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Shocking Heaven

Shocking Heaven by D.H. Sidebottom
My rating: 4 Stars

Shocking Heaven (Room 103 #1)


How do I review this…..

I don't know? One minute I was really into it, then I struggled a little to go on.
But then I needed to know what happened. Of course then I couldn't put it down!
I tried to skim like a couple pages only to have to go back and read what I missed out. ARGGH...

I don't think a book has messed with me so much before. It's like I loved to hate it/hated that I loved it. It freaking captured my attention and pissed me off.

Everything that I disliked would be forgotten 2 pages later with this amazing scene or an epic line that I was just floored with.

I think I need one of you ladies to read this so we can discuss….

It has SO much going on, I didn't how to cope.
I loved it. I hated it. I smiled. I cried. I screamed. I swooned.
I fell in love, hate, lust and had a freaking headache for the 1st half of the book then ended up with the biggest fucking smile on my face by the end.

GO figure…

So normally I would just rate it and be on my way but I think I need to review this..

This review contains Spoilers and Explicit language.

Eve Hudson, is determined to take control of her life. After suffering a deeply heartbreaking childhood, Eve, heads for college leavening behind a horrible past that haunts her.
She has had enough of bullshit drama and definitely is not interested in a relationship.


Enter Jax Cooper, the vocalist for local band 'Room 103'.
Jax is arrogant and egotistical, a moody alpha male straight through to his core, but so freaking hot!!!

Eve's brother lives with the band so as time goes on, Eve and every member of the band form a friendship.
I loved loved loved!!!! The band. OH gosh Boss is the Bomb. He so needs his own book!

Jax…. I can't even begin to explain ladies. Shit he really was freaking Alpha.
He barely says 3 word sentences.
His clipped tone and moody presence just puts you on edge.

~"Babe?" Jax growled from across the table. There is was again! Did he not warrant more than a single word? Did he think I was too dumb to comprehend more than three? ~

Eve soon finds his relentless pursuit of her, harder and harder to resist.

~ I had been eye fucked plenty of times in my short 18yrs, but I had never been eye-fucked like this before… hard and brutally against an imaginary wall, at a thousand powerful thrust per second. I nearly orgasmed just from the sensation he pounded into me from those stern green eyes. ~

Their chemistry is off the charts, the sex is fucking HOT!!

~"What I want is you, underneath me and beggin' babe. I want my mouth on your perfect pink nipples, worshipping them with my mouth. I want to bury myself so fucking far in you that I tattoo myself on your womb babe. I want my name ripped from your lips when I make you come hard. Hard enough to make you clamp me so fucking tight, that every ridge of my cock etches on the walls on your delicious pussy babe."~



Both E and Jax hold tortured souls and secrets but as they grow close and share their pasts, love starts to replace the pain.


~"There aint one inch of you that aint perfect babe. I see through your pain E, and all I see is your beauty, your bright spirit and the largest heart I've ever known, and the most amazing pair of tits on the planet babe."~

Jax was so amazing. I had this idea that yeah he is a douche and totally gonna screw her over. But once he opened up he really wasn't that typical. He really did grow on me.

~"Need to breathe you babe."~

He was funny, sexy and even the way he talked was hot!

~"Babe. Who needs flowers and chocolates when I got a fucking hard dick right here for you?"~

Yes.. he said Babe WAY to much…
Let me repeat he says BABE way fucking TOO much. I swear I nearly put the book down after reading it 2oo hundred times.
My kindle tells me the word babe was printed 540 times! hahahaha

I don't know how, but once I blocked that out I got over it.

But Eve still holds a secret, Something that controls her. She needs the release of the pain that boils inside her veins.

~"WHY E?"

"BECAUSE I FUCKING DESERVE IT!! OKAY, I DESERVE IT…. every fucking piece of it. Every thrash, every sear, every fucking slice of pain… I deserve it… I deserve it…"~

Eve is a self harmer.
From her pretty effed up childhood, she holds onto that pain. Pain that eats away at her. She fights the battle to release the pressure and guilt.


E's method of self harm is to be whipped… severely.

Eve is really messed up. Through out the whole book she keeps getting knocked down.
Seriously the amount of shit this chicks goes through…. It's crazy!!!

But Jax' love for her brings her back from the darkness and pain.
They really are in love, you feel the intensity. It becomes easy and drama free.

~"I love you Eve Hudson. I'll always love you babe. You're in my heart so deep; a piece of you injects my veins with every heart beat. You're in my head so intensely; every time I close my eye, I see your beautiful face and you're in my soul so entirely, I feel you inside me."~

So the 1st half of the book we learn all about Eve and Jax. Their relationships starts off rocky but as the months go by they grow and love and seem to get to a place that is just right. Their career is about to take off and they are about to head to America for their big break.

When her mother gets sick Eve has to stay behind to care for her as she is dying.
The boys head to the states and Eve is left behind.
They talk every day but as the time goes by Jax' calls slowly start to drop and before you know it they completely stop.

Then we get to the 2nd half….

TWO FREAKING years later!!!
Eve has made it big herself with her band, Hell's Eden.
She has not seen or spoken to Jax in all that time. 'Room 103' is back home for an awards show, the same show Eve will be performing.

Eve has pretty much been to hell and back in those 2 years.
She took herself from her lowest point, back to healthy and living.
Jax has no idea what has gone on with Eve, and during her speech about her struggles of self harm, we all come to learn the depths of despair Eve went through.

She has no idea why Jax stopped calling, and she wants nothing to do with him.
But Jax comes back with his short clipped sentences and bossy ways and just like the 1st time their bodies can't deny their connection.

~"Need to breathe you, I need to feel you. I need to consume you and take you. Take you under me until you lose your damn mind and I find mine."~

It's intense again, we learn secrets of Eve's last 2 years and shit it's BAD.


It just didn't stop. Hit after hit came and like a bad accident you can't look away.

Their distance is a product of mis-communication and really makes you mad.
With Jax and E it's like they were my addiction, I couldn't get enough of them. So even though they were pissing me off, I couldn't stay mad at them.

What it seems is that Jax and Eve are not good together, not for each other, but they can't cut their deep connection.

~"I tried boss, honestly I did, but I just couldn't… it's like he's welded to the depths of my heart and as much as I try to rip him out, he sticks hard."~

I found myself so freaking frustrated, I was rooting for them. They were their own worst enemies. At these times I would scream and just wanna give up on them, but then the next page would give me this.

~"You give me all you got babe, and I'll take it all. Devour every fucking drip, every fragment and piece of you and then I'll surrender everything I am. You hear me babe?" ~

And then I would be like FUCK! Don't give up.. And I didn't, I got there and was rewarded with that epilogue…

Simple, short and not much detail.

Yes, NOT what I normally like in an epilogue….

BUT Jax.. Shit we needed to be in his head more. I would of LOVED to have the whole story told in alternate POV.

Having it in his voice was the perfect ending.

D.H. Sidebottom really did take me on a crazy ride.
I'm not sure if this will be everyones cup of tea. So much went on, I found it a little hard to comprehend.
But the author kept me intrigued and managed to pull all those emotions out of me, I guess in the end that's all that matters.

So after all of that, how do I feel about this?

I still don't know! hahahaha

What I do know is that It has been a few days since finishing and I still have it on my mind.
So go ahead and make your own mind up, then come back and tell me.

Buy it.
Read it.
Love it?

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