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Translation of Love

Translation of Love by Alice Montalvo-Tribue
My rating: 4 Stars

Translation of Love (Of Love, #1)

What do you get when you have,

One super hot Latino singer Super Star,

One wounded girl who shuts herself off from everyone,

One crazy Ex,


They both have a crazy Ex,

Oh and lets not forget

his awful crazy Mother??

You get all those crazy things, but instead of being cliche & unrealistic you get a romance that is relatable and leaves you wanting more.

~"I think if you pay attention, you'll notice signs everywhere. The universe is always trying to tell you something."~

Ellie Brooks is broken, emotionally damaged.
With her need for self-preservation, she has constructed a coat of armour so strong that she believes will never be penetrated.
Due to a horrible previous relationship Ellie has kept herself pretty closed off.
Deciding that love isn't worth the trouble she guards her heart carefully.

~“In the silence of the night, there is nothing left to do but to give in to the pain, the emptiness that comes from knowing that the idea of what you once thought was love was nothing more than an optical illusion.”~

One day Ellie runs into Victor, Literally runs into him twice in one night.
Believing that fate has bought them together,Victor, convinces Ellie that they need to get to know each other better.


Their connection is instant but with her past Ellie believes that letting anyone else in will only spell more trouble.

~“For me, nothing is scarier than hope because I know that when the thing that you hope for is lost, it leaves a surplus of new emotions, none of which are good.”~

Oh My Victor.
He is not your typical musician, No bad boy with shady pasts, no skanky women hanging off him.
Victor is so patient with Ellie. He is perceptive of her feelings and how to work around her insecurities
He knows what he wants and that is Ellie.
Slowly he breaks down her walls and Ellie lets him in.

~“Look at me, Love.” I open my eyes and I know that he is serious. If I let him make love to me, I’m agreeing to be his. “I will not let you go that easily. I know what I want, and It’s you. If you let me do this, you’re mine. Do. You. Understand?” ~

They have many obstacles, mainly one crazy mum...
But Victor, is always a constant. Of course Ellie does try to push him away, but Victor is not prepared to let her go.
Victor is so sweet and real, I really connected with him. He didn't seem unrealistic at all and I loved him.
You can see, feel his love for Ellie.


Ellie's past held her back so much that her actions did seem fitting for her age.
When she would try to run, I kept thinking, NO! Stop and think about this, look around you and take a minute to see.
Fear has a way of holding us back, and this was when Victor was just so patient and loving with her.

~To be beautiful, I'd have to love what's inside as well as out and up until very recently, I haven't been sure if I liked any of it.~

In the past 2 years she had just been existing, going through the emotions but not really living her life.
As she heals she can see her self worth. Move on from her pain and leave it behind and only embrace the love between her and Victor.

~“This is what it feels like when two people really share love. There are no false hopes and promises, no anger or resentment, it’s just pure love.”~

The sex, lets talk about the sex.
Not too little, not too much. JUST RIGHT.

Victor is a little mixture of sweet, sexy and a touch of Alpha.
Oh goodness he was just perfect.
Taking it slow in the start, just giving us a little taste.
Then BAM! oh hello, yes please….

~"Are you mine?"
I bite my lower lip, look him in the eye and nod my head.
"Show me you're mine, Love."
"Give me what's mine. Open your legs for me Babe." The last piece of self- control I have slips away and I do what I'm told because in the moment there is nothing that I want more.
He lets out a growl, releases my hand and grabs my legs to position them around his waist as he slowly slides inside of me, filling me completely. ~

I loved the Epilogue, love me a epilogue…
I hope that we continue to see a bit of their life in the next books.
Great debut novel for Alice Montalvo-Tribue, I can't wait for Jordan and Alex's story next.

Buy it.
Read it.
Love it.

Thank you to the author for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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