Monday, July 8

Hiding Out

Hiding Out by Nicole Andrews Moore
My rating: 4 Stars

Hiding Out

"Dont expose me, Sam. Just this once, instead of playing hid and seek, let's play Sardines."

Hayley, moved to the city New Year's Day to hide and recover, to build a new life far from her past.
In an effort to lie low, Haley never expects to be more than a temp.

Samuel Davenport runs his family's New York based advertising agency.
Sam's temp personal assistant is different from other women. She is timid, jumpy and a bundle of mysteries to unravel.
When Sam tries to uncover all of Haley's mysteries, he exposes her hiding place, endangers her life, and threatens to destroy any chance of them ever having a future together.

Sam and Hayley's relationship is a slow build. She slowly begins to trust Sam and lets him into her past.

"What if I tell you everything and you can't stand the sight of me anymore? What if you are disgusted by my mere presence?"
He put a finger over her lips. "What if I marvel at your brilliance, your ability to survive adversity, your courage to rebuild your life. What if I fall in love with you and can't be a to ever let you go?"

Sam is the sweetest and very patient with Haley
He is the best thing in Hailey’s life even if she doesn’t want to believe it or trust it.

"Do you want to know whatI see when I look at you, Hayley?"
"I see the most amazing woman I've ever known." Her eyes begin to fill with tears. "I see a woman who has suffered through one of the worst experiences that can happen to a person. Yet, instead of curling up and dying, or shunning the world, she has the courage to face her fears and conquer them. She rejoins the world, she does whatever is necessary to not just survive, but thrive. And I marvel every day at you intellect, your heart, and that you even five me the time of day."

With Hayley's past coming back to haunt she must decide if running is taking her to her future or keeping her from it.

You can't play hide and seek with the past. It always find you. And you can't play sardines because soon you're squished and can't breathe and have no room for the future.

This was great. I'm looking forward to Adams story next.

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