Monday, July 8


Henry by Andria Large
My rating: ★ 4 Stars ★

Henry (The Beck Brothers #1)

I really enjoyed this!
I picked this up as a freebie on Amazon and what a little treat.

Yes the sexy hunky CEO who falls in love with his PA has been done before but... I really enjoyed Henry in the fact that they didn't rush in and start humping right on his desk on day one.
It's a slow build up. There are things that happen that make them realise their feelings for each other and bring them together.

I loved the scene when Sebastian and Henry save her from the date from hell Omg something is wrong with me cause I was like ohhh yes get it on, do it!.... hahhaha so wrong.

I love love love books with children in them and Ethan omg how cute is Ethan!!

I loved all the brothers they were great! I couldn't believe his mother!!! Seriously, was pretty shocking considering how sweet her sons were.. but all is well in the end!

Can NOT wait to get my hands on Sebastian. Need it now!

Buy it
Read it
Loved it

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