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***RELEASE BOOST*** Clash by Cora Brent

Title: Clash
Series: Gentry Generations #4
Author: Cora Brent
Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 24, 2019



I’m the poor little rich girl whose silver spoon was snatched right out of her pretty mouth.

Now my reality includes clearance bin lip gloss, sleeping in my car and dining on convenience store hot dogs. 

But my issues don’t end there. 

My nightmare family is hot on my heels and demanding something I don’t have. They’ve made it clear they don’t intend to give up. 

When I finally hit rock bottom I fall into the arms of an unlikely savior.

He’s Kellan Gentry, the prince of the college party scene. Kellan seems to be exactly the kind of guy I don’t need; a brash, arrogant player who refuses to take anything seriously.

To say I misjudged him is an understatement. 

Before I can think twice about the consequences, I’ve fallen for Kellan so hard I can barely breathe. 

When we’re together he promises me the world. 

And more than anything I want to believe him. 


I used to be careless. 

I used to be all about chasing trouble and good times until I caught up to them. 

But watching my own family go through hell changed everything. 

Now I just want to stay on a steady path and make them proud. 

Then along comes Taylor Briggs. 

Gorgeous. Sarcastic. Wrapped in more secrets than I can guess. 

And somehow the ground shifts underneath me. 

In the clash between love and logic, there’s no mystery as to which one will win. 

I’ve been warned about Taylor’s horror show of a family. I’ve been warned they might rip us to shreds. 

I say bring it on and let them try. 

Because there’s nothing I won’t do to protect her. 

No matter the cost.

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This is my fave storyline yet of Generations! Oh my god i lurrrved it!

Kellan is a party boy. Popular and handsome he's never short of a bed partner. He's just watched his big brother fall in love and is now living with his younger brother. His life is pretty good!

Taylor is coming to the end of her rope. Her family are making it pretty hard for her. Her sister, brother in law and brother are all harrassing her constantly after her fathers death. Shes now homeless, penniless, hungry and alone.

While having a meal with his father Kellan spots a past conquest. He never forgot her. Stunningly beautiful she stands out in the crowd. He hadn't seen her since the morning after but when she collapses he comes to her rescue. Will Taylor let him save her?

Wow! Absolutely loved it! The build up in this book is truly brilliant. From bed partners to friends to lovers you are seriously not going to want to miss out on this ride!

It was a done deal i would fall for Kellan. Those Gentry boys don't mess about when it comes to claiming the book boyfriend spot! Kind, sensitive, gorgeous, hot, funny he has it all. Watching him fall for Taylor was a real treat.

I loved Taylor for him. She got him. She had the same sense of humour and they just clicked. He was her knight, her hero and i loved that after a while she accepted that. Her inner thoughts about herself from the past endeared her to me even more. She went on such a journey after the death of her father. From pampered princess to down to earth girl who recognised all her flaws and did something about them. She really has become someone special.

The tension in the build up between them was electric! There were times i shook my kindle declaring "What is wrong with you! Take her! Take her now!" But nooooo lol ever the gentleman Kellan held back.

Once they FINALLLLLLLY got it on... ohhhhhh yeah!! Lol H.O.T.

I just loved seeing the family in here too. If you're a fan of original series then you will love it too. Especially little bro Thomas. I loved his friendship with Taylor and i think his story is gonna be pretty special he's just adorable! And well, after the wall banging i think young Thomas is allll grown up and ready for us!

Brilliant as always you just can't go wrong with this series. The writing is excellent, the plot engaging, the characters are loveable, theres humour and passion, fear and excitement, its just action packed and glorious! This is why Cora Brent is, and always will be a fave author of mine. Auto oneclick every time! I know, KNOW that every single box in my reading requirements of a great book are gonna be ticked.

Bring on Thomas! Gentry's forever! ❤

Reviewed by Kerry
5 Stars


She winced and cleared her throat. “Look, I don’t know if it matters to you after all this time but inviting random guys home has never been one of my habits.” 

“In that case I was glad to volunteer as the exception.” 

The light changed and the walk sign flashed. Taylor waited until we’d reached the opposite sidewalk before speaking again. 

“I’m really sorry I was so rude to you when you showed up the next day.” 

“No worries. My hand recovered nicely after you crushed it in your front door.”

“I don’t remember crushing your hand.” 

“You were busy composing four letter expletives.”

She clucked her tongue. “An accusation I can’t deny.” 

“By the way, I never did figure out how to go piss up a flagpole.” 

“What? That’s not terminology I would use.” 

“No? My devastated feelings might be interfering with my memory.” 

“Again, sorry. You were just being nice.” She paused. “I was going through some life crap at the moment.”

“Apology accepted.” 

“I didn’t really crush your hand, did I?” 

I held out my right hand and flexed. “It’s okay. My physical therapist promises that someday I might be able to hold a pencil again.” 

She snorted. “Now I know you’re full of shit.” 

I balled my hand into a fist and shadow boxed. “Sometimes.”

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Author Bio

Cora Brent was born in a cold climate and escaped as soon as it was legally possible. Now, she lives in the desert with her husband, two kids and a prickly pear cactus she has affectionately named ‘Spot’. Cora’s closet is filled with boxes of unfinished stories that date back her 1980’s childhood and all her life she has dreamed of being an author. Amazingly, she is now a New York Times and USA Today bestselling writer of contemporary romance and begs not to be awakened from this dream.
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***COVER REVEAL*** No Saint by Jo Raven

●▬▬▬▬ ๑۩COVER REVEAL۩๑▬▬▬▬●
Author: JO RAVEN
Cover Design: By Letitia Hasser I RBA designs
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Why are bad boys so good? ⠀ 

Meet the infamous Ross, black sheep of the family and bully extraordinaire. 
I drink too much, smoke too much, screw around. I’ve hurt people, been in and out of prison. I’m a bastard, a beast. 
I’m a goddamn bundle of joy. 
I mean, my own dad tried to kill me, what does that tell you? 
Then again, my dad did kill my mom, so maybe it isn’t just me. Who the hell knows. 
The world sucks and I’m giving it the finger in every damn way, except… 
Except there’s a girl. Pretty. Hot. Clever. She didn’t get the memo – that she should hate me, shun me, kick me when I’m down. That the world screwed us all over. She believes in the future – and sometimes she seems to even believe in me. 
Big mistake. I’m bad news. I made her suffer in the past, and nothing has changed. I’m not an angel, not a saint. No good. 
But for some reason I don’t get, I can’t let her go down with me. I find myself trying to be better for her, pretending to be someone I’m not. 
And if that doesn’t ring some damn big alarm bells regarding my sanity, well… then I’m done already.

* This is the story of Ross, half-brother to Octavia, Gigi and Merc, set in the Wild Men series * 
Coming soon. ⠀

#Ross #NoSaint #Bully #romance⠀#JoRaven 


Real life outside school is different. It has to be. I have to believe it. Luna the frightened unpopular girl is gone, too. Now I am the new Luna, and like the new moon I am in darkness until I reveal myself, reborn. 

Hey, it sounds good in theory, all right? It gives me a plan, a purpose. I can do this. Be the new me who isn’t so shy and insecure, who doesn’t go red when someone laughs or points at her. I am good enough. I need to believe it. 

Who cares if I’m not all that pretty? I’ve brains, and smarts, and I will make something of my life. 

Once I get through this Summer, that is. And save some money. And decide what I do next. 

My cousin says I should get a degree, maybe in web design and graphics. Move to a city, get a good job in a company. That I can do it. 

My thoughts return to Ross and what my dad and Josh said about him. 

That he’s still here. Hanging around. That his dad attacked him. 

That’s so screwed up. 

Worse still, why can’t I get him out of my mind? It’s hard to stop thinking about him. Not only because he taunted me and tormented me—but also because he was the sexiest, hottest guy in school. 

And the world, probably. 

What a pity he’s such an asshole.
●▬▬▬▬๑۩AUTHOR BIO۩๑▬▬▬▬▬●

Jo Raven is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, best known for her series Inked Brotherhood, Damage Control and Hot Candy. She writes edgy, contemporary New Adult romance with sexy bad boys and strong-willed heroines. She writes about MMA fighters and tattoo artists, dark pasts that bleed into the present, loyalty and raw emotion. Add to that breathtaking suspense, super-hot sex scenes and a happy ending, and you have a Jo Raven original story. 

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***NEW RELEASE*** Jack and Sadie by J.B Salsbury



Jack and Sadie by J.B Salsbury


Amazon: UK: CA:


Sadie Slade was the love of my life.

I left for college promising her I’d be back in four years.
She stayed behind promising me she’d wait.
We both broke our promises.

When we bump into each other five years later my feelings for her come rushing to the surface.

I want her back.
She wants me gone.

How quickly my Sadie Girl has forgotten—I’ve never been the type of man who accepts defeat.
No matter the cost.

Jack Daniels was my entire life.

Until he wasn’t.
Now he’s back and thinks we should pick up where we left off.

I miss the simplicity of what we had.
I miss how easily we fit together.
Truthfully…I miss him.

But if I allow him to get too close, he’ll see I’m not the same girl he left behind five years ago.
He thinks I’m upset about our break up.
The truth is so much worse.


If i could give this book every star available i would!! Infinity stars!! God i'm sooo in love with it! 😍 I was seriously excited to learn that some of the Fighting kids were going to get a book. Its one of my all time favorite series so diving back into that world in any form was always gonna blow me away but this... This... speechless! Well not really but ramble ahead!

Jack and Sadie! I bloody love em!!

If you're a fan of the series you'll know Jack is Blakes son and Sadie is Jonah's daughter. Jonah and Blake are best friends so you just had this wonderful little tingle feeling that when they both had children close together that those children were meant to be. And YES they bleedin were!! Soul mates from the start they grow up together totally in love.

When it comes time for college they promise each other forever even though Jack is moving away. They plan their lives secure in the knowlege they're going to have an amazing life. Together.

Fast forward 5 years and a lot has changed. They're no longer Jack and Sadie. They haven't seen each other in nearly two years but a chance meeting while Sadie is working at Jacks friends wedding, brings them face to face. Sadie is not happy seeing him, he can read her too well and wants to run as far away as possible.

Jack? Well, just the sight of her changes his perspective on his life. He worked hard to get where he is in his chosen profession of advertising but the sight of Sadie shows him what he's missed on the way up. He missed a part of himself he let go. Sadie.

Sadie is having none of it but Jack is no quitter. He refuses to let her run. He's determined to get to know her again and won't let a little thing like her ignoring him stop his pursuit.

Now. The blurb gives you a clue about why Sadie is reluctant and when it dropped i cursed Ms Salsbury like nobody's business! And i was right to! 😭

This book it just.... it'll take you on an emotional rollercoaster. From the start i got this tight feeling in my chest. I got pulled in and the more i read the tighter my chest got. It got to the point... and don't judge me... but i got the point i had to check the end!! I went to the end of this book and read. I couldn't help it!! Yes i cheated!! I couldn't help it i was so uncomfortable. Now don't take this as a bad thing. It's a good thing. An amazing thing! I read dark and twisted books and don't bat an eyelid but this book. Ohhhh i got scared. You'll get to a certain scene and know why. God my heart broke! The impact it had on me was massive. So brilliantly written i felt it deep my soul. I had to know if it turned out ok in the end.

I usually say in review's what i liked about the two main characters seperately but i can't with this book because i loved THEM! I loved them so much even when they were apart. I loved them when they were struggling to reconnect. I loved them when they did get together. I loved them when they were with family. I loved them when they both messed up. God i love them so hard! And yes thats a whole lotta love. And i did warn at the start this was gonna be a ramble and here we are! Rambleville! 😂 but seriously. These two!

Also. Quick mention. I loved seeing Jonah and Raven, Blake and Layla again! That was definately a highlight. Plus Carey, Sadies brother. Hoping he's next!!!

As i've said i was pulled in from the start. The story takes you on an emotional road of soulmates losing their way to forever and their fight to get back on track. I couldn't put it down for anything.

The writing is incredible. JB Salsbury is an absolute genius at setting the scene and making you feel everything, from the gut wrenching low's to every butterfly enducing high. I promised myself no tears. I held out so well... until right at the very end over something really silly. Broke me! 😭 I was a bit of a mess lol but in the end the prevelant feeling was love. I'm so in love with this book!

It's been a struggle reading and reviewing this year and only a handful of books have stood out for me. This is one of them. I was eager to write this review and i haven't felt that in a long while. Highly recommend. Like super highly recommend. You can read without having read the fighting series but i suggest that too. It's also amazing!

Bloody Brilliant!

Reviewed by Kerry

About the Author

J.B. Salsbury is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and two kids.

Her love of good storytelling led her to earn a degree in Media Communications. With her journalistic background, writing has always been at the forefront, and her love of romance propelled her career as an author.

She spends the majority of her day behind the computer where a world of battling alphas, budding romance, and impossible obstacles claws away at her subconscious and begs to be released to the page.

For more information on
her books, or just to say hello, visit JB on her website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

***COVER REVEAL*** Bailey by Ella Frank


Confessions: Bailey
By Ella Frank

Black and white. Right and wrong.

That’s how Craig Bailey has always lived his life.

The son of a fallen, decorated police officer, 

he’s had no choice but to follow the rules.

Until he met the ultimate bad boy 

and decided to follow him instead.

Henri Boudreaux is everything Bailey never knew he wanted.

Mysterious, sexy, and hiding more secrets than friends.

He’s exactly the kind of man Bailey knows could break his heart.

But there’s a vulnerability to Henri that calls to Bailey. 

A longing for a connection that Bailey is unable to resist.

And while Bailey has always lived his life on the straight and narrow, he is now beginning to understand that falling in love is never so black and white. 

GORGEOUS COVER DESIGN (for this ENTIRE series) BY: Hang Le @Hang Le



OCTOBER 28th, 2019


CONFESSIONS: BAILEY (Confessions Series #6)