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Ever Enough

Ever Enough by Stacy Borel
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ever Enough


"I'm sorry… I'm sorry… I'm so fucking sorry!"

This story managed to rip my heart to shreds and then slowly put me back together again.

I can't possibly review this without a few spoilers….

18yr old Finley and Emilyn were in love.

On Graduation night Finn breaks Em's heart leaving her alone to pick up the pieces of her life.


10 years have past and we meet Emilyn, who is about to head home for her high school reunion. Em is married to West. West came into her life a year after Fin left. West is a successful Lawer and over the years has worked his way up the ladder.
Em gave up everything when she married West. Her days are spent alone and for the last 2 years her marriage has been slipping away.

Coming home for the reunion was meant to be easy. Fin wasn't on the attendee list so when she encounters him the night before Em's perfect happy facade comes crumbling down.

Focusing the last 10 years on his career, Finley is finally being honest with himself that he isn't happy, something is missing.

After a brief encounter with Em, Finn realises how much he really has missed Em.
The night of the Reunion, Em and Fin fight emotions and feelings that bubble to the surface. Finley asks Em if she truly is happy….


Em's answer encourages him to take a risk and kiss her.


Panic washes over Em and she flees the scene.
Guilt pushes her to head straight home back to her husband.
Arriving a day earlier than expected, Em walks in on West in bed with another woman.

Omg.. that whole scene was intense.

~ "What the fuck is going on here?" I bit out.
Neither of them said a word, but at least West had the decency to move away from Julia, pulling a sheet around his waist as he did. The silence was doing nothing but pissing me off even more.
"I said, what the Fuck is going on here… IN MY BED!?" I screamed. ~

With her sham of a marriage over, Em heads back home to get her life back in order.
Hiding low, Em is distancing herself from a persistent Finn, who won't give up calling and texting, letting Em they will eventually talk about that kiss.

This is where I was thrown a curve ball.

Couple weeks later Em finds out she is Pregnant to douche bag West.

I did not see that coming at all!!

After a couple months of Em avoiding him, Finn heads back home to confront her. He is aware that her marriage is over, but when he shows up and see's Em pregnant, he understands her reasons for avoiding him.

Finn is seriously the sweetest man EVER. To step up and be a man the way he was with Em and the pregnancy had me totally swooning.

~Even though she was carrying another man's child- a man that I had grown to despise- this child was life. A life that was half her, and because of that I automatically felt love for it and would do anything to protect it.~

Vowing to be apart of her life, in whatever capacity she is comfortable with, Finn promises that he isn't giving up on her this time.

~"I came here because I heard you were going through some things. The idea of being away from you when I could possibly help was something I couldn't stomach. i cam her because I want to be here with you. I asked you to move in with me because I want you to live here. I'm ring to go to your appointments because I want to be there for you and this baby. Nothing I'm doing here is out of obligation."~

As the pregnancy goes on, Finn and Em can't fight their feelings any longer.
But can Em trust Finn not to break her. Can she open up herself to the possibility that handing over her heart again could destroy again.

~I’m never leaving you again Em. Never! You are mine. Do you understand me? Mine! And if I have to spend the rest of my life finding every single piece of your broken heart, I will. I will put you back together again Em. I’ll do it because I’m still so in love with you. I will fix you, and I’ll fix this.”

But Em and Finn are about to face more heartbreak, can they survive another goodbye? or will it be too late? Is too much to overcome.


I loved everything about this.
I loved the second chance romance. I loved Finn. My heart broke for Em and I was rooting for them the whole way through.
The steam factor was hot, and the scene when she get caught with the Vibrator was GOLD!! I was laughing so hard then was left panting!!!
West was the BIGGEST DOUCHE. What a Twat!

This was an amazing Debut by Stacy Borel.
Can't wait for Harper's story. She really was a hoot and had so many great lines in this!

~"I've been stuck with average men; the kind that you take home to meet the family. Fuck you, no thanks! I need someone built, dangerous, who isn't afraid to pull my hair when he is fucking me."~

Would definitely recommend this one.

Buy it.
Read it.
Love it.

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