Monday, July 8

Color of Loneliness

Color of Loneliness by Madeleine Beckett
My rating: 4 Stars

Color of Loneliness (Color, #1)

Lets Just say, with that Cliffhanger, thank GOD the second book is being released this Month.

Myra Sommers, an attractive young copy editor living in Philadelphia, makes the tough decision to return to her family home in Nyssa, Oregon. A recent death leaves her with no remaining family, and she decides to heal and regroup there.


In Nyssa, Myra finds little immediate comfort in her “new” home which is literally falling apart around her. She sinks into a deep depression, exacerbated by her feelings of loneliness and isolation in the small town.

You really do feel for Myra and you can feel her loneliness. You feel so helpless for her.

With her house practically falling apart around her, Myra calls local contractor, Dylan for an estimate, she’s astounded by the contractor’s gruff, surly demeanour.


Dylan was a grade A asshat. Sexy Asshat non the less but still an Ass
I really struggled with his attitude.
I'm like ...


But Dylan is dealing with a past and Myra eventually gets under his skin and slowly he comes around.
When we start to see the softer side of him, Im all like


He went from obviously having someone jerk off in his breakfast every morning to Alpha Hot Sexy Male

~"You're fucking Perfection." ~

~"Stop staring at me," she says, looking completely flustered. "I will when you stop being so goddamn beautiful." ~

~"You don't even understand how goddamn perfect you are. You should be naked all the time."~

Now mind you we didn't get to see this side of Dylan till last 20% I still really enjoyed seeing how broken he really was. I'm looking forward to finding out about his past and getting know all his family!

I can't wait for the next book I'm gonna be itching to get my hands on it, with what I have seen of sexy sweet Dylan I kinda want it now!

Buy it
Read it
Love it

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