Monday, July 8


Metamorphosis by Erin Noelle
My rating: 5 Stars
Metamorphosis (Book Boyfriend, #1)


This was amazing!

It was like you were invited to an epic party and all your favourites Book boyfriends rocked up.
Erin Noelle is a total fan girl, right along with me!

I liked it, I loved it, I freaking loved it, OH MY GOD I want to die right now loved it, crying in my pillow loved it, anxiety loved it, OMG WHAT just happened loved it, SNAP that epilogue loved it!

I was just settling in for a nice little read and unaware of the epicness of this book... and whats that I read??...

"Being of age isn't going to save you from me sweet thing. Not only do you have an angelic face and a hotass body, but you've got a pussy that has never been tainted by a man's cock, and oh how'd I love to know what that innocence tastes like." She winked at me and turned back around. "Isn't that right, Ash? Can you imagine how sweet she tastes?"

hahahaha reading that right there I just knew Metamorphosis and I were going to be Friends!

3 Boys

Ash, Master of charming the birds out of the trees and girls right out of their panties.

~His touch ignited a fire inside of me that rolled throughout my body, spreading a liquid warmth from my head to my toes, with the hottest ember settling directly between my thighs.~

Dylan, All American preppy boy.

~"On paper, he’s my perfect guy. It's nice"...~

Mason, Bad Boy Rocker.

~ I wasn't quite sure what it was that Mason evoked in me, but I yearned for both his touch and to touch him like I didn't think was possible. It was like my body was hungry for his, starving actually. Finally, I understood the draw towards the bad-boy image that so many girls and women could not resist. If I was Mason's angel, he was my perfect devil.~

I really struggle with love triangles in books. Its a love hate relationship for me but this... This was all LOVE!

Now Im sure there will be a lot of team ASH. But let me tell you!

Mason, Oh my goodness

"Every so often in life, you randomly cross paths with someone that touches you in a way that you really can’t explain, but somehow you know you will never be the same again. A person that is so unknowingly, so incredibly beautiful both inside and out, that they take your breath away." ~ Mason

Soo Team Mason.

Go read now!

Buy it
Read it
Love it

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