Monday, July 8

Until I Break

by M. Leighton
My rating: 4.5 stars 

Until I Break

****Dark. Edgy. Suspenseful. Erotic. Sinful.****

~In love sometimes what you fear most is exactly what you need.~

WOW I have just been taken WAY out of my comfort zone…

Like most of you I love a good Alpha male, I like it when they dominate. Take control, and if done right, I love it when its extreme. Most of my favourite men have some sort of emotional damage.
BUT above all my Alpha has to have a weak spot. There has to be a balance. I'll take moody, bossy and even mean if I get a little sweet after.

What I don't like… When Alpha is douche all the time. I need to see that he has the ability to change, that he can drop his walls a little, open up.

Alec Brand was not like my favourite Alpha….

So why did I love it so much?

Hell I'm not even sure myself.. I do know that I wanted to give up about 5 times. I wanted to smack Alec's head. I wanted to scream at Sam
But I could NOT put this down.

I can't believe I finished it. Hell I devoured this.

Seriously I'm a true Romantic. I can not handle men like Alec at all.

Thats not to say you won't. I bet you will. I guarantee majority of you will.
My good friend loves guys like him. Me... I just wanna cry. It's like the heartbreak is happening to me….
So why am I totally torn about this?


I have not read a storyline quite like it.

Samantha has suffered a horrible and broken past that has left her emotionally, sexually and socially insecure.
Sam is a writer who writes hot and sexy paranormal romance novels. She writes under her "alter ego" Laura Drake.
She keeps her true identity hidden from the public, taking every measure she can (wig, glasses and even what she wears)
to insure that no-one will ever know the real person she believes she is.

She meets Alec at a book signing event and is instantly drawn to him by his looks.
Alec shows a huge resemblance to the hero from her books. They share a brief moment and connection.

When Sam runs into Alec again as "Sam" not Laura Drake, the same reaction between them happens, again it is undeniable the connection they share.

However Alec makes it clear from the get go that what he wants and what Sam desires are 2 different things. And nothing and no-one will ever change that.

~"I'm not the warm and fuzzy type, Samantha. It's not my intention to make you feel love. I don't have that kind of emotion in me. But there are other things I can give you, other things I can make you feel."~

Despite the risk, she can't NOT go on with him, can't NOT see, NOT feel, NOT try….


As we go back and forth between both POV we learn more about Alec Brand.
We see his internal struggle with his deep dark desire and trying to stay away from Sam.

~"Once I've had my fill of a woman, I lose interest. Completely. I seduce, I dominate, I control and I abandon. ~"


~"I'ts sick that I take such pleasure in thinking of it. It's not the ending devastation that excites me. I do feel guilty for not to be able to love and commit to a woman like they want and need. But they know that going in."~

They both suffer from scars, Scars that hold each other back, but they continue on the path that can ultimately destroy both of them.

~"I'm turned on by what she's most afraid of. Samantha isn't the only broken one."~


There were a few major twists that I didn't see coming.
And you just have to experience them as you are going along. You keep trying to guess what exactly these two are hiding.

And when we do learn about both of their pasts, I was certain that it would be a good thing…

~"Even if she were perfect for me in a dozen other ways there are ways she could never satisfy me." ~Alec

~"Alec hungers for a sexual satisfaction that I can't provide."~ Sam

The build up and sexual tension was intense, when they did come together it was Erotic, Dark and Sexy.



"I think about doing things to you. Some of them might scare you. But others….. might not.



It really is a hard book for me to rate because I really did struggle with Alec.
I kept waiting for him to soften, just a little. But he really was closed off.
When we find out about his dark past, I can see why he was so reserved. Sam's past was really heartbreaking, I felt sick reading about what she went through.

Lucky for me Alec redeems himself in the epilogue (a little late for some) but for me I get my HEA so I was very happy. I just wanted more of what I got in the epilogue.

M.Leighton weaves a tricky tale of Lust, Love, Secrets and Truths. Keeping you guessing after every twist and turn.
As I said, totally out of my comfort zone, but grabbed my attention from the first page and didn't let go.
This is my second book by M.leighton and was totally blown away by the difference between the two.
Can't wait to see more.
I really would love for Chris to have her own story.

An absolutely unique read

Buy it.
Read it.
Love it.

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