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 "A is for Alpha and B is for Books"

I love reading all types of books, but Romance has my heart.
I love me an Alpha. Make that a Sexy Bossy ALPHA and I'm a goner.
It must have a HEA or I'm ruined.
I tend to stay away from Love Triangles, I just get way too frustrated.
I'm not totally against Cliffhangers, I think if done well, they serve their purpose.
I'm a huge supporter of Indie Authors. Absolutely love it when I get my hands on a not so known book and it blows my mind. It's like OMG YOU HAVE TO READ THIS Author.
I love reading debut novels, especially if it rocks my world.

Reading takes me to places that I couldn't imagine possible, leaving me to feel alive and hopeful.
If an Author manages to make me stop and consciously take a breathe then I am a fan for life!

I'm passionate and a perfectionist about all things that effect me and I really look forward to growing in this adventure.

Any questions you might have I am happy to answer. Recommendations are more than welcome, throw them at me!


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