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*** Paige's Choice *** Top Reads 2016

Here are our top reads and the reviews of 2016!

Full Tilt and All In by Emma Scott 

Full Tilt 
5+++ Stars

Best book I've read this year. Hands down. 

Emma Scott has secured her place as one of my favorite authors with Full Tilt. I have mad love for everything I've read by her (which is all her books except 1 because not enough hours in the day). Honestly I wasn't sure that anyone would ever top Noah in RUSH. Yet Jonah nudged him out of the way and took center spot. Not by a lot, mind you, because Noah will always be one of my favorites, but Jonah is special. What Kacey and Jonah have is magical. And the truth in this story is exceptional. 

All In 
5 "Because love always wins. Always." Stars

All In was my most anticipated read of the fall, and it was perfect. Theo and Kacey traveled a long and winding road but in the end their happiness played exactly as the universe planned. While it may not have been easy and it may have broken my heart more than once, this duet and its ending were proof that love never ends and true love is a real and tangible thing.

Blood to Dust and Vicious by L.J. Shen

Blood to Dust
This book. All the stars.

Sexy. Take a break to find some relief kind of sexy.

Dark. So decadently dark that my even my little black soul was shocked. 

Swoon worthy. I am IN LOVE. Nate is my top favorite bad boy. Ever. 

Nate and Prescott are bound by ties that never should have connected them. Two people seemingly polar opposites prove that maybe fate is at work in the world after all. 

5+ "Obsessed" Stars

Vicious is everything a romance bookworm like craves. Cover: you better believe it. Just lick...I mean look. AlphaHole: Baron Spencer is the epitome of broken and bruised and so very unredeemable in a way that completely works with the characters and the plot. Strong heroine: Yes, Yes, Yes! Emilia LeBlanc is the kind of girl that readers look at and just know she's being exactly who she should be. Strong and quiet and the perfect counterpoint to Vicious. And, finally, a strong cast of secondary characters: HotHoles FTW. This group of 4 rich, entitled and deviously dark best friends are creating a series that I know I won't get enough of. 

Behind the Hands That Kill by J.A. Redmerski
(In the Company of Killers #6)

Blown away. Totally speechless. I'm not going to go into lots of detail because honestly, this is one series that you don't want spoiled (trust me, I love spoilers usually but not here). Behind the Hands That Kill focuses primarily on Victor and Izabel. I was completely shocked at the twists and turns. I thought I knew these characters but Ms. Redmerksi reminded me early on that I really have no idea. I will be honest and say that reading the first 60% gave me a bit of a stomachache because I could not believe what was happening and I was worried about what this meant for my favorite characters. The last 40% had my stomach in knots for completely different reasons. I started reading slower and slower towards the end because I didn't not what the story to end. If I had to choose my favorite all time series, this would probably be it. It gets better and better and I cannot wait for more. 

The Bad Ones by Stylo Fantôme
5 "Beautiful Darkness" Stars

There are some you love and then there are the ones that you just can't fully put your adoration for into words. That was The Bad Ones. From the moment I opened this book and started Con and Dulcie's journey, I was absolutely gobsmacked at where the story started, where it twisted and turned, and where it ended up. I fell in love with Stylo when she gave me Satan in Jameson Kane but I am officially head over heals in love with her dark and twisted mind after Con and Dulcie revealed and reveled in their beautiful darkness.

Missed Connection by K. Larsen and Mara White
5+ "Oh My Word. Brilliant. Devastating. Beyond Beautiful" Stars

My first book of the new year and I already have a new favorite. Having read both Mara White and K. Larsen, I knew that I should expect something that would twist me in a pretzel emotionally and plot twists would most likely abound, but I was still not quite prepared for impact Missed Connection had on me. I finished this book several days ago and have yet been able to pick up another book. Titan and Jesenia wrapped me up in their story and refused let me go or more likely I refuse to let them go. 

The Mind and The Heart by Kate Stewart
(The Reluctant Romantics) 

The Mind
5 "Do You Feel That?" Stars

The Mind was a story that I knew the ending before I ever started the beginning since I read The Fall. And yet my heart was ripped open and stuffed full in the most perfectly painful yet beautiful way. This was an absolutely stunning story of two people who completely embody the idea of soul mates and meant to be's. 

The Heart 
5 "You Own Me" Stars

There are times when a series grabs you and makes you feel all the things you never knew you could feel. The Reluctant Romantics is that series for me. I fell hard for the angsty journey Dallas and Dean took in The Fall. I laughed and sobbed my way through Rose and Grant's heartbreaking journey in The Mind. And I laughed, cried (happy tears, mostly), and smiled in pure happiness in The Heart while Jack helped Rose rebuild her life. This book is everything I love about reading. Once I started, I could not put it down. It may be Kate Stewart's best work yet and I'm still riding the high from this emotional and beautiful journey. 

Closer by Mary Elizabeth 
5 "Manic" Stars

Wow. Wow. Wow. 

Teller and Ella were chaos. But it was seriously the best kind of crazy. This story was mesmerizing from beginning to end. This was the first time I've read Mary Elizabeth and I was blown away by her story telling and her writing and her ability to make me part of this cast of passionate but perfectly flawed characters.

One by Jewel E. Ann
5 Stars

I love when books surprise me and this one did that. One was excellent and may be one of the best books I've read this year. It was unique and sweet with a hilarious heroine and a swoon-worthy hero. (It does follow the plot line for the Jack and Jill trilogy so if you plan on reading that series, this will have major spoilers.)

Beard Science by Penny Reid
5 "Cletus" Stars

The BEST! Penny, you evil genius. Giving us exactly what we didn't know we needed. I loved it all. Every word. Cletus and Jen were perfect for each other, for the story and for this series. As excited for this book as I have been since the first in the series was published, Penny outdid herself and made it more than I could have imagined. 

This is War, Baby and Whispers and the Roars by K. Webster
(This is War, Baby book 1 in the War & Peace series)
(Whispers and the Roars is a standalone)

This is War, Baby 
5 "Heaving" Stars

Holy Moly, K. Webster. Speechless.

This was superb. Unique. Dark but interspersed with giggles, passion and so much sweet. 

This review is going to be sparse on details because it's one that needs to be allowed to play out. I was shocked over and over again as I read this dark yet delicious tale. While the warning is there for a reason, the story is not all doom and gloom. And just when I thought I knew where the story was going, jaw dropping twists showed me that I definitely didn't. 

Whispers and the Roars
5+ "Go In Blind" Stars

There is beauty in the whispers and there is beauty in the roars. Be still my heart.

This book was pure genius. With a book boyfriend that will rival any other book boyfriend EVER and a heroine that moved me beyond words, it's obvious that this book was special to Ms. Webster and it will be forever special to me too. 

An intricate storyline that unfolded so delicately yet so powerfully, and built to a crescendo that at once made my heart sing and yet feel the absolute depths of depravity. It's clear that K researched and created a story as close to reality as possible and yet effortlessly wove one of the best love stories I think I've ever read. (Plus there were a few times it was so scorching hot, I thought I might need a cigarette and I don't smoke.)

Slave to the Rhythm by Jane Harvey-Berrick 
5 "My Sunshine" Stars

Holy Wow! AMAZING!

Right from the get-go this story held me in it's grips and didn't let go. As soon as it hit my Kindle, I dove in and didn't stop until I was finished. I read the blurb but there was so much more to the story and I was constantly blown away by the little twists and turns this story kept taking. From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, Slave to the Rhythm had it all.

One Last Shot by Gillian Jones 
5 "My Matty" Stars

Ahhhhh. My Matty. If there is a better hero, I'm not sure I've come across him yet. From the very beginning I fell in love with Matt Bishop. I rooted for him, my heart broke for him and I wanted only the best things for him. Yes, I became a bit obsessed with Matty and his journey back to Claire and I'm okay with that because he's mine perfect for Claire. One Last Shot is a story of two people meant to be but having to work to find their way back to each other when fears and long held scars keep them apart.

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*** Kerry's Choice *** Top Reads 2016

Here are our top reads and the reviews of 2016!

LP Lovell & Stevie J Cole 
This is a standalone dark romance.

This is the story of Evie and Ezra. When we first meet Evie she pretty much completely broken. I don't mean some man has done her over and broke her heart. No i mean she's completely messed up from growing up in a kind of religious cult. Told she's a sinner her whole life she believes it. She's taught that beauty makes others sin. That her beauty is the cause for everything bad that happens to her so she must endure pain and suffering to get forgiveness. Yep pretty messed up. She escapes and goes on a mission for god (or so she believes) to rid the world of bad men who sin. Who make her a sinner. Then we have Ezra. Equally broken by his past in his own depraved way. Taught not to have any emotion towards anyone or anything Ezra is a very bad man. He pimps out women to some very sick men after he has conditioned them to take what they need to in order to earn him money. He has serious connections with the mob and thinks nothing of killing people. He takes it all in his stride with a puff of his cigarette and a sinful smirk.

I won't say much more about the plot as i don't want to give spoilers.

OK so I'm kinda worried about my own sanity after reading this book. Reason being i actually could relate to these two. Well not personally because I'm not from a religious cult and i don't kill people in my line of business but you get my meaning. I felt desperately sorry for both of them from the start. They both made the best of the life they had forced on them. The story is a slow burn kinda story the crazy kinda creeps up on you and when it does go full on crazy it funnily feels normal... I was eager to turn each and very page i wasn't sure what was about to come next! I went to bed on 50% thinking about these two and their lives and kinda rationalized them, then when i went back in it was starting to build towards to the end and it actually made sense to me their actions and reactions. What this says about me i don't know. But i can say i thoroughly enjoyed the story from start to finish. It's different from all the usual fluffy take them to dinner, have hot relations and then claim them for the rest of their lives story. This is a completely messed up relationship between two broken people. Massive warnings here it is NOT a fluffy love story it is crazy and messed up completely wrong relationship but because of their past's they actually fit together perfectly. There is references to a religion but this is not a real religion it's a made up cult religion so please bare that in mind. There is violence from a man to a woman and violence from a woman to a man. I know lots won't like this but i will say it fits into the story it's not random abuse. Not sure that makes sense, i don't want to give spoilers so if you read it you will get my meaning. There are murders and tortures plus a fair bit of sex.

This story will make you think and feel sorry for people you may in real life call crazy and evil. I was pulled right into the cray cray and am now struggling to read light happy reads!! I can't talk highly enough about this book so if you're looking for something dark and different from the norm this is the book for you. If you want hearts and roses it is not!!

Loved it!!! massively!!

5 stars of Absolution. May i be forgiven too!

 Jo Raven

 Speechless!!!! Action packed Hotness!!!

This is book #2 in the Sex and Bullets series this is Hawk's story who we met in Storm. (There is also a novella called Caught that you need to read before this which is a short story of how Hawk meet's Layla).

After Storm, Hawk is still trying to bring down a mafia group his parents and Storm's were involved in which ended up in them being in prison. He's determined to take down the whole organization as he feel's it's his duty to do so. He's trying to find a way to get into the group when he gets kidnapped by said group and takes the opportunity to get as much information as he can.

Layla is confused by Hawk's behavior. He's still trying to keep the relationship on a friends with benefits deal but she realizes that she feels more for him than she should. One minute he's showing her he wants more the next he disappears for weeks on end with not a word. She's getting sick of it and decides she may go and see her mom out of state to get away from it and call it a day with Hawk. She visits her dad at work to talk to him and from here she discovers that Hawk has been kidnapped an she may be the only one to save him. The story goes from here.

The story is quite fast paced and full of action. I loved this about book 1 but whereas that one is a slow burn this one throws you right into the action!!! You'll be turning those pages at such a pace you'll get paper burns!! ( or friction off burns off your kindle) If it's not the action keeping you gripped the love scenes will definitely hold your attention!!! Be prepared to fan those flames!! phhhheeewwwwwww he's a beast!!!

I love how strong and bada** Hawk is but he also has a vulnerable side which you can't help but love. He's strong and protective and just... sighhhh YUM!!!! Blonde long haired bearded tatted hottie on a motorcycle book boyfriend coming up!!!

Layla is such a strong character, although she has insecurities she stands up and faces everything that comes her way she's also funny and cute an soooo sweet i loved her!!!

The supporting characters were amazing!! Even the baddies!!! you wanted them to get their just desserts!! I loved seeing more of Storm and Raylin and now i'm sooo excited for Rook's book it's not even funny!! Rook has always caught my attention an now i want to see how this story plays out soooooo bad!!!! He's gonna be a naughty one!!

I can't recommend this book and this series highly enough!! It's hot and gripping and just amazingly wonderful!!! 5 Flogging Stars!!

 C.M Owens

 It's just bloody hilarious!!! I mean get your pant-liners ready cause there will be leakage from laughing so hard!!!

This is book 9 in the Sterling Shore Series and it shows no sign of lagging. I want this series to continue forever!!

This is Ethan and Bella's story. We've met both of them throughout the series but not really too much was known about them apart from Ethan being a bad-boy player who was out of town on business quite a lot and Bella being Allie's best friend who suffers from epic auto-correct fails.

The story starts with Ethan having just moved back to Sterling Shore after selling his father's business he's been running for past few years. Ethan decides that now is his time to have fun and live a little. He's a bit thrown off that most of his friends are now getting married and starting families but he's determined to have fun and sets about arranging parties so he can let loose. At his first party he gets attacked by a crazy girl with a bottle and ends up in the ER under Bella's care.

Bella has sworn off bad-boys so when Ethan turns up in the ER she's determined to resist his charm. His piercings don't help with her resolve but she brushes him off determined never to see him again. Unfortunately she lives in Sterling Shore where everyone knows everyone and of course their paths cross.

Ethan feels a spark between him and Bella that he has only felt once before. That ended badly so he want's to stay away from her. He really does. He just can't help it though and he seeks her out at every available opportunity. The story goes from here i will not spoil it by telling any more.

I will however tell you that with every book in this series it has surpassed the last! Every time one of these books gets released i get so excited it's not even funny. I keep thinking it can't top the last one, that was my fave, but they do!!

I just fell in love with these two. As I've said not a lot was really known about these two and i really enjoyed getting to know them! Bella is just perfect for Ethan. He's pretty clueless about relationships and wants fun. She's wanting to settle down having had her fun in her younger days. They shouldn't have worked but they did! The chemistry between them jumps off the page at you! I mean come on! he's hot as hell it was always going to be explosive! Wall's may be my new fave fantasy!! Jeeze!!! HOT! no time for warm ups!!!

The humor in this book is off the charts. I'm not exaggerating i literally had tears running down my face! i had to take several toilet breaks cause i couldn't hold it! I was laughing for about 50% of the book. Not just a little chuckle. I mean full on clutch your sides, tears down my face, wetting myself!!! I'm still laughing now thinking about it.

I loved seeing all the Sterling gang in here too. They've become like family I'm dying to know whats going on in their lives and this filled in some details for me.

The story kept me gripped enough to not want to put it down. CM Owens is an absolute genius story teller. I wandered round my house kindle in my hand until it was done. I'm now gonna read it again! It's that good!! This book is guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face and a heart full to the brim!

There were also some tears of sadness too. I can't tell you why but towards the end you'll see. It's Ethan's pivotal point and although it broke my heart i absolutely loved it too.

I can't rave enough about this book. I'm telling you to read it. I'm begging you to read it because it's one of the best stories I've ever read! Highly highly recommend it to anyone. I don't care who you are! you gotta read it!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK!

5 grab your pant-liners stars!!!

Victoria Ashley & Hilary Storm

 XXL HOT!!!!!

Wow! I'm absolutely loving this series! This is book 2 in the series. Next up is Blaze. We met him in Pay for Play. He's recently took on more of a role in running AlphaChat since Lynx is now retired and loved up. He's loving getting involved and wants to up their game. He's had his fair share of women but lately he can't get the Red headed Karma out of his mind. Ever since she Jacob's Laddered his XL part he's been thinking of her.

Karma is an independent sassy woman who is a Tattoo artist and she also does piercings. She runs her own shop and is looking to expand. Her an Lynx come to an agreement where once a week she tattoo's or pierces someone for the AlphaChat audience. She attends a famous party at the Alpha house and Blaze quickly hunts her down. She agrees to a night with Blaze knowing it will be nothing more than a fling. No strings attached and walks away immediately after. Blaze is having none of that. He doesn't want a relationship but he loves the chase. And chase he does! the story goes from here.

The story is like an erotic Tom and Jerry episode. I'll let you decide which ones which. I actually loved their relationship. Karma was so determined to hold onto her independence for various reasons trying her hardest to keep Blaze at arms length. But Blaze, relentless and determined never gave in. Not once not even a little waiver. Even when he gave her space it was on his terms. It wasn't really space it was part of plan. I actually really love this quality in an Alpha. There was no "OK i give up" hell no!! He's so confident he has no doubts at all!!! Now that right there is sexy as hell!! Some may say stalker haha but not me that is Alpha!!! Don't worry about Karma though, she is no push over it's just her head says one thing and body another. Blaze read the body an got it bang on!! literally BANG on!!

The story kept me reading in fact i stayed up till 5am reading... whooops. One of the things I'm loving about this series is meeting all the other Alpha's as i go along. There's plenty to choose from, something for everyone from rough and ready, to cowboy to twins to kinky to well yeah you get my point. I'm already excited for certain members and that right there is the making of a great series!

As expected from a book about men who pleasure ladies from the other end of a computer the "scenes" are OFF THE CHARTS! Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes oooooooh god yes!!! phhhhewwwwww XL, 2 hands required with the stamina to keep going all night long.... yes bloody please!!!

Highly recommend this book. You can probably read it as a standalone but you would be missing out on another great read by not reading Pay for Play first. You have to meet Lynx!! Another great great series i will be re-reading.... in private.... with toys.... over and over again!!!!


Gillian Jones

 Slow burn? More like thigh twitching, Underwear change Tease!!!

This is a story love and definitely delayed gratification! Ellie has got through college on a sports scholarship as she's an excellent runner but her studies and her final job hopes are in movies. She wants to do screen adaptions of books. In her final year an injury to her knee forces her to stop running. Without a scholarship she has no money to pay her fee's. She searches for a job but with restrictions because of her knee her opportunities are limited. She hears about a job at a phone sex company which would more than cover her fees and allow her to rest her knee. She's reluctant but has no other choice.

In her first week back she meets her new tutor Ace Ryan. Instantly there's an attraction from both of them but because of the student teacher thing they both know nothing can happen. The story goes from here.

What an absolute tease this book is! Usually i like to dive straight in with the sexy times but with this book i was more than happy to let it smoulder! If i was a man my parts would 100% have been blue! OMG! From the start there's a spark and through various ways it slowly ignites growing into a flame by the end it's a god damn inferno!! Thank the lord or the book gods or whoever but at last!!!!!!!! phewwwww!!! As i said I'm usually a straight in gal no messing but i found i really enjoyed the foreplay and it kept the story ticking over nicely.

Ellie is an awesome character. Funny and witty. Clever and sensible. Sexy and outgoing. She's the whole package and i loved her! The way she embraces her job but at the same time maintains some of her innocence was really well written and drew me to her.

Ace... oohhhh gorgeous, sweet, caring, bossy, clever, funny, spectacle wearing Ace!!! I want one of my own!! He has just the right amount of filth while maintaining the professional professor persona. Wowzers his words could just melt you on the spot! YUM!

I liked how the book felt kind of light and sweet but still dealt with some very serious issues of the sex trade and the dangers it can entail whether it be on the phone or out on the street. It wasn't shoved in your face but it was there none the less making you think.

The film references for me was great! I'm a huge film fan and the discussions about it were of great interest to me. I could totally relate to the discussions.

The supporting cast Aces friends Mercer and Dylan were great additions to the story allowing him to talk out his frustrations. Ellie's friend Court and her call center friend Destiny were the lighter relief. A particular scene between Ellie and Court had me howling with laughter. Tears rolling down my face!! you'll know when you hit it what scene i mean. Ohhhhh and these lot need books too!!! Forget standalone i want more!!

I would highly recommend this book to anyone especially those who love a good tease and delayed gratification! 5 "69" stars!!!!

LP Lovell

 This book has abso-insert swear word beginning with F-lutely consumed me!! I can't even be bothered with other books! I bloody love Una and Nero!

This is the story of Una and Nero. Una is the Kiss of Death. The most lethal female assassin there is. Big strong men fear her. No one knows her. She is death itself. She meet's Nero whilst on another Job. The second she see's him she see's herself in his eyes. Cold, Hard, Emotionless, true evil. She fears no one but something in Nero has her feeling a shiver of it.

Nero needs Una for his own purpose. He want's to use her for his grand plan to gain power. He hires her to do what she does best. Kill. He has something that Una wants and he uses it against her to get what he wants.

From the very first page, no strike that from the very first word this book drew me in! It consumed me, it ate me up, and now I'm left dealing with the aftermath. Yes, yes a little dramatic i know but seriously!! While reading this book these two were in my mind constantly and now after finishing it i can't get them out! I want to know more, no i NEED to know more!

Una has to be one of my all time favorite female characters. As with all LP Lovell books her female characters are strong and kicka**, also... a teeny tiny bit crazy... ok a freaking huge part cray cray! Why the hell do i relate to her? I am currently questioning this, unfortunately i have no answer! She's so messed up i can barely wait to read the prequel because i think it's going to be down right horrific. What the hell happened to make her this way? She's so cold and emotionless when she kills you kind of feel the same about it. She gets the job done no questions asked and then moves onto the next.

Nero. ooooh for the love of all things badboy HOT! Yes he's mean, yes he's cold and indifferent, yes he has no feelings, yes he's kinda evil but... and it's a huge BUT... He is very very very high up on my book boyfriend list. I mean sure i wouldn't wanna take him to meet my parents but hey I'm good with that. I found myself drooling maybe a little and having sneaky peaks at the cover... i make no apologies!! The "love" scenes, i use that term loosely, were so angry and violent i could barely catch my breath! I swear my glasses steamed up a time or two. Loved it!! I'm all for fluffy loving encounters, but give me a good picture breaking wall bang any day of the week and I'm a happy gal!

The story was action packed from the get go it spiraled faster and faster up until the climax which is..... a cliffhanger!!!!! --->insert crying face<--- Bloody hell the wait is going to kill me!! I need to find out what happens next, I'm desperate to know!!

The writing as always is amazing. You honestly can't go wrong when you pick up a book by this author.

My absolute favorite Dark Mafia Romance. Highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone. Read it and question your own morals. You'll love it!!


T.M Frazier

Ooooooh How long have we waited for this book! It seems like forever and now we're being tortured with three parts... Yes three parts!! Although i love that he gets three books it's going to kill me waiting in between books!!!

Finally this is Preppy's story. This story starts around the time that King went to prison in his book and leads up the present at the end of Soulless.

Preppy is trying to figure out a way to help King keep his child out of the care system whilst he is in prison. He's looking into ideas whilst checking in on one of his granny growers and stumbles across Dre. Shes a junkie who is at rock bottom stealing off her grandmother with two men who are supplying her drugs.

Preppy catches them and decides to follow Dre not knowing that she is Mirna's granddaughter. Preppy kind of rescues her in the only way Preppy could, for his own gain. The story goes from here and i will give absolutely no spoilers you will have to read it.

OMG be still my beating heart Samuel Clearwater has stolen it!! From the very first moment of meeting him in King i loved him!! He's funny and charming and dirty and mean and heartless but loyal to a T everything you'd want in a book boyfriend. But reading this book there is so much more to him. He's a huge contradiction at every turn for every good thing he is he has a flip bad side. He's kind but selfish, he's funny... well he's just funny, he's loving but cold, he's sweet but mean, he's brutally honest but a liar, he's ruthless but considerate oh man the list goes on and on!! He's amazing and i can totally see why he needs three books. Ohhh he's also so sexy i may have burnt up a few times! I will say a scene with Bear... read it and you will see why i turned into a sweating panting mess!!!

Dre is a very similar character to him i can see why they're attracted. She's also a bundle of contradictions but she's incredibly strong despite her weaknesses, and trust me she has a few but what she comes through in this book alone is amazing. She's pretty messed up but in all Preppy's preppyness he manages to help her maybe inadvertently but he does.

I was gripped from the start. It was set at the perfect pace keeping you on your toes and wanting more more more!!! Of course when you get to the end you want to grab hold of the author and beg her for the next installment. I will re-read this when book 2 is about to come out and then i will re-read 1 and 2 when book 3 comes out. That is how incredible this story is. I have to be honest and tell you i was hooked on this author from my first reading of King. I've read every book she has out and loved every single one of them.

I can't recommend this book highly enough!! Everyone should read it! I will tell you there are some sensitive issues in here but if you're a fan of a darker read you will love it! In fact go buy the whole series!!! Also big fat evil author cliffhanger which i unfortunately love.

S.T. Abby

WOW! Just WOW! What a start to a new series!

This is the story of Lana Myers. Her life is seeking revenge. She lives and breathes it. 10 years ago she's involved in a life changing event. Over those years she's rebuilt herself physically and emotionally. The only thing she thinks about is payback to those who changed her life. She's become a monster who will have her vengeance. Until she meets Logan. A chance meeting breaks through the hard facade she's built. He makes her feel human again. Logan is an FBI profiler. He's married to his job and the only thing he has time for is work. When he meet's Lana he has hopes that she won't be like other women as she understands he has a job to do and that it takes him away a lot. There's something there he feels for her and he's determined to get a chance to find out what it is. I won't elaborate much more on the plot because i don't want to spoil it for you but i will tell you it's probably one of the best plots i have ever come across.

This book will make you question your morals. You're thrown straight into the action which i will warn is a little graphic! #Stabby. Lana has a kill list and as the story unravels you will be rooting for her. You will be with her every step of the way. You will want to hurt anyone who stands in her way of the revenge she seeks. I love her!! I feel for her!! I empathize with her!! I admire her! Go Lana!!

Logan brings a lot to her story. If it wasn't for him tbh i don't think you would see that much good in Lana. He makes her feel again which is a good thing because i fear what will happen if she loses touch with her human side. The side she was before the incident. Plus.... he's hot as sin!!! grrrrrr With Lana's backstory finding someone like Logan is a godsend! New Book Boyfriend alert!!

This story is going to unfold over the 5 books which will be releasing around a week apart. This book has a cliffie... a pretty big one... one that will have you gasp and shout OMFG!!! noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! Thank goodness there's only a week to wait because tbh i would have been going crazy else and calling the author names that are not allowed on Amazon reviews!!!

I loved this book so much. So so so so much!!! It's been a while since i have been so excited for the next book in a series. I have a feeling that this series is gonna hit my top 5 of all time! The writing is excellent. The plot draws you in so you can't put it down, and it keeps you on the edge of you seat. I've already re-read it to make sure i have all the facts. I just quite simply LOVED IT!!

Take a chance on this book. You have nothing to lose it's free!! Dark Romance at it's finest!!

*This is actually for the whole series it's amazing!*

Nina Levine

 This whole series goes from strength to strength!

I can't even hide the fan girl in me I'm gonna go big on this one!

This is Devil's story. Devil has always been the fun flirty member of Storm. Not really taking much but club business seriously. He meets Hailee who is protesting against Greyhound racing. He takes her in from afar but see's she may be in danger and he steps in to rescue her. From the moment they meet he knows there's something different about her. He was more interested in what she had to say than wanting to get inside her. Hailee is a true good soul. She makes it her mission to care for others be it human or animal. Her life is filled with demonstrations and helping people. When she meets Devil he calls to her on so many levels. She knows she should avoid the bad boy biker after her previous experiences but the more she gets to know him the more she sees the good in him. He makes her feel like she is the most precious thing on the planet. No one has ever made her feel that before and she can't resist.

Storm are being targeted by an unknown person who is trying to cut them out of business, they also have old enemies to take care of as well and the feds. They need to figure out where the next attack is coming from. Families are at risk and betrayal if rife.

Well... it's all going down!! What a ride!

I'll start first with the club stuff going on. One of my favorite things about this series is the way in each book the club story unfolds. It runs right the way through all the books. Storm have stayed low for a while because they know the feds are watching but when trouble comes knocking on that Clubhouse door you can be certain Storm will answer!! There's quite a bit going on in here and one problem gets dealt with but I'm dying to find out about the rest! Will they finally take out Gambarro. What's with this new enemy? Where's he come from? What did Dragon mean?? Sooo many questions!! But i love it!!! Highs and lows. Victories and losses. Brilliant, brilliant continuing story-lines.

Now onto my man. Jesus wept and sang hallelujah!!! He's so hot i can't stand it! He could charm the undies off a nun! Devil loves to talk in his woman's ear and i kid you not, every time, not just once but every single blinking time he spoke in Hailee's ear i shivered... SHIVERED i tell ya!! *fan's self* he's just so... i mean... jeeze!! that man is hot. He's charming and a little arrogant and knows his way around a girl. Yuh huh all the way around!! Hailee's a lucky lucky fictional character to live out her days with him!

Hailee is also wonderful. I say this through gritted teeth cause hell i wanna be her! She's a perfect blend of good and wholesome with a mix of dirty talking and sass to make her your best friend. She's so perfect for Devil as she gives him back as much as he gives. Often butting heads in the best way these two have flanter (flirting & banter) down to a tee!

Now Grandma Jean... I love her! Dirty talking and straight to the point she's an amazing character who takes no messing. She almost stole the show!

I loved every single aspect of the story-line. Gripped from start to end. Fantastic pace that makes me want Hyde's book like yesterday! quick-smart!

Highly highly recommend this story. Highly recommend this series. Highly recommend anything this author want's to pen. FANGIRL ALERT!! I'm hooked.

Cora Brent 

Heartbroken... I'm not even joking i am absolutely heartbroken!

If you read Hold this book covers the cousins Con and Stones story at the end of the book and is the link between that and Walk which is Stone's story.

I wanted to read this so badly to find out the story of why things ended up the way they did between Con, Stone and Erin. I bit the bullet and put on my big girl panties and dived straight in thinking i was prepared for the outcome.... OMG i was so wrong, so so so wrong!! I wasn't prepared not at all not one little bit!!! It has no happy ending.... now that's hard to wrap my head around i usually avoid the non HEA's but this series is one of my all time faves so i had to read it!! I'm just clinging on now to the fact that Con and Stone get their own books... and soon... very soon... cause omg those boys need their HEA so badly soon is not soon enough!!!

This story covers how Con meets and falls in love with Erin. She's the sweet girl next door who hangs around the boys lots, much to Stone's dismay and Con's joy. Over the years Stone tolerates her and Con falls in love. There's a deep connection between Erin and Con and both are pretty confident their love will last forever.

This story also covers how close Con and Stone are as brothers. There is only 10months between them so they basically act as though they're twins. Since their father died they're pretty much all each other has. They trust each other the most in the world. Their mom only barely tolerates them so they pretty much brought each other up. I love the bond between them especially on Stone's part as Con is the only person to see the true man he is not the bad boy player he shows to everyone else.

Con is often torn between his brother and girlfriend as neither of them like the other so when he finds his brother and girlfriend getting closer he's knocked for six add into that his mother telling him a family secret which should never be told Con finds himself confused and alone. Then tragedy strikes...

I was engrossed all the way through... i knew what was coming but i didn't know what would lead up to it... i thought i knew... i didn't... when the second to last chapter started i had been built up like a dam i was ready to overflow i was that caught up in the story... then the tragedy happened... OMG broken does not cover it... shattered to pieces more like it. Even now I'm welling up typing about it!!! Ugly cry big massive ugly tears!!! Heartbroken. Devastated. I can't even.... wow.

I want to tell you i loved this book. I want to sing it's praises from the rooftops. I want everyone to know just exactly how good it is to all the fans of this series and all those who haven't read this series. The story line is genius the build and the plot amazing. This book will break you. I have no doubt about that. I can't believe i now have to wait for 2 books to mend my heart again. i begrudgingly say all this because... it broke me so bad. I wish i could say i hate it and in one way i do cause i know it can never be taken back. But i loved it....

If you've read this series up to Hold then this book is an absolute must read. You have to. It will hurt like no ones business but you just have to. Loved it and hated it. Read it!! It's heartbreak at it's worst and best.

Jani Kay

 Well... Things just got hot in here!! phewwwwwww

Before i start this is my fave book of the series!!!

This is Razor's story. Razor the youngest Malone has always fought to be accepted. Overshadowed by his twin brothers he never felt like he fit in. Cobra the club pres was a hero to him. Daemon terrorized him and his dad was never bothered with him after losing their mother. He never realized he wanted someone of his own until he set eyes on Lexi.

Lexi never conformed to anything. In the shadows of her two perfect cousins she rebelled. Tattooed from head to foot. Wild and free that's what she was. Her dad neglected her after losing her mother. She had no one and she preferred it that way. Until Razor. Scared she pushed him away with all her might.

Ohhh be still my stolen heart!! lol Razor went and stole it. I wanna go all gushy right now but i don't wanna give too much away. Razor in previous books was to be quite honest a bit of a prat!! i really didn't think i was going to like him but just like he does to Lexi he kept beating down that wall bit by bit until you see all of him!! i loved what i saw! Yes he's mean, hot tempered, deadly and cocky! but underneath those layers he protects himself with is a man who just needs acceptance and love.

The two of them go on such a journey it was intriguing to watch unfold. Both were so similar they were literally made for each other. They of course didn't see it until they made theirseleves vulnerable to each other. I loved how Razor never gave up. He knew Lexi was his and through all the knock backs, and trust me there are many, he still persevered and in the end he won the ultimate prize.

The love scenes are off the charts! These two when they come together are electric! Razor's pierced and tattooed trousersnake will you get you all hot and affected!! jeeze sign me up to find one of those bad boys!! If that isn't commitment to your woman i don't know what is!

The story drags you in from the start, the club being on lock down after the attempted murder of Cobra. In limbo they're not sure what to do. Razor decides it's time to man up and grow up and boy does he. I loved how you literally see him grow up before your eyes. It's such a journey. Same with Lexi. I was right in there with them through the highs and lows. There's also plenty of action showing they're still a dangerous MC when messed with.

We get to catch up with some of the characters from previous books, Cobra and Mia and Ryder and Jade. I'm also loving seeing more of the others too Ox and Logan especially. I can't wait to see what's coming up for them.

I would highly recommend this book in fact the whole series!!

Michele Mannon

Loved it!! That's where I'll start.

I have read this author before, her Worth the Fight series was amazing but i stupidly forgot to keep tabs on her and now realize I've missed several of her books. This will be remedied!

This is book 3 in the Deadliest Lies series. This is the story of Aubrey. She's in Mexico trying to do good in the world. After a tragedy she vows to help the poor by using her architect skills to build them affordable homes of their own getting them out of the slums. She's initially conned out of money she invested to get the project up and running and is now resorting to trying to get a rich man her friends boyfriend knows to invest in her project. They attend a party at his house so she can get a meeting with him. Little did Aubrey know what kind of business man he was. While staying at his house she meets Diego. Every woman's wet dream she's instantly attracted to him and for once in her life considering doing something reckless like seducing him. They're both there for different reasons after the same man. She finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time or maybe it's the right place at the right time for her.

I read this in record time. I absolutely devoured it! I loved every single second of it!.

Aubrey was such a great character. Innocent, Naive, do-gooder but also sexy, funny and brave. She finds herself at every turn in Diego's path and what a path to be in! He's sexy, dangerous and skilled but he's also protective, kind and romantic. You will fall in love with both of them.

The story is action packed. You think they're out of danger and boom something else happens. Fate throws them together regardless of whether they want to or not. He rescues her time and time again but make no mistake she's definitely no helpless heroine. She has a temper that flares regardless of who she's dealing with. I laughed out loud several times at her inner ramblings that usually poured out of her mouth too. Diego often found himself pulling his hair out at her. I loved this about them they were polar opposites but they just matched perfectly. There's mystery in here that will keep you guessing who the mastermind is they're after. I didn't guess until pretty close to the end when it clicked.

The love scenes were hot and steamy and passionate but also fun! They'll get you panting and wanting to learn another language!

I'm off to read the first two books in the series!! Highly highly go go go click that one click button recommend this book!!

Chelle Bliss

 This book left me with the hugest smile!!

We've met Bear before in Men of Inked series. He's City's best friend and to be honest i think a lot of us have been dying for his story from day one. Well here he is!!!

Always a manwhore we join Bear as he's kicking another girl to the curb. We learn all of Bears backstory in this book and it is pretty heartbreaking. He's lost touch with his children after going off the rails and now he's just trying to be a decent person and working for Alpha PI. He works there with Morgan a friend of his. Morgan's mom is caught up in one of their investigations and she spends more time than she usually would with Bear.

Franny is living a life for her son only. She potters around her house in her comfortable tracksuit after being stung by Morgan's father. After noticing the chemistry between Bear and Franny her sister-in-law takes her on a shopping spree to get rid of those tracksuits! After getting a makeover Bear sit's up and takes notice. He liked her before but being Morgans friend he never dared go near her. The makeover gives him the shove and he can't help himself. For the first time in 30 years he dares to think of long term and maybe love again.

The plot is steady and keeps you intrigued. All the Alpha PI guys are in on this case and i loved seeing them all.

The thing i loved most about this story is the relationship between Bear and Franny. Being older than your average hero and heroine made me smile wide! You don't stop having sex after the age of 40 you know!!! and to see these two get down and dirty at the age of 50??? Hoo bloody rah!!! So refreshing and now i need to find my Bear! I have a Bearcrush!!! Then there's the humor of it. I was absolutely crying laughing at Franny she's so funny and being older i guess there's more room for a bit of humor in the sex scenes and it made them 10 times hotter for me. Also Franny's relationship with her sister in law. Those two together are amazing!

I loved seeing all the Gallo family in here and the bonus Christmas Men of Inked novella was a great big fat plus to this book.

I would highly recommend this book. Although it is the third book in the series it can totally be read as a standalone.

K.C. Lynn

Sighhhhhh* I just love this Authors Alpha's and this one is no exception.

This is Book 3 in the Act's of Honor series.

This is Kolan and Lia/Sophie's story.

We've met Kolan in a few previous books he's Katelyn's brother. He's pretty much a loner and standoffish with everyone except his sister. He prefers to be on his own. After recently being accused of something he didn't do he's retired from his Job as an EFC fighter. He left as the heavyweight champion and he's content to be out of it after things that happened in Katelyn's story. He is now filling his time teaching self-defence at The Men of Honor gym to kids and adults.

This is the first time meeting Lia/Sophie. She's on the run after a violent attack leaves her scarred and running for her life. She's left everything she's ever known and loved in order to protect them and herself. She finds herself in Sunset Bay and she gets a job at the local Police station with Men of Honor favorite Sheriff Cooper McKay. He knows she's not who she appears to be but is waiting for her to open up and let him help. He knows she's been hurt so he suggests she attend a self-defence class at the gym. She's not keen on being in crowds of people but decides she'll go along and see if she can get one on one training. There she meets Kolan and the story goes from here. There are a few twists and turns along the way with Kolan battling his own demons while trying to save Lia/Sophie. There's also her past which catches up with them along the way. I won't give anymore details because i hate spoilers but know you're in for a gripping ride.

This story is steady paced and keeps you turning page after page for these two. I was drawn in and kept there. I ate up those pages wanting them to conquer anything that got in their way, and boy do they, together. It will fill you heart up to the brim and leave you smiling and very happy.

I had some "feel's" for Kolan anyway seeing as i love me a tortured soul but this story just makes you fall hook line and sinker for him. We've seen glimpses of how he can be with Katelyn but with Lia/Sophie he opens right up and believe me you'll let him straight into your heart. He's everything you come to expect from this authors hero's and so much more! He's surprisingly kind and generous without many people actually seeing it. He's rough and ready but also sweet and loving, he's everything you want in a book boyfriend. Ohhh i forgot to mention he's HOT!!! I mean seriously skilled HOT! Some of the love scenes will leave you breathless and needing a spanking. I love him, i want me a Kolan and have swiftly entered him into my book boyfriend hall of fame.

Lia/Sophie is probably one of the sweetest and strongest heroine's you'll ever read. After what she's been through you would expect her to be a little more broken and timid than she is. She's pretty much the opposite, although she's obviously very scared and little guarded she's really brave. Even though opening up to Kolan could mean all sorts of problems for her she can't help it. If Kolan put his guard up to her she confronted him and knocked it down and although Kolan insisted on control i think she had it from the start with him. Without being bossy and pushy she helped him open up and also to heal too. I'm happy my Kolan got her to be his.

The supporting characters were also amazing. We get to see some old favorites in there and i love catching up with them. Also a new character has grabbed a piece of me heart!! Little Benny! He's one of the kids Kolan is teaching self-defence to and he's like a mini Sawyer, funny, cocky and lovable and was a great addition to this series I'm hoping to see a lot more of him.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone but would suggest that you read the other books in this series so that you have the full story. Plus those are pretty good too so don't miss out. Overall a big massive honorable 5 star's!

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***RELEASE BLITZ & EXCERPT*** Xavier by Brit Lauren


Xavier - Book 3 in The Recherché Series

by Brit Lauren


I’m selling your fantasy. Are you buying? Life has a way of throwing you a curveball when you least expect it. My curveball tore away everything I loved and left me with nothing. Now, I’m a male escort. I make good money, really good money and I’m living the life most guys would probably sell a limb for, but I’m not happy. I haven’t been since she left me six years ago. Six long years, and there she is…as a client. Alexa Trent broke me once, and I’m not sure any amount of time heals the kind of wounds she inflicted. The question is, can I remain professional with the woman I both loathe and love? Lust and hate are so very close, and with her wealthy husband looking on, hatred shouldn’t be too hard to muster.


“Fuck her.”Will’s voice is a gruff command, and my gaze snaps to his. He hasn’t moved but I can practically see the tension building in him. 

Yanking Alexa to her feet, I spin her away from me, forcing her to face him. She gasps as I wrench her back against my chest by her hair, which is still wrapped around my wrist. 

“Take your underwear off,”I growl against her ear before nipping her earlobe. I want to demean her, to make her feel worthless and unvalued. Because I don’t value her, not now. Each breath she takes is nothing more than a ragged gasp hitching in her throat desperately. She slides her hands down her sides and I feel her shimmy her hips from side to side as she takes her underwear off. I bite back a groan as her now bare arse cheeks press against my cock. Releasing her hair, I grab her hips and shove her towards to bed roughly, making her stagger a few steps. I’m being an arsehole to her, but it’s the only way. I can’t do gentle or even respectful when it comes to her. This man wants to watch his wife get fucked, which means he gets off on the idea of her being a whore. 

I’ll treat her like a whore. I grab the condom from the pocket of my discarded trousers and slide it on before I climb on the bed and lay flat on my back with my head towards hubby. She stands beside the bed, her eyes shooting between me and him. I want her to ride me, because I don’t want to look at him. I’m not sure I want to look at her either but I can’t deny that Alexa has always been gorgeous. It’s easier to watch her and get lost in her body, easier to forget that it’s her. 

“I don’t have all day,”I say coldly. My cock is standing up, ready and waiting. I popped a Viagra before I came here, but honestly, I wouldn’t have needed it. Alexa has always made my dick turn to stone. Because aside from the fact that she’s a shallow bitch, her body is perfection and her face looks like a damn work of art. Yes, Alexa Daniels was the girl every single guy wanted to fuck. And I got her, or so I thought. 

She crawls onto the bed, tentatively gazing down at me. I grip her hips and wrench her forward. She half falls over me and swings a leg over my hips. Her palms slap against my chest and our eyes meet for a moment. Something passes between us and I don’t know whether it’s regret, resentment, lust, or a combination of all three. Honestly, this situation is so messed up, but who am I to call time on this shit? This is my job. She could have said something the second I walked in here and she didn’t. Maybe she’s just not keen on the idea of being fucked by a stranger. Maybe she’d rather get fucked by me, even if she knows I hate her. 

Her gaze never leaves mine as I slowly force her down on my waiting cock. Her lips part and her eyes close, her long lashes casting a shadow over her high cheekbones. 

She slides all the way down until I’m balls deep inside her, and I bite my bottom lip hard enough that I taste a hint of blood. She gasps and tosses her head back, sending waves of dark hair cascading down her back until it’s brushing my fingers at her hip. Her back bows and her tits strain against the lace of her bra, making me want to tear it off and suck on her perfect fucking nipples. She rolls her hips, bringing her eyes back to mine. And there it is, the connection, the spark, everything that made us, us. Time and distance seem to fall away in an instant and it feels as though nothing has changed and I’m right back to where I was six years ago, fucking obsessed with Alexa Daniels. And I hate it. I want her to feel as rejected and hurt as I did until the need becomes unbearable.

Xavier Buy Links -

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Xavier is book 3 in the Recherché series.

What I'm absolutely loving about this series is the variety you're getting.  Not one of them are alike.  This one is maybe slightly darker than the others.  Xavier is a man scorned.  He thought he had it all.  The high end job.  The beautiful girl he was going to marry.  The life all were envious of.  Then he didn't.  His life went to hell and he blames it all on one person.  She left when he needed her the most. Alexa.  He would never forgive her.  After she left he had nothing left.  He closed off any feelings he had and went to work for his best friend Thor.

Skip forward a few years and he gets a mysterious job through the Recherché agency requesting discretion.  He had no idea who was hiring him until he walked into the bedroom and comes face to face with his past.

Oooooh Xavier!! The story kicks off with a bang!! He grabs you in those first scenes because christ alive we get straight in there.  Right around the back in possibly the hottest shower scene you may ever read! BOOM!

As the story goes on Xavier's pain becomes apparent.  He really is a lost soul.  He can't get over the love of his life leaving him at his lowest and hates what he has become in her wake.  When he and Alexa come together for the first time in front of her husband it's electric.  You can feel the sizzle in the pages he hates her but the spark is still there not only for him but for her too.

Alexa you might think from reading the plot is a bit of a snake.  But again getting to know her you realize what she did years ago was just as much for Xavier as it was for her.  Some parts i gotta be honest i wanted to slap her face for her.  But by the end i understood her reasoning for everything she did.  I may not agree with some parts but i understood. 

The story kept me turning those pages.  The pace steady and to the point.  Plenty of steamy hot loving to keep those panty changes on hand and again as with the others a surprising ending that you probably won't guess.

Loving this series.  Can't wait to see what the next installment throws at us.  Whatever it is i can guarantee it will be hot hot hot!!!

★★☆ 5 "sinfully sexy angry eff's" Stars ☆★★

Buy it
Read it
Love it

Other Books in the series -

I’m selling your fantasy. Are you buying?

They say that love is the most powerful force in the universe. They’re wrong. Sex, lust, passion, these are the emotions which human beings crave. And they’ll spend any amount of money for a taste.

I’m the guy that makes your heartbeat rise with a look, your breath falter with a touch. It’s my job. My name is Thor Jameson and I’m a male escort. No, I’m THE male escort. My reputation is unrivalled and well deserved.

I’ve always been for sale, until the one thing I didn’t even realise I wanted was thrust in my face by chance. For once, I’m not selling, and she’s certainly not buying.

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I’m selling your fantasy. Are you buying?

My name is Kaden Ryan and I’m a male escort. I never intended to become an escort, but an opportunity fell into my lap and I took it. It was simple: get paid for sex, an orgasm, a night of pleasure. It's certainly an easy way to work my way through medical school.

But not everyone's fantasy is as simple as an orgasm. Some women like the game, and one in particular wants to push me to places I never thought I would go, paid or otherwise. She's going to be the one to give me a real education
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About the Author

Brit Lauren is a pen name of LP Lovell. LP Lovell is an Indie Author from Salisbury, England. She's known for her sick sense of humour, her outrageous comments and a general lack of brain to mouth filter. Fuelled by copious amounts of Diet Coke, she likes to create feisty female characters who bring their men to their knees. If she's not writing then LP can be found riding her horses, or walking her ever present writing companion; Tulula the dog.

LP Lovell's first novel; Besieged was published in February 2014, and was an international Amazon best seller. The sequel Conquered is due for release in September 2014.

LP loves to hear from readers

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