Monday, July 8

Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect by Ella Fox
My rating: 4 Smoking Hot Stars

Picture Perfect (Renegade Saints, #1)

~"Never loved the taste of someone before baby, but with you, I would willingly drown in it. I'm going to devour you Tess, from the inside out, and you're going to come so many times that you'll forget there even was anyone before." ~ Flynn

This was my first time reading Ella Fox and let me tell you right now, It most certainly will not be the last!

Holy shit on a stick…

To say Picture Perfect was a smoking hot read would be an understatement.

This was on fucking FIRE!!

"With that first touch I. Was. DONE.
Ring the bell, sound the alarm, turn off the lights and lock the doors.
Done. "

Im hearing ya there Tessa….

I was a hot mess reading this.
I felt like a 50yr old heading into menopause with all the hot flushes Ella pulled out of me!

I really enjoyed the story line.
(Love me a sexy rocker)
The sex, as we have already established was super hot.
There were a couple times I was like ummm hmm ok
hahahah now Im gonna confess here, when the size of Flynn came into question, I did find myself with my hand out in front of my face trying to establish how thick he was by wrapping my fingers around my wrist.
Either Tessa has really small hands or my wrists are super tiny cause I could still over loop my fingers hahahahahahahahahha
Damnn I would be scared if that was in my face bahahahaha.

Really enjoyed it.
I'm looking forward to starting Ella's Hart family series.

Read it
Buy it
Love it.

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