Monday, July 8

All the Broken Pieces by Cindi Madsen
My rating: 4 Stars

All the Broken Pieces

~ Sometimes lies look so much like the truth. And when you can't tell between the two, how do you know which one will make you happy? Maybe the lie will make you happier. And if you're happier with the lie, would you want to know the truth? ~

Well I was not expecting that!

I have been sitting on the edge of my seat for last 5 hrs!

All the Broken Pieces takes you on a mysterious and intriguing adventure, that had me freaking clueless as to what the hell happened to Olivia!

Olivia wakes up from a coma with no memories of what happened to her or who she actually is. Her parent’s version of her near fatal car accident are vague and refuse to go into detail of the events leading up to her accident.
Moving away to start fresh, Olivia starts a new school, new friends and meets Spencer.
Hahaha Spencer pissed me off soo much in the start. But once the list came into play... (recreating memories and experiences she missed out on.) soo sweet!

Olivia starts experiencing flashbacks of someone else’s life and two distinctly separate voices in her head.
I loved the dialogue between the 2 voices and Liv,

"Could you two shush now?" Liv hissed. "I'm trying to convince myself I'm not crazy, and it'd be much easier if I wasn't arguing with myself."

By 50% I seriously thought I had this figured out. I was like yep I know where this is going... hahha Fail I was so wrong.

Liv and Spencer's relationship grew slowly and I enjoyed seeing their friendship grow to more, because really how sweet is Spence! The List people, The LIST!!

Olivia's need to find out what really happened the night of her accident grows and you really do feel her pain of not knowing who she really is. Every time something felt familiar, it seemed to contradict her life, which made her feel even more lost.

~ When am I going to get over this awful sense of wrongness? ~

Now lets talk about the ending...
I couldn't understand it, I didn't want to accept that thats how it ends but then I turned the page, and whats that I see?.. an Epilogue... Oh goody here we go..
But all you left me with were Goosebumps!
I just needed more..

Would definitely recommend

Buy it
Read it
Love it

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