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Spark by Brooke Cumberland
My rating: ★ 3.75 Stars ★

Spark (Spark, #1)






When your past controls your future, how do you move forward?

When the people who are meant to love and protect you, leave you broken with no hope, how do trust anyone?

~"You would never be just another girl , Velaney. You are the girl. The way I feel when I'm close to you.. the way my heart races so fast it nearly beats out of my chest anytime I see you. It's unnatural, Velaney."

Velaney has endured a world a hell, growing up in the picture perfect household with picture perfect family, anyone would think she had it all. But behind closed doors Velaney knows the pain of what happens when your own family fails you.

Years later, living with her best friend Carissa and now not having any contact with her family, Velaney refuses to let anyone in. She is broken, why bother with anyone only to end up pushing them away when it all gets to much.

Everything changes the night she wakes up in the arms of Sexy firefighter Eric Reilley.
Never has anyone ignited that kind of Spark in her. Being held in Eric's arms she felt safe for the 1st time since she was a child.

Eric Reilley, lives one floor below Velaney's apartment. After saving Val from the fire, he can't seem to stay away.
Soon they keep bumping into each other and spending more and more time together.

What starts out as a slow friendship build, with a few misunderstandings, eventually turns into more when Eric refuses to let Valenay push him away.

Velaney can't do relationships, but the Spark between Eric and herself can't be denied, the pull he has on her is too strong. When she comes clean about her past he doesn't run, he promises to take things slow, at her pace.

Soon Eric takes the pain away, replacing it with something she always believed she could never have… Someone to Love ,trust and care for her.

But Velaney's past won't seem to let go, when evil comes back into her life refusing to let go, will she be pulled back into the darkness that Eric worked so hard to pull her from?

Is their love strong enough to handle what is about to come their way?

Spark was a very fast paced and intense story at times.
It felt like it is was going one direction then next thing you know you would be hit with the realisation of Valaney's past. It was full on.

Velaney has good reason for her reluctancy to allow a relationship with Eric, finding it hard to move on from a past that haunts her.
But Eric was very patient and when they did get there it was smoking.

~He makes his way down my body by laying fresh, sweet kisses down my torso. he stops at my navel and tongues a ring around it before continuing to go down further.
"So wet," he groans, making me clench my thighs, but he stops me and opens them up for him even wider. ~

Eric was sexy, hot and lets not forget her calls her SWEETHEART…. The ONLY word that melts my heart. When a man calls his woman Sweetheart (Sigh) instant love there.
oh and such a great talker in bed….

~"God Velaney… I've wanted your legs wrapped around me for so long," he mumbles, dropping his lips to my collarbone, suckling it before he make his back up to my mouth. "You taste fucking amazing," he Growls.~

There definitely was a spark between the two.

I was surprised by the direction it went, I wasn't expecting it.
One min I thought I had it figured, but because it was so fast paced it really had me guessing. So many twists.

I think the whole school fire scene was such a big shock. I was like yeah right not gonna happen, surely not… no way and then I kinda had about 3 mins of really believing it. It really felt real. So I was devo but then I was wrong. Hahhaha thank god.

But the 2nd twist in the hospital….. FML omg seriously I was like WHAT THE FUDGE POPSICLE….
GOOD GOD WOMAN what are you doing to me…

I loved Carissa, she was really fun and had a great sense of humour.

Her and her Pussy fairy talks loved it.

Loved Val's words for coming up with new swear words haha

Alex was real sketchy for me from the start, I kinda called it early but wasn't 100% sure.

I think my biggest problem for me was Valaney's family, I was so frustrated that they were the way they were, how did Aiden get away with everything that went on in the book?
How could Velaney and Carissa really believe what they did in that bathroom was a good idea? hahhahaaha

I guess I couldn't agree with her actions dealing with everything.
I was yelling at my kindle why would you do that? OR run?

Eric was so sweet and I was so upset with what happened, couldn't she see what type of person he was?

~"Why are you always saving me?" I ask, breaking the silence. "How can you not realise. " He pauses to place a kiss on my forehead. "You've been the one saving me all along." ~

Finally she realises that she can't allow her past to dictate her future.


The ending was a little OMG creepy!


Yes ladies we have a cliffhanger.. not a bad one, a HEA with a cliffhanger of the danger still following Valaney and Eric.

Overall I liked it. It was fun, steamy, with bit of suspense and few twists and turns
I didn't fall in absolute love with it. But will definitely read the follow up to see how it turns out.

*Copy courtesy of the author, in exchange for an honest review*

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Spark (Spark, #1)

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