot--" and Gothic Mom's Book Review, which stated, "In the 150+ books that I read per year, there are very few that receive a five star rating. Shadow of Deceit did just that. Non stop action, sexual tension, an adventure that had me on the edge of my seat...A fantastic book that had me from page one..." Olson also offers two short stories. Danger Zone, which has spent months in the Kindle top 100 free romantic suspense category, is a guaranteed fifteen minute pulse pounder where two strangers survive a rock 'n roll landing on an icy Milwaukee runway and chase a could-be terrorist into the danger zone. Me and Brad, a feel good romance, features an irresistible K-9 and was ranked in the Kindle free top 100 list for months in the Contemporary Romance category. 

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***Review of Just Fall and Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway for Falling Free *** by Annica Rossi

Title: Just Fall (The Fall Series #1)
Author: Annica Rossi
Genre: Roomance
Publication Date: November 22, 2013
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Purchase Links:  Amazon

Just Fall (The Fall Series, #1)


How far would you go to save everything?

Life hadn’t dealt Lauren St. John a fair hand, yet she considered herself lucky to be living on the majestic shores of Lake Michigan running the business her parents worked their whole lives to create... Until now.

Facing the possibility of losing The Grandview Inn and her relationship with Jake Kennedy, the man she vowed to marry, “Lo” is desperate to hold on.

In the middle of her anguish, the unexpected arrival of longtime
guests, Tom and Mary Blackwell, seems like a welcome relief, but just when she thinks things couldn’t get any worse, she discovers they’ve brought along an unwelcome ghost from her past.

Enter the dangerously seductive Parker Blackwell, renowned poker player and notorious bad boy, with a propensity for kinky sex.

Seven summers ago, the gauntlet was thrown down from the moment Lo and Parker laid eyes on each other. Too young to realize the gravity of their connection, their friendship grew until a series of tragic events began to unfold, and Parker mysteriously disappeared, leaving Lo heartbroken and unwilling to forgive.

Grown up now, and suddenly forced to confront their unresolved feelings and undeniably explosive sexual attraction, the situation intensifies into an enticing and comical game of “it’s your move”. But when Parker raises the stakes too high will Lo put herself on the line to save everything she’s ever known?

My Review

This was a fun, hot, romance story! It was very comical at times too! 
I was literally laughing out loud while reading this! 

Lauren "LO" St. John works her butt off trying to keep her family business up and running. After her father died he left the The Grand Inn to her. LO is having a hard time with finances to keep it running. She is bound and determined to not let it go or sell it. It has too many memories of her parents and she practically grew up there. LO is engaged and her fiancée is off  working all the time on business trips. She is struggling to keep it all together. As if things couldn't get any worse for her right now, a unexpected visitor from her past shows up and has her questioning everything about her life.

"As soon as I turned around, I felt the color drain from my face, and my smile quickly faded. I wanted to crawl under the nearest table, but my feet felt like they were cemented in place, and I had to remind myself to breathe. Just a few feet away stood the most intriguingly gorgeous, tall, blonde and dangerously fuckable man I had ever laid eyes on. His perfect white teeth and deep dimples were slowly revealed as an inviting smile spread across his lips, and I noticed immediately the way his mouth curled at the corners just a little. I swore I felt testosterone radiating from his very presence as even the air seemed to thicken, instantly impregnated with seduction and mischief.”

Parker Blackwell is a famous poker player playboy. He currently lives in Las Vegas! 

He not only plays the game but he plays the women. He has a sex drive and fetish that's not the norm. 

He doesn't do relationships, he only does one night stands. He has never felt any connection or feeling for a women. Well he did along time ago, but he screwed that all up. The past 4 yrs have been a blur for him between playing poker, money, women and booze. Parker gets a call from his Aunt Mary begging him to come spend the weekend with her and his uncle at The Grand Inn. 

Parker tried to get out of it but finally agreed to it.

Wonder what's she's like now?

I was eighteen the last time I saw her.

If she only knew how she ruled my world back then, how many nights I spent lying awake thinking about her, or how many times I challenged her just to see her fiery spirit come to life.

To say LO was surprised to see Parker was an understatement. She didn't know how to feel. 

First she was excited, turned on, and had butterflies in her her stomach. She always wanted to know where he was and what he was doing with his life. Then she also felt abandoned by him and hurt because of all the people he should've been there for her when she lost her parents.

 LO was trying to come to grips on how to handle being around Parker for the weekend. 

Now you know where he is, LO! He's downstairs on your patio looking like a fucking model off of the cover of GQ. He's sitting right down there with his fuck-me hair, sculpted body and that smile that could charm the pants off Mother Theresa. That's where he is!

LO and Parker fell back into how they were when growing up. 

Always challenging each other and playing jokes on one another. The bickering between them was very entertaining. During this time Parker learns that Lauren is having financial struggles with the Inn and he wants to help. LO being stubborn of course will not accept his help and is bound to find a way out. 

LO starts feeling guilty with her feelings and flirting with Parker that she needs to tell him about Jake her fiancée. Parker wasn't too shocked she was engaged because he knew any guy would be lucky to have someone like her, but he knew she was feeling the same connection he was having. He had to do something. 

He walked away from her before and he was not going to walk away again without fighting for her.

"Parker before I saw you again I thought my life was just fine, but you've only been here two, days, and I'm questioning everything I thought was right. I'm wondering if it was all just an illusion that I created to avoid dealing with the truth."

LO is beyond confused. She knows everything hasn't been perfect with Jake. He never really deals with his feeling much less hers. Things have been strained and she can't even remember the last time they had sex. Jake works all the time and goes on business trips a lot and between trying to keep the Inn afloat she just thinks they need some time together to rekindle things. When Jake gets back in town he is not himself. 

He begins to question Lauren and his relationship and about her drinking more, working late and being distant. She finally tells Jake about the Inn is in financial trouble. His reply to her is she should sell the Inn and start over fresh. He ends up telling her he was offered a job in Tennessee and he was taking it. 

Lauren felt rage at that moment.

Now I understand what your saying you son-of-a-bitch! You want me to chose between you and the only thread that remains between me and my parents . You're threatening to abandon me when I need you the most. Fuck you Jake Kennedy! Go Head, tell me you're asking me to choose! 

Lauren is offered a deal that will solve her financial situation. It's not what she expected it to be. 

She was beyond shocked at the offer. She would have to drop everything in her life going on for the next several days. After thinking long and hard, she realizes there is no other way to get the money she needs for The Grand in such a short period of time. So she puts her dignity aside and decides to agree with the offer and heads to Las Vegas!

The book ends with a cliffhanger where LO is leaving for Vegas! I cant wait to read the next book! 

I'm still on the fence about Parker. I'm not sure if I like him that much!:) I guess I will see!

 I am so excited to see what happens and goes down in Vegas! 

You know what they say "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!"

★★☆ 3.5 Stars ☆★★

Title: Falling Free (The Fall Series #2)
Author: Annica Rossi
Genre: Roomance
Publication Date: February 9, 2014
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Purchase Links:  Amazon

Falling Free (The Fall Series, #2)


Lauren St. John was about to do the unthinkable. Parker Blackwell already had.

The moment Parker agreed to return to The Grandview Inn for old time’s sake, he knew his days of carefree no-strings attached sex were numbered. Just the thought of seeing the girl that he’d spent the last seven years trying to forget had him completely off his game. After two short days and one long hot summer night together, the hard line he’d drawn between sex and love was officially blurred, and he found himself doing the unthinkable. Falling in love with her all over again.

Parker knew that the stubborn and independent Lo would never admit it, but she needed his help now more than ever, so when she accepted his less than honorable deal to help save her family business it was game on. He had five days to earn a second chance, and he was prepared to do anything, even if it meant revealing secrets about his life that could cause him to lose her for good. Was he crazy to hope that the free spirited girl he used to know might meet him in the middle? In his world love had never been neatly defined. Maybe they could redefine it together. There was only one way to find out…

On a plane to Las Vegas and determined to save the only life she’d ever known, Lo was hell bent on meeting the demands of Parker Blackwell’s twisted offer then leaving him in the past where he belonged. But she had to be careful. The dangerously sexy man that walked back into her life wasn’t the same boy she used to know, and every time she was near him her whole body reminded her.
A fateful reunion. An indecent proposal. Two lives changed forever… after what happens in Vegas.

CAUTION! DO NOT read Falling Free if you’re not 18+ AND you’re not ready to experience the following:
Dual POV ~ Humorous moments ~ Smokin’ hot indecent sex including M/F/M~Voyeurism~Exhibitionism~ Unexpected twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat
Any questions?

My Review

She did it again! It's a cliffhanger!!!! I'm about to go crazy!! I want to know what's in the dang envelope!!! Arghhhh!!!

Okay let me back up here!:) This book was very erotic! I had an idea at the end of Just Fall what Parker was into but I was very shocked to what extent. This book is more about Parker and LO and her experiencing Parker's lifestyle. His lifestyle is not for the faint heart! Lol

So Lo is off to Las Vegas to spend 5 days with Parker. She has agreed to be his paid escort and do anything for him in order to get the money for The Grand Inn. Once she gets to Vegas she is greeted by Alex, Parker's assistant who has LO put through the works from hair, massage, waxing, and wardrobe. 

Lo has to admit she has never felt or looked this great. Then she remembers she is being paid. So as LO is preparing to see Parker for the first time she is angry and ready to play his game, be the role of a paid hooker and be what he wants.

"If this the way you want me to treat you, I'll be happy to, but be careful what you wish for. you may get much more than you can handle."

Parker has a brunch planned because he wants Lo to meet his old college friend and attorney Cole. 

Lo immediately saw he was just as good looking and confident as Parker. Parker and Cole have had their fair share of sharing women Lo learns. Little did she know that these two men were gonna open her eyes to something different. 
Before things got any hotter between these 3, Parker is not sure if he can let Lo experience this or share her. He doesn't want her to do anything she doesn't want to and his deep feelings for her was making him conflicted. 

During this time Lo checks in with Nina at the Grand Inn to see how things are going. Nina's mom Leslie is with her while she is talking Lo. Being like a second mom to her, Leslie wants to read Lo some cards about her current situation. Nina's mom has a thing for card reading. 
Lo has never been much into it, but she once read her some cards before her mom got sick with cancer and Leslie had been right. So Lo agrees to hear what Leslie has to say. 

"Swords means betrayal and deception, endings and loss. Right now I see three men who are close to you, Lo. Two of them want to protect you, but you're angry with them. One of them is trying to reveal the truth."

Lo is surprised that someone might be deceiving her! But who??? Keeping it in the back of her mind what Leslie told her she decides to forget about the Inn, her ex and enjoy this time with Parker. They spend the next couple of days wrapped up in the sheets and going out on dates just like a couple. Parker decides he needs to let Lo how he feels about her and the reason why he wanted her here in Vegas. Parker surprises her with a very sweet gift. He has hard time expressing his feelings so I love how he used songs to describe how he felt. I liked seeing this side of Parker because it showed he wasn't just a playboy sex feign! 
That he actually had true feelings for Lo!

"Love scares me, Lo. I saw what it did to my parents. The fighting, the failed marriages after. Growing up I never felt safe. I couldn't wait to get the fuck away from both of them, so I went off to college and never looked back. I stayed busy, got involved in a fraternity and sports, but I always felt alone. I thought about you. You were the only girl I ever I wanted to love."

Lo reveals to Parker she wants to push the limits with him and experience new things. 
This leads them to a night Lo will never forget. I was beyond shocked how Lo quickly agreed and participated with Cole and Parker. Although, I was conflicted that Parker was okay with Lo being with another guy it was kind of hot at the same time!:)
This part of the both was off the charts erotic! I was even blushing! Lol

After there kinky night Lo is feeling conflicted. One way she feels dirty and invaded but on the other hand she feels completely fulfilled. Her head was all over the place! She ends up talking with Nina again and she's let her know that her ex Jake was looking for her and that he was in a new company truck with Walker Inc. on it.
LO knew then he took the job in Tennessee and told Nina she didn't want to talk about Jake and not to tell him where she was. Once Lo hangs up with Nina she goes to find Parker to see how things are gonna be, being around him now after what they did. To her surprise nothing felt awkward between them and he was very attentive and sweet with her.

Their last day together Parker planned a special day for them two. He ends up giving Lo another gift. 

This gift was so so sweet and thoughtful. They end up spending the rest of the evening inside his suite. 
They end up revealing to one another that they love each other! 
They spent spent the rest of the night showing each other just how much they do!

"You make me feel like any things possible, Lo. I know you have to leave tomorrow, but this is just the beginning. You know?"

The next morning, Parker has a meeting, but he says it won't be long because he wants to spend the last couple of hours with Lo before she leaves. While Lo is getting ready and is packing her stuff up a delivery comes to the door. Curiously, Lo wants to know what it is because it's huge and heavy and the front desk had to bring it in for her.
Finally she can't take it and grabs the envelope on it embossed "Walker, Inc" and reads the note:

I just wanted to say thanks you son-of-a-bitch, I don't know where you found this Jake Kennedy, but he's an ace. He's exactly what I was looking for. Have a beer on me. 

Clay Walker
President, Walker, Inc.  

Lo immediately feels sick to her stomach and decides to leave without confronting Parker. 
She is so hurt and betrayed that all she wants to do is go home and get back to her life. 
Once Parker realizes Lo has left he tries to contact her but refuses to talk to him so Parker contacts a PI he hired and tells him to deliver the envelope they spoke about to the Grand Inn, but address it to Nina.

Once Lo is back in Michigan it all hits her. Her friend Nina spends the first couple of nights with her and Lo tells her enough, but not everything! She ends up finding out that Parker paid for her to keep the Inn.

 She couldn't believe he still paid with how she left things, but she was excited and couldn't wait to let the staff know. As Nina and her were about to leave for the office, Nina handed her an envelope and Lo looked at her like she was crazy. Nina told her she wanted to open this with her because she was nervous why a PI would be sending her something. Lo didn't want to know what was in the envelope because she was too excited to get to the office and let the staff know their goods news. 
In all honesty, Lo had a bad feeling about the envelope. 

That's where the book ends! I was so frustrated because I want to know what's in the damn envelope!

 Is about Jake?? Ahhh! I want to know now!!!! I enjoyed this book maybe a little bit more than the first. This one is very erotic unlike the first, but I did love the bickering between them in the first one! I do like how it has a suspense feel to it now. I love romance and Suspense! Which one is being deceiving?? I'm ready for the third book!! 
I definitely recommend this series but would say to wait till the third book comes out or you are gonna be going crazy like me!!:)

★★☆ 4 Stars ☆★★

Reviewed by Ashley Lenderman

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Michigan debut author, Annica Rossi, describes herself as a “serial mompreneur”. She spends her days creating customized gifts for those who have found their real life Happily Ever Afters, and by night she entertains her overactive imagination by penning sexy escapes that pack plenty of heat.

Her writing features smart, strong-willed women and their equally determined male counterparts whom they just can’t help but love. 

“Just Fall”, the first novel in her series, The Fall, is a seductive page-burner that’s kept her awake countless nights with only her faithful canines to keep her company.

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