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Beauty and the Billionaire


Beauty and the Billionaire by Jessica Clare
My rating: ★ 4.5 Stars ★

Beauty and the Billionaire (Billionaire Boys Club #2)

Dark Broody Cranky Male …… CHECK
Sexy and Scarred ……. CHECK ( some women find scars sexy)
Billionaire…….. CHECK
Virgin Hero…… CHECK


He is a virgin....
Say what?? 

Wow Holy Hotness
Who would of thought a Scarred Billionaire Virgin would get me hot and bothered!

First and foremost do not, under any circumstances let the fact that the hero is a virgin sway you from reading this.
Cause let me tell you ladies you will want to meet Hunter.

It is really quite erotic reading about a grown man and his first time.

Hunter is a recluse, hiding away from the world. Scarred from an accident when he was young, he has kept himself closed off.
Closed off from the world.
Closed off from the thought that anyone would want anything to do with him when his face looked the way it did.

Gretchen is a writer and one hell funny chick.
With bills piling up she takes a job offering her lead writer. The job entails writing a story based off love letters found in an old mansion.
She takes it on, even with the strange request that she is to stay in said Mansion, as the letters are not to removed from the house.

Hunter first met Gretchen when he overheard a conversation between Gretchen and Brontè in the last book.
He became intrigued with her, and comes up with a plan to have her in his house with the hopes of getting to know her and having a friendship.

While they slowly and awkwardly get to know each other,
Gretchen starts to feel more towards Hunter and yet finds it really frustrating that they can't seem get past the awkwardness of it all.
She soon realises that Hunter really is shy and she is determined to break through, even if that means coming on to him.

You could feel the pull she had on him and how he would push away… Afraid.
But with persistence she finally broke through.


Slowly she would introduce a new level of touching or foreplay.
Each time he would struggle within himself then pull away.
Soon she realises that he is a virgin.

~ He flinched and pulled away. 
She released him from her mouth and shook her head 
"I like it when you touch me. Show me what you want. Please, Hunter." She let her lips rest against the head of his cock, looking up at him and waiting. 
The look in his eyes was a mixture of frenzied longing and.... Something else. Anxiety? She wanted to make that look go away, but it would take time.  For some reason, sex made the man skittish. She had to be patient.~

Yes, at times he was awkward BUT it was SUCH a freaking turn on to read him go through the motions of experiencing what most young males go through in their teens.
For me it was believable and oh so right.


The build up was H.O.T
The not quite sex was H.O.T
The first touch was H.O.T

~He looked down at her in wonder and ran the backs of his fingers over her bare skin, then leaned into the kiss the swell of her breast. 
She moaned in response " That feels so good, Hunter. More." 
He licked her flesh, pushing aside the cup of her bra and revealing  her aching nipple. 
"Tell me what to do - what pleases you?" 
"Just keep doing that," she told him, running her fingers through his hair.~ 

When they finally got to the sex H.O.T


~ Gretchen gasped startled at the sudden move. She'd been thinking she'd have to convince him to touch her, but now that it was all laid out in the open, he'd dove upon her like a starving man. 
"Ah fuck," Hunter moaned, and she felt his breathe on her pussy. His tongue stroked out and licked her lightly, and then  he groaned again. 
"You taste so good." 
"Yes keep touching me." Her hands moved to his hair, holding him there 
"Tell me how," He growled, sending a shiver through her body.~

She teaches him and encourages him. But not only does Gretchen bring Hunter out from his world he has been living in, she must fight to prove to him that hiding behind his scars is holding him back.

~"I don't find you ugly, Hunter. No one who knew you could." Her voice was achingly soft "If anything, I'm grateful that you have these scars, because they saved you for me- for this moment in time. And that's a little selfish of me, Isn't it? And yet I can't help but feel that way." ~

It was interesting to read the insecurities with the Hero this time around.
Normally the female would have the hangups and reading it in the reverse role was strange. Especially with the virgin aspect of it all.
For me it was a little more heartbreaking. You understood his pain. You felt his hunger and need for Gretchen, being in his head at times and experiencing all the firsts with him.

~"I'm a practical man. I never thought to have a woman in my life, ever. I thought my face would turn off any woman worth having. I never thought I would be lucky enough to meet someone like you. I have no illusions as to what this means to you, but for me. It is the world. ~

But will Hunter's insecurities hold him back from what seems too good to be true? Or can he trust himself with another person, let go and allow himself to be loved?

I really enjoyed this. I loved Stranded with the Billionaire but I must admit I loved this more.
I love series where we get a little of each character that is to come.
I can't wait for the next one.

★ 4.5 Sexy Stars ★

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