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Chase by Chantal Fernando
My rating:
Chase (Resisting Love, #1)

~I keep staring at her, hoping for her to glance up.
To notice me.
To see if she feels this attraction I'm feeling for her her.
I've never felt anything like it.
More than lust.
Something.. else.
Something the makes me want to protect her, cherish her.
I know I don't deserve her.
But that doesn't mean I'll stop wanting her.~

After several failed attempts to find a new place to stay, Layla finally finds what she is looking for when she answers James and Kade's roommate ad.

Sharing with two hot guys and (one she hasn't met)
Layla sets the ground rules.

All of that is about to change when she finds her self in a club and spots him, Chase.
He can't keep his eyes off of her.

~"Countless women in this club, but fuck, for some reason I can't keep my eyes off you."~

When Layla meets Chase it's insta attraction.
But Layla's rule is about to broken when they realise they actually live together!

Hot, sexy, alpha possessive, Chase doesn't do commitment and just uses women for sex.
But just one look at Layla and he just know she is different.
Chase vows that he will change his ways for her.

~"I don't want this to goo too fast, I want us to take our time, get to know each other. I want this to be more than sex." ~

Chase has a harem of ladies throwing themselves at him. Constantly having to watch these women throw themselves at him, causes a few dramas for Layla.


But Chase is true to his word and only has eyes for Her.

However Chase is keeping a few secrets. When Layla finds out, she pushes Chase away. Too hurt to forgive she won't allow Chase back in.
Chase isn't giving up and will do anything to prove Layla he is worthy of her love.

~"I'm done, Chase. You hurt me. I'm not going to blindly just give you that power again."

"Then I will earn it. You're mine baby. And I'm yours. I can't even explain it. We just… fit. I knew it then, and I know it now."~

Can Chase win back his love? Or will the final secret distroy everything between them?

I really enjoyed this.
Steam factor wasn't smoking hot, but still slightly steamy.
I loved Chase hahaha he was total Alpha!
When she locked him out and he was about to drill the door off… Hahhah so funny!

Hated Aubrey! I just want to…


I was surprised this was set in Australia. Normally I can pick it up, being an Aussie and all, but I didn't until Sydney was referenced.
I was pleasantly surprised.
I loved James and Kade. I loved their friendship with Layla.
I can't wait for the next in the series.


Buy it
Read it.
Love it.

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