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Losing Me, Finding You

Losing Me, Finding You by C.M. Stunich
My rating: ★ 3.5 Stars ★

Losing Me, Finding You (Triple M Series, #1)

~“How do I join?” she asks and it takes me a long, hot second to figure out what it is that she wants.

“Your gang - group - whatever.
The people with the triple M’s on the back of their jackets.”

"Believe me, Amy, when I tell you that you don’t want to be a part of this."

"No," she tells me, glancing up sharply. "I need to be."~

21 year old virgin Amy Cross has grown up in a stifling unloving home and wants out.
With an abusive preacher father and a horrible mother who looks the other way, Amy, is biding her time to leave the prison that is her home.

One day while in town she meets Austin, a biker in town for a biker rally.
Austin is drawn to Amy as much as she is to him and asks her for a drink later that night.

~“Come on, beautiful,” he says. “Tell me your name.” “Amy,” I say quietly, too quietly. “Amy Cross.” “Austin,” he says, and that's it. “Now, Amy, I'm not letting you go until you promise to meet me back here tonight for a drink.” I look into this man's dark eyes and feel like I'm falling and burning up at the same time. Two beautiful, beautiful ways to die."~

After meeting Austin things get heated and he takes her virginity over a pool table.


When someone videos it and sends to all of the church family, Amy ends up running for her life into the arms of Austin and begging for him to take her into the MC world.


Triple M's Motorcyle club wasn't like any of the biker clubs I have read.
I guess it's more of a Motorcycle gang.
There is history with it's members with the Pres and you just know something is shifty and you're waiting for it to come out.

As Amy settles into being on the road with Austin, we get a look into the clubs life and you see that trouble is brewing. Austin is running from ghosts of his past.
In the end can Amy hold onto Austin and be ok with the life she has chosen for herself?

I really liked Amy, she was strong and funny and loved that she read.
All her book references were great!

~"Can you handle me? I have high expectations, you know. All us romance readers do. We're spoiled by words."~

!!!! Amen sister!!!!

I didn't like Austin as much as I hoped I would.
I Like the idea of a Badass Alpha Biker but when I read about one that really is a Badass Biker that doesn't have the softness to him, I get a little scared.
I didn't like that he would just go fuck another woman right after taking Amy's Virginity.

Don't get me wrong he did soften, a little, and he fell in love with Amy, but I didn't feel that swoon worthy addiction to his woman like the way most of my favourite Heroes do.

"~If you want me to be exclusive," Austin whispered into my ear, grunting as he thrusts deep. "Then you're going to have to keep me satisfied, Sugar. Think you're up for it?"~

The sex was hot!
Hahha When she calls him Master.. I could of had more of that!

~"I'm sorry," She whispers, voice slightly muffled. "I'm a bad girl, and I need to be punished." she swallows. "Master."~


I loved how even though Amy was a virgin with no experience she drew on her knowledge of her collection of book boyfriends.

~Once again, I use my reading knowledge to keep the moment as hot and seamless as possible. "When the panties drop, dear God, girl, make sure you unhook at least one ankle or when he gets to that epic moment where he wants to kick your legs apart and ram you, you're not gonna be ready!"~

I am a huge fan of C.M Stunich's writing.
'Never Say Never series' in particular was absolutely breathtaking and her style blew me away.
If you haven't read that series, It is a must.

For me personally 'Losing me, Finding you' didn't pull the same intense emotions from me as Stunich's other works. But still is was a 4 star read.

Favourite Lines

~“This better be as good in real life as it is in my books, or I’m going to be quite upset.”~

~"There are only three kinds of kisses in this world: secret ones that nobody sees, the fake one that everybody sees, and the real ones that only two people see."~

~I'm a good southern boy at heart, I really am, and good boys always help their lady friends clean up.~

Buy it
Read it
Love it

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