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Axel by Harper Sloan
My rating: ★ 4 Stars ★

Axel (Corps Security, #1)


~Fate hasn’t always been friends with Isabelle West. In fact, fate has been a downright bitch.~

Isabelle West really has had it bad. After being knocked down over and over she finally is taking her chance to live free, breathe easy.

When her ex husband won't let go, it sets off a chain of events that pull Isabelle back to the most horrible time of her life.
Everything she knew has become a lie.
Looking into the face of the man you love, the man you thought was taken away from you was the last thing she ever expected.

Axel has carried his anger over Isabelle West since the day she broke his heart.
Their dreams didn't go to plan, he accepted it, but fate intervenes bringing them back in each others life. Now he is faced with protecting her.

The pull she has always had on him makes it hard for him to hold onto the anger.
Can he forgive her for turning away from him? How can he protect her from the danger when she isn't being honest how far it goes.

With their past filled with lies, a crazy Ex- husband, some kick ass friends and some sexy ex-Marines, Can Iz and Axel find there way back to each other?

I hate it when I'm not 100% sure what I want to rate a book. Sometimes it's just too much pressure.
What works for one might not work for the other.
I have sat on this for 2 days now and I'm still stuck.
So I'm reviewing this one a little different to my normal style.

Did I enjoy Axel?
Did I absolutely fall in love with it?
Did I get a healthy dose of Alpha Males?
Were there awesome sexy times?
Did it frustrate me?
Would I read the next one?

So I guess what I'm saying is I didn't love it love it I just liked it.

Lets talk about the things I did like.

GREG….. Sweet mother of GOD give me Greg right now. I wan't him yesterday…
~"Baby girl? I know you're scared. Iz mark my fucking words, he will not touch you. Do you hear me? He won't breathe your fucking air, I promise you that."~

Seriously I can NOT Wait for his story.
He was my type of Alpha

~"Oh really? So, you can see through fucking wood and steel now? I didn't realise you picked up fucking super powers. Remind me next time to just have you beam me the hell over, sure as fuck will save on the gas." ~

Hahah I kinda liked him more than Axel…..

But that's not to say Axel wasn't good. He was, he was total sexy badass.

~“She was mine.
She is mine.
She will always fucking be mine.”~


I loved the sexy times.

~ "You feel how fucking hard I am for you? I can feel your warm fucking c*nt hugging my dick, even through my god damn pants, you are on fire for me." ~


I loved all the Bad Ass Men of Corps Security.


I loved Isabelle's side when she was carefree and little a bad ass. She was funny at times

~ “Axel Reid, you wake up right now!” I yell. “Get your paws off my tit and call your dick off its search for my pussy, he found it asshole, now back off.”~

I really loved it when they finally got together. Bring on the sexy times, the sweet words and playfulness any day.

~“Never again, Izzy West. I will never again let anyone take you from me, or anything from us.” ~

Loved that they finally got their HEA.


But there were a couple of things that really frustrated me. And for me, it took away what could of been epic.

I wish Isabelle communicated a lot sooner. I thought that if you were standing in front of the man you loved and thought dead you would ask "How is that possible?"
She just assumed and from there was the delaying in communicating.

~“Process? What the hell is there to process? Where are you, Izzy? Not asking you again, and I am not fucking doing this text message shit like a goddamn prepubescent little shit.”

I hated the stressed feeling I got because I was an emotional mess waiting for them to communicate. I destroyed my nails reading this.

You know the moment when your waiting for them to finally click where it all went wrong. Then you can breathe easy. Well it felt like I couldn't catch my breathe for 50% of the book.
In saying that, some people love Angst. For me, too much angst stresses me. hahhaha


I really didn't like the way she treated Greg, not talking to him for ages.
But when he finally gets her to talk it was like a 2 sec apology and she was over it lol.

For a little bit at the start I thought we were gonna have a love triangle there.
I was getting mixed signals. But maybe I was just hoping to see some Greg ACTION hahaha.

I think a little more detail on The Corpse Security would of been really awesome. You know, seeing them in action, being their badass selves.
Maybe that will come as the series moves forward?

Overall Harper Sloan's debut definitely kept me interested.
She has all the ingredients for an amazing series, I guess for me the storyline of these 2 particular characters frustrated me, taking away everything else.

I have no doubt Greg's story is what will turn my view of this series from being good to freaking awesome.

Check it out for yourself.

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Axel (Corps Security, #1)

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Jess xx

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