Monday, July 8

Miss Me Not

Miss Me Not by Tiffany King
My rating: 5 Emotional Stars

Miss Me Not

What can I say about this book. This book took a journey straight to my heart.
A book about suicide, But a story about Living.

Madison and James have a suicide plan.
The aftermath of a fellow students suicide, leaves Madison shuddering at the tear-fest left behind.
Her plan was to disappear, leave nothing behind. However Mitch's suicide proves that this would not be the case. Not wanting their tears, thoughts or for them to falsely mourn her. Madison is left living her life in shadows.

~Death was supposed to equal relief, not sorry. It was supposed to be closure, not an open, ragged wound. Death was such an asshole for tricking me all these years.~

Madison was pretty much robbed of her childhood from her parents. Her mother is just something else and over the years Madison's cry for attention has pushed her further away.
It's very obvious that something horrible has happened to her. Everything she does and wears is to keep people away. Madison is happy living her colourless life

~People didn't enjoy being sucked into the shadow that were my constant companion. They wanted perky cheerful and butterflies out the ass as they danced beneath the rainbows and singing birds. They didn't want silence and darkness.~

With her grades slipping Madison is set up with a tutor partner, Dean Jackson.

~Fuck me. Seriously, out of the entire student body Ms. Jones would pick him. ~

Dean is everything Madison isn't, smart, funny, charismatic and all round good guy.
Tiffany King has this ability to create the most amazing heroes that draw you in and win me over all the time.

Slowly Dean starts to chip away that the wall surrounding Madison. A wall no one had ever bother to scale before. Their relationship is a slow build and your just waiting for them to get there!

~He was slowly accustoming my body to his touch, much like how he had accustomed my mind to his subtle probing questions over the last three weeks. He was earning my trust inch by inch at a time.~

Madison's Journey is about Forgiveness, Acceptance, Trust and Love.

~The amazing thing about love was that when you didn't have it, the word seemed impossible to use, but when you were surrounded by it, it was as easy to say as breathing.~

In the end she is left with the desire to live again and to embrace it.

~The gift Mitch had given me made the knot in my throat swell. I had a future. I could someday get married and have my own family.~

Miss Me Not is a satisfying read that will draw you into its world fast, and make you want to stay there taking us inside the mind and heart of these characters.

~Life was beckoning me. I could feel its insistence and enticement. At the moment, death was nowhere to be found. ~

Buy it
Read it
Love it

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