Monday, June 17

Off Sides

Off Sides by Sawyer Bennett
My rating: ★ 4 Stars ★

Off Sides (Off Series, #1)

Oh My this was good!!!

Danny Cross,

After the heart breaking death of her parents forced her to abandon her music career She struggles to make her own way, working two jobs, attending college part time and volunteering in a homeless shelter.

Ryan Burnham,

Ryan is the privileged son of a U.S. Congressman and captain of his university’s hockey team.
While he is on the verge of fulfilling his dreams to play in the NHL, his parents want him on a different course. One he is expected to accept for the sake of his family’s public image.

They meet one night when Ryan and his friends go into the Diner Danny works at.
When Danny goes to take the tables order Ryan's Ex Angeline is spiteful and tries to take Danny down a peg.
However Danny surprises them all with her quick reply and puts Angeline in her place.

"I'm sorry. It's just… I saw all you sitting here, and well, forgive my ignorance, but I'm pretty sure Ockham's Razer say that among competing theories and all things being equal, the simplest theory is probably the correct one. I saw you had already looked at the menus and put them back down. Therefore, the simplest theory is that you are ready to order. Think of it this way.. I think I saw you review the menus, therefore I am here to take you order. I mean, I know Ockham is a little before Descartes' time, but it's still a sound principle, don't ya think?"

Oh snap!!!!!

Danny exists on the opposite side of the tracks from Ryan.
They travel in different circles.
He is doom Perignon… and she is Coca-cola.

I've never been into girls that had facial piercing or dyed hair. The type of girls my parents expect me to date wear pearls and cashmere. ~ Ryan

Ryan can't get her out of his head so he asks her out for dinner. She agrees on her terms.
She takes him to her volunteer shift at the homeless shelter in hopes that he can see how very wrong them two together they are.
But in the end it does the opposite and draws Ryan closer.

She is so beautiful, and complex, and damaged.. and yet she's abut the most joyful and giving person I know. It is incomprehensible to me and I realise I have something to learn from this girl. Being in Danny's presence makes realise my life has been pretty lacklustre.

The Chemistry between Ryan and Danny is H.O.T!

Ryan finally pulls away slightly breathing hard against my mouth. "Jesus Danny,"
I don't think Jesus has anything to do with the explosion that just happened between us but if He did, I'm heading to church this weekend to thank him.

They both are aware how very different their lives are but they can't help falling for each other.
Ben is so protective of Danny I loved how her stood up for her. He does not once go back on his decision to be with her.
They become very close fast but you can't help falling in love can you.


"Danny, I'm fallen love with you. I just… Need you to know that."
I smile at him and I can feel my eyes misting. "I'm already there. Glad you caught up."

But Ben's mother will stop at nothing to keep up appearances and break Danny and Ben apart!

"Listen carefully, Mother, because I mean this with every fibre of my being. I am choosing love. I am choosing someone who loves me unconditionally, no matter what. It's as simple as that."

Ben is so sweet I loved that he was always honest with Danny.
They were both just so perfect. I loved them.
I wish this was a little longer but then I'm glad the drama didn't drag out.
This was a treat, I picked this up as a freebie but would def pay $$ for it.

Buy it
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Love it