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***RELEASE DAY BLITZ & GIVEAWAY*** Dash by Shantel Tessier

Title: Dash Vol. 2
Author: Shantel Tessier
Genre: Adult, Romance
Release Date: December 30, 2014
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I should have walked away that day at the race track. I should have turned my back on Dash and all the feelings I started to have for him. He lied to me. He was keeping secrets from not only my father but me as well. But I couldn’t. There were too many unanswered questions that I needed to know and he promised to tell me. But promises are made to be broken, right? 

I lied. Not because I needed to but because I could. Tabatha was smart, though. She is gonna figure out sooner or later that who I am and who she thinks I am are two very different people. She deserves the truth. But how do I know what the truth is anymore?


Gahhhhhh!  What a ride… A sexy, hot and frustrating ride.

Dash and Tabatha had a very insta love connection. When book two starts they still have only known each other a week.  Both still dealing with revengeful ex’s that refuse to let go. 
At times I love Tabatha and Dash and at times I just wanted to shake the living crap out of them.  They frustrated me to no end.   What started out as a one night stand and turned into a secret relationship…still remains secret.  As much as Dash says he won’t let anyone come between him and Tabatha- some decisions are made that threaten the newly acquainted hot secret couple.

“I choose you, Tabatha. You’re better than any dream I have ever had.  Because you are real. You’re right here in from of me.”

Dash claims he wants Tabatha like he has never wanted anyone. Says he will give up everything for her. However, his reactions and choices frustrated me and quite frankly, made me a little sick to my stomach.  Dash knows his ex is still in love with him and will stop at nothing to get him.  He also knows he can use that to his full advantage to get whatever he wants from her.  No matter what it might cost him in the end. 

Walk away? She ‘s walked away from me twice now. Why not take what’s right in front of me? Making up my mind, I let go of Valerie’s wrists and pull away from her. Breathing heavy, I grab her arms and yank her down to her knees. She falls hard and whimpers from the force to her knees.
“Show me.”

Tabatha can’t handle the choices Dash has made and makes some rash ones herself that could very possibbly lead her right back into the arms of the one man that almost destroyed her just a few short weeks ago. 
What Dash and Tabatha are willing to do to be together, in the end, might ultimately cost them the one thing they each claim to be fighting for…each other.

“One more time. What would you give up for him?”


*****4 STARS*****

Reviewed by Alissa Evanson

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My heart pounds in my chest and my body trembles. I gasp, trying to catch my breath.
“You sure know how to stroke a man’s ego,” Dash’s voice whispers into my ear as his hand slides between our bodies and his fingers find my clit. I gasp as he starts to massage it. He chuckles as he buries his face deeper into my neck.
I arch my back, allowing him better access as I suck in another breath. “You’re the one doing all the work,” I pant as his body lies on top of mine.
I feel him smile against my neck. I let out a shriek as he rolls over and pulls me on top of him. He looks up to me with a smirk on his face. A few strands of dark hair stick to his slick forehead. “You can have all the control you want, darling.” I’m momentarily paralyzed as his light gray eyes stare up into mine. The morning light coming in through the window makes them sparkle. The smirk grows across his face as he places his hands behind his head. Arrogant bastard. He knows what he does to me when he looks at me like that. Like I’m the only woman in the world. Like neither one of us have a past. Like we’re not hiding from the present. I don’t know what our future holds, but at the moment, it goes on forever.
I run my hands up his smooth and hard chest, the sweat from our bodies making it slippery. I want to taste him in every way. To the point that it may make me sound somewhat insane. Leaning down, I place my lips on his chest and give him a soft kiss. I continue giving him soft kisses as I slide my body down his.
He lifts his hips and he lets out a deep growl as I wrap my fingers around the base of his dick. I wet my lips and lower my mouth over him as his hands find their way into my hair. So much for being in charge. I don’t mind it, though. He can have all the control over me that he wants.
He lets out a moan as I pull him to the back of my throat. I let out a noise of my own when I taste myself on him. As I go to pull up, his hands in my hair grip me tighter and he lifts his hips, pushing deeper into my mouth. I try to fight the urge to pull back, to fight his control. He’s not Rodger, I tell myself.
“Fuck…Oh…” I run my eyes up his body lying on the white sheets. His stomach muscles clench and his chest rises and falls quickly. His head is thrown back, his jaw tight, as he sucks in breaths through clenched teeth. It’s a sight to see—me allowing him to take pleasure from me the way that he wants. I relax, allowing him to have his way with my mouth as I just allowed him to have my body.
I take him as deep and as fast as he wants to go. And he wants it fast. He doesn’t let up. My jaw is sore and my cheeks hurt but it’s worth it. Anything is worth hearing that man come with my name on his lips.
Once he’s finished, he releases my hair and I pull away from him with a satisfied smile on my face. He grabs me by the shoulders and throws me down beside him. “You’re amazing,” he breathes as he pushes some hair off of my face.
I take in a deep breath. “Not so bad yourself,” I tease.
His smile widens. “So much for stroking my ego,” he mumbles.
I arch an eyebrow. “I think I’ve stroked enough,” I respond, making him fill his bedroom with laughter.

I open my eyes and look at myself in the mirror. I have streaks running down my face from the tears I’ve cried in the last hour. It’s crazy how that memory was from just this morning. We were lying in his bed laughing as we were getting ready for round two. Now I’m standing in the restroom at the hospital waiting to see if he’s gonna be okay.
Dash crashed! It happened so fast that it didn’t register at first. He was riding along on the track after our talk. I had almost left him. I was so pissed at the fact that he was keeping some serious secrets from me. Hell, I thought that Valerie was telling the truth and that she was indeed his girlfriend. My father even believed her. Acted like he knew her. But after talking to him, I believed him. Then he jumped back on his bike and went to finish his practice run.

Shantel is a Texas born girl who now lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her high school sweetheart, who is a wonderful, supportive husband and their three year old little princess. She loves to spend time cuddled up on the couch with a good book.

She is currently working on book two in the Undescribable series. She considers herself extremely lucky to get to be a stay at home wife and mother. Going to concerts and the movies are just a few of her favorite things to do. She hates coffee, but loves wine. She and her husband are both huge football fans, college and NFL. And she has to feed her high heel addiction by shopping for shoes weekly.

Although she has a passion to write, her family is most important to her. She loves spending evenings at home with her husband and daughter, along with their cat and dog.


*** Blog Tour, Review, Excerpt, Playlist & Giveaway *** That Man 5 by Nelle L'Amour

Title: That Man 5 ( The Wedding Story part 2)
Author: Nelle L'Amour
Genre: Romance
Publication Date: December 19, 2014
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Previous books in series:
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The highly anticipated epic conclusion to the USA Today bestselling THAT MAN series.

You are invited to the wedding of the century.
Attire: Be prepared to laugh, cry, and swoon.

Sexy as sin Blake Burns and his tiger, Jennifer McCoy, are finally going to tie the knot.
Or not.

While a delusional, jealous ex and a looming dark secret from Blake's past still threatens their relationship, an unexpected life-or-death event may send their “I do’s” into Neverland.

Battling against the odds, Blake and Jennifer struggle to find their happily ever after. Only a miracle— and that man— can make it happen.

My Review

OH MY GOD!!! Nelle L’Amour you are such a brilliant brilliant writer woman! I am soooooo going to miss reading about my Blakey and his tiger! I’m so torn on this series coming to a close, I so look forward to each installment and honestly I’m a wee bit heartbroken that it has to end. 
But with that comes new and exciting stories for me to look forward to from Ms. L’Amour, because I am definitely a HUGE fan!

It’s with a heavy heart that I write this review for That Man 5, honestly for me this was the series that could, would and abso-fuckin-lutely did! It came in a bit slow off the hop for me but holy motherfucker did this series conquer my book loving soul in the end!  Leaving its characters, wit and humor forever having carved a rightful spot in my book loving heart.

I’ve read and reviewed this series from the start so seeing it to come to a close is crazy! I started off thinking this series was simply okay, even rating That Man 1 a 3 star, but I knew it was only book 1 in a series, so of course I kept on reading as each book came out, and AM I EVER GLAD I DID!!!

By That Man 2 I was 100% addicted to this crazy-amazing series. The same series that when asked about, I am quick to share that it is one of my all time favourites!!! 
I feel as if I’m connecting with old friends everytime I was able to get my greedy hands on the next book. I know I will miss Jenn and Blake along with so many other fans who have come to adore this duo.

Nelle L’Amour…. God, she’s incredible! The writing, the one liners, the hot crazy sex…I cannot even articulate what an amazing story teller she is and I am in awe of her ability to have made this series get better and better, and hotter and hotter with each book. I’ve said it before and I will say it again…Nelle is honestly in a writing class of her own; her ability to add humor, witty dialogue, lovable characters, that never loose their mark, and amazing sex all with the same gusto is inspiring and rare.

This is book 5. *sniff sniff

Holy mother of a finale! God, That Man 5 simply put…  just filled my heart with pure joy and happiness… by book end of course!

No way could Nelle have let everything be all perfect for us the whole time, especially after the way she left is hanging on by a thread in That Man 4. 
Tricky little minx, thank goodness what I thought has happening didn’t! I might have lost my ever loving mind.

Oh my That Man…Blake. The sex on a stick, the amazingly smart, sexy, witty, dirty alpha-mouthed boy that is Blake is back and in full swing in Book 5 and I loved every minute! Despite holding on to a secret from his past, I just fell so much more in book love with Blake, the way he was there for Jenn just had me swooning throughout. I loved how he’s just so completely in love with his tiger and would do anything for her. Including finally sharing a part of his past that she needed to know about. And thank goodness for a Jenn being the accepting woman she is!

I have come to love Jenn’s character more and more. For me Jenn has come a long way and has developed into an amazing heroine. I really thought she was brilliant in book 5 and loved her ability to support, trust and just be so much in love with Blake. I was cheering her on so hard with the whole Kat issue; I honestly needed Jenn to throat-punch that skank and just be done with it. But then Jenn’s plan had me laughing out loud and I loved that whole scene. It was awesome!!!

I swear this final installment will have you, stressing, laughing, crying, sitting on pins and needles, but best of all clenching and fanning at Blake’s alpha- hotness that it sure to leave your grinning like an idiot at the mere thought of him.

Honestly, I have been left grinning at the whole story itself…I loved loved loved it all! Even when I think bad to certain parts I get help but smile. 

If you haven’t read the That Man series yet….I highly recommend this fun, sexy brilliantly written series be read NOW!!

Thank you Nelle for entraining and making me smile for 5 amazing books! I loved meeting Blake an Jenn and cannot wait to see what you come up with next! I'am proud to be a Nelle's Belle for life!

★★☆ 5 Stars ☆★★

Reviewed by Gillian Grybas

Buy it 
Read it 
Love it


Once inside the apartment, I drew a hot bath. The rope fantasy I’d had earlier in the day had gone down the drain. It just didn’t make sense now. Right now, I just needed to hold my tiger. Let her know she was mine. And make up for punishing her. And rid myself of guilt. I felt bad about my angry fuck, yet she’d seemed turned on, not offended.
After peeling off her clothes which I intended to burn since Dickwick had touched them, I helped her into the tub. My tub was luxurious. Big enough to let six foot three me stretch out, and it had a Jacuzzi. Truthfully, due to our hectic work schedules, Jen and I hadn’t enjoyed it much. Mostly, we took showers together.
I watched as she sunk into the breast deep water. Her sigh was like a symphony to my ears. Turning on the Jacuzzi, I shrugged off my clothes and joined her, settling behind her. She was in my arms, her body and head resting against my chest and shoulders. The water gurgled around us, the bubbling jets caressing and massaging. We were in a zone.
 I grabbed a large sponge, squirted some liquid soap on it, and then began to wash her everywhere. Dickwick needed to be erased.
“I’m sorry about tonight,” I breathed against her delicate neck as I washed the back of it and her shoulders. “Did I hurt you?”
 She arched back in to me, splaying her hands on my thighs under the water.
“No, Blake. You can never hurt me.”
I pondered her soft words. They were true. I wasn’t capable of hurting her. My burning desire to protect her and fear of losing her ruled me. I’d never thought about the consequences of my actions with any woman. She made me feel things—emotions—I’d never experienced. And sometimes go to extremes. Kill for her I had to. I wanted to be her superhero forever.
Silently, I continued to sponge her. She hummed into the percussion of the bubbles. As I soaped her tender tits, her chest rose and fell against me. My cock rose beneath her. Her half-wet ponytail tickled me. Impulsively, I pulled it loose from its elastic band and it freefell, cascading over her shoulders like a velvet cape. The silkiness grazed my chest.
Keeping one hand cupped on her pert rosebud-tipped tit, I reached for the tube of shampoo. The only one she used. Gloria’s Secret Very Cherry Vanilla. I squeezed a few dollops onto her hair and, with both hands, began massaging it into her scalp until there was a lather. The erotic squishy sound and intoxicating scent of the shampoo aroused me, my cock and heart swelling with love and lust, one physically, the other emotionally. I had to have her. Not fuck her. But make love to her. She was thinking the same thing.
“Oh, Blake,” she said dreamily. “Take me. Make love to me.”
Gently, I lifted her hips onto my erection. She lowered herself onto my thick, aching length, taking me all the way. God, she felt good. So fucking good. I squeezed my eyes shut and let her know with a moan. On the next heated breath, I was gliding in and out of her, my mouth showering her with kisses everywhere it could, my hands working her slick clit, the water bubbling with love. We came passionately together.
Oh baby, stay with me. You’re all I need.

THAT MAN 4 &5/The Wedding Story: PLAYLIST

-The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face/Roberta Flack

-I Love Paris/ Frank Sinatra

-Bang Bang/Jesse J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj

-Baliando/ Enrique Iglesias

-Hero/ Enrique Iglesias

-Stay with Me/Sam Smith

-All of Me/John Legend

-For the First Time in Forever/Kristen Bell

-Wind Beneath My Wings/ Bette Midler

-Santa Claus is Coming to Town/ Bruce Springsteen

-SpongeBob Theme Song

-Roar/Katy Perry

-That Man/Caro Emerald

About the Author

Nelle L’Amour is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who lives in Los Angeles with her Prince Charming-ish husband, twin teenage princesses, and a bevy of royal pain-in-the-butt pets. A former executive in the entertainment and toy industries with a prestigious Humanitus Award to her credit, she gave up playing with Barbies a long time ago but still enjoys playing with toys with her husband. While she writes in her PJs, she loves to get dressed up and pretend she’s Hollywood royalty.
Her books include the highly rated Seduced by the Park Avenue Billionaire Boxed Set, Undying Love, Gloria’s SecretGloria’s Revenge and the That Man trilogy. Gloria’s Forever, a novella, will be published in Spring 2014.

Nelle loves to hear from her readers. Connect to her at:

Email: nellelamour@gmail.com

Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/N3AXb

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