Monday, July 8

The Billionaire Bad Boys Club

The Billionaire Bad Boys Club by Emma Holly
My rating: ★ 4.5 Stars ★

The Billionaire Bad Boys Club

WOW, That was one sexy read!!!

This was my 1st real glimpse into M/M romance. Well sort of..

I pick this one up thinking I need some Menage action. And Yes I did get that but the lead up to it and the back history of Zane and Trey was just WOW.
I wasn't expecting it at all. I have been telling everyone how hot it was hahahha
I randomly bring up that a little Male on Male action got me hot and bothered. Yes, Yes I have.

I loved Trey OMG Loved him! When he would tell Zane he loved him.. Awwww
But then I loved Zane too! Hell I want my own Trey and Zane. Rebecca is one lucky Cow!

I think after this I will DEFINITELY venture into M/M romance.
Bring it on!

Buy it
Read it
Love it

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