Review Requests

Reviewing is a passion of ours and we would love to read and review your book
If you are interested in having your book reviewed by us, please send us an email to with book description and any other information. 

Genres We love to Review,

**Dark Romance

**Erotic Romance,  we don't mind a little M/M or Menage.
**New Adult
**Young Adult
**Contemporary Romance
**Some Paranormal 
**ANYTHING with an Alpha male. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

Alpha Team


  1. Hi there! My name is Karina and I absolutely love your blog. I think It is hysterical and have read many books thanks to it. I am in the process of writing a New Adult Contemporary Romance novel and would love to send you and ARC copy prior to its release in February 2014. It is still in the works so it wouldn't be sent for a while, but I would love if you could keep me in mind and hopefully down the road like to review it!

    Thanks so much

  2. I am telling all of you.......READ this trilogy!! In this Beautifully emotional, sexy, sexy (did I say sexy?), totally believable Love story you will find: a story of a man with a painful story that makes you hurt for him, a woman with a story that makes you hurt for her. These two are both strong, yet have a pain that takes time to heal. Colton is so perfectly yummy. He is a beautiful race car driver that has an image to protect, who meets a beautiful woman (Rylee) with an equally beautiful body and soul. He has to have her, sometimes she tries to tell herself against her will (who's she kidding?!!??). She is a strong-willed, self-driven woman with a heart of gold, working her ass off for a better cause. The two of them meet by chance in the most crazy, sexy, hot, hot way! (no spoiling, best meeting of two M/F roles EVER!!) ((Shockingly HOT!!)) their chance romance turns into a roller coaster of hot sex and emotions any of us would love to ride!! I am in love with both of them! I read this and have recommended it to many, they all are yelling......."Cant wait until March when I can get more of Colton & Ryles!! I think this story NEEDS to be a movie, would be so good!!!!! Favorite story yet!!!!! READ IT NOW!!! XOXOXOXO!!! K BROMBERG is a GENIUS!!