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The Heart Has Reasons

The Heart Has Reasons by Martine Marchand
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Heart Has Reasons

~“The Heart Has Reasons 
That Reason Knows Nothing Of.”~


So yes he kidnaps her, but do I care.. No I just want to see them get it on!!

What the hell did I just read…

Chase is retired Special Forces.
Missing the rush of a mission, Chase is bored with his civil life and is looking for something to pump up his adrenaline.
He decides to take on a job recovering the runaway wife of a wealthy businessman.

2 years ago, Larissa got attacked by a serial killer in her apartment, managing to shoot him as he escaped.
Larissa has been living with fear that Brian Sparrow is coming back to finish what he started.


Brian Sparrow wants his revenge, hiring ex-Special Forces operative Chase, Sparrow knows that to get the job done he must spin a story that is believable. Under a fake name he tells Chase that Larissa is his wife, and he just wants her back, so their children can have a mother again.
Chase believes Sparrows story and agrees to do the job.
He must transport Larissa from her home in the east coast to the warm California.

Taking her from her home in the middle of the night is easy. The 4 day trip together not so much.

Larissa can't believe that she is about to be handed over to the devil. She will try anything to escape. Even if her sexy Kidnapper sets her on fire.

~“I don’t want you touching me.”
“Really? I find that hard to believe in view of the fact that you slept practically on top of me all night long.”
“I did not!”
The warm pleasant sound of his laugh startled her.“You were wrapped around me so tight I thought I was sleeping with an octopus.” ~

Chase refuses to believe that he is delivering Larissa to her death sentence, no matter what she says.
Larissa is not what he was expecting. Being warned that she was a skilful liar, Chase finds it hard to tell if anything she says at all is the truth.

Chase and Larissa have crazy chemistry.
They were so funny at times

~"Are you alway this bitchy in the morning?"
"Only after I've been drugged and kidnapped."~

Despite the circumstances Larissa starts to feel very attracted to her kidnapper.
They both feel the connection, and after the second night things start to heat up.

~"I just wanted to apologise for kissing you earlier. Under the circumstances, it was inappropriate and unprofessional." ~

"Unprofessional? You're telling me kidnappers have a code of ethics?"~


Things start to go further between the two and lines will be crossed. Larissa will do anything to save herself from her fate of death. Even if she has to seduce her kidnapper.
But is that the only reason why she has to do it?

~ "Put your hand down my pants."
"So I can prove that I really do want to."
Knowing he was making a mistake but unable to stop himself, he slipped a hand under the elastic waistband and slid it down the sold of her lower belly to the smooth and hairless juncture of her thighs. "Ah Jesus, you're wet." ~


They definitely share some sizzling chemistry.
I was hoping he wouldn't go through with delivering her. Surely he believes her.

"I wish we could could of met under different circumstances."~

But NO he delivers her to Sparrow.

But after leaving her with her Ex, with a clear head he starts to realize something is off.
So he heads back.
What he sees when he walks back in, leads to the death of Sparrow and Larissa covering for him.

But Larissa's story has some major gaps. The police believe she is suffering from Stockholm syndrome, and protecting her kidnapper.
When Chase is arrested, Larissa is adamant that Chase was NOT the man that Kidnapped her.

Larissa has feelings for Chase.
But is what everyone saying true? Are her feelings a product of Stockholm Syndrome or do Chase and her share something more?


I was on the edge of my seat until the very end. It had it all, romance, suspense, action, and passion.
I had no idea where this book was going to go before I started. I loved the after math of piecing together if Chase was the Kidnapper.
It's tough because YES, Chase did kidnap her, but you really want these two to have a happy ending.

I really wish there was an epilogue.
I think they needed it.

I hope one of Chase's special forces mates get their story told.

Definitely a must read!


Buy it.
Read it.
Love it.

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