Monday, July 8

Because of You

by T.E. Sivec
My rating: 5 AMAZING STARS

Because of You (Playing With Fire, #2)


You know that feeling when you're reading a book and something washes over you.
A feeling that you know you are about to get dragged in and there isn't anything you can do about it.
It doesn't happen all the time. And you still enjoy what you're reading, still can fall in love with the story.
But sometimes something just grabs you. It's like the words that you are reading go from letters on a page to coming alive and settling in just beneath your skin. Causing your whole body to break out in intense goosebumps. Feeling every emotion seeping out with these words.
It might take a chapter or 2 to get there, It sometimes can be in the prologue. I have had it happen to me in the dedication.
But when you read that certain line or paragraph, and you react to it. You just know that you gone for.

~Oh God, this is the arm I play with. This is the arm that cradles the guitar at my side and the fingers that strum the notes that take me away to another place. Notes and melodies that bring me back to life and allow me to be who I really am.~

This was that line for me.
2nd page in, and I was like... "Yep, ok there goes my whole day"

T.E. Sivec is a freaking genius.
She managed to pull every emotion out of me and leave me hanging for more.
"Because of You" had it all. I couldn't get enough.

This was so much more than I was expecting.
She blew it out the park with "A Beautiful Lie."
But honestly this was even more amazing.

Brady is a retired Navy SEAL, Former cop, and current PI.
Brady has gone through a lot over the last few years. When his sister and niece show up on his door step needing his help, he decides to get his life on track.

Accepting a job to work for a 'Diva' is definitely not something he wants to do, but he's got to pay the bills.
After researching Layla Carlyle online, Brady is convinced she's nothing more than another spoiled, rich celebrity.

~"No amount of money is enough for me to follow around some pop star diva princess who has more money that she knows what do with and probably invented this little stalker because her name hasn't been in the tabloids in at least three point two days."~

But Brady has no idea how very wrong he is.

Layla is living a life that her heartless, manipulative mother, Eve, dictates.
She may be rich, beautiful, and talented, but she's not in control of her own life, nor is she happy.


Her mother, controls every aspect of her life. For Layla, there is no way out and has lost all fight.
No one other than Finn, her bodyguard- Best friend truly knows her.


After losing the one person who protected her. Layla isn't the person she portrays.
She is lost and empty and no longer can she feel the passion that flowed through her.


~I can't do it. No matter how hard I try, I can't get my fingers to strum the Hummingbird.

I wasn't free anymore. On days like today, I feel like I never will be.~

Until Brady comes along….

There is an instant attraction between Layla and Brady. Even though they try to show an indifference to each other.
Brady is there to do his job, protect Layla, and catch the stalker that has his eyes set on the singer.
But as they spend so more and more time together, Brady begins to see Layla as she truly is.
And too soon it becomes impossible to deny their feelings.

~“I know I’m done for when it comes to this woman. She’s gotten under my skin, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever be ready to remove her.”~

He tries to fight his attraction and not become involved. But when they are both effected so much by the other, sooner than later they will cave.

~"There's nothing more sensual than watching a man struggle to keep himself in check when he's looking at you, nothing more arousing than seeing his eyes darken with desire and his tongue slide out to lick his lips because you know he's thinking about kissing you." ~ Layla

As Brady continues to protect Layla, from her Stalker, the sexual tension rises. Their growing feelings bring them closer together.

There was such intensity between them, not only physically, but emotionally.
Brady is so protective, he sees past the public persona. See's what her mother has done to her.

~"I've just met this woman and suddenly I wanted to make sure no one ever speaks to her that way ever again. I want to see her smile more. When she does, I feel a tightening in my gut and an inexplicable need to have her smile at me, to shine that brightness on her face in my direction."~

These two were hot!
Smoking, sexy, panty dropping HOT.
TOO MANY MOMENTS to document but I think every time they came together, it was freaking on fire.

~"I haven't had a hand job since I was in high school. The women I'm usually with prefer to just hit and go home. I don't know if it's just the fact that it's Layla doing this to me right now or how on edge I am, but this is the hottest fucking thing I've felt in a long time."~


~"She's soft and tight wrapped around my fingers and I can only imagine how it would feel to have my cock buried inside of her right now, squeezing me and making me lose my mind."~


Brady is sexy but it was all the sweetness that got me. GOD HE WAS SEXY SWEET…..

~"I thought it was impossible for you to be any more beautiful than you already were," He whispers in my ear.
"Jesus, was I fucking wrong." ~


But with Brady and Layla getting closer, the stalker closes in.

~"You're going to be mine someday very soon, princess. I'm not ready for you just yet, but I will be. And you're going to be ready for me."~

You really are sitting on the edge of your seat wondering who it could be.
You have all these clues but your not sure who or what is going on.

As Brady slowly brings the old Layla back to life, can the two of them, who live two completely different lives, really have a future?

With Brady's tainted past and his need to protect his family, will he be willing to put it all on the line to be with the woman of his dreams?
Will Brady be able to save Layla before its too late…

~"Maybe if I had realised sooner, listened earlier, put away my pride and belief that everyone has some good in them deep down, I wouldn't be where I am now- fighting for my life and wandering if the person I love cares enough to save me from this hell.~

The last 30% was crazy intense and pretty sure I spent all of chapter 25 holding my breath..
Loved every second of it.
I can't wait for the next in the series..

Buy it.
Read it.
Love it.

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