Monday, July 8

Play With Me

Play With Me by Kristen Proby
My rating: 4.5 Steamy Stars

Play With Me (With Me in Seattle, #3)

Will Motherfucking Montgomery.

Holy shit on a stick!

Kristen Proby you can do no wrong. It just keeps getting better and better!

Now, I know I loved me some Nate, but Will...


"Oh, trust me, sugar, having your tight, naked ass cradled against my dick was damn alluring." He steps closer and tips my chin up with his fingers. "But I wouldn't take advantage of you when you don't have your wits about you. When I take you, you'll know exactly what we're doing, what you're feeling, and I won't stop until you legs are shaking and the neighbours know my name."
Holy Fucking hell.

The Sex..





The Car Sex O.M.G in the rain, on the hood!


Loved seeing all the group hang out!

" I'm surrounded by a whole lot of hotness. If I wasn't me. I'd be jealous of me." ~ Meg
Bhahaha Megan sums it right up!

The hens night drive home with Caleb and Matt = Hilarious.


*I can't wait for Matt's story!! I know his is still 2 books away but I just know I'm gonna love him!!!

Buy it
Read it
Love it

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