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The Final Piece

The Final Piece by Maggi Myers
My rating: 5 Amazing Stars

The Final Piece

~Detach. Float away. I tell myself as I let my mind go numb.~

Rough, Remarkable an Unapologetically heart-wrenching!

Maggie Myers writes about an extremely difficult subject but treated it with respect.
Leaving you with a heart breaking experience whether this subject has touched you life or not. I felt everything Beth felt.

~ Panic mixed with dread spreads inside me, infecting every fibre of self worth and esteem. I can't see it; I only feel it as the happiness leaves my body in a dizzying rush. It bleeds out of me like I've been gutted with a dull knife. My spiral into despair feels like slow motion, but in reality, it's just a matter of seconds.~

Beth is suffering abuse at the hands of family friend and neglect from her parents.
Beth confides in her mother about the abuse, thinking she will save her.

"He hugs you and what? Does he tickle you, Beth?" She mocks me. "Jesus Christ, Beth everyone gets tickled at some point?"

To say first few chapters were intense would be an understatement. I pretty much held my hand over my chest praying for relief.

Beth's saviour comes from Tommy, a close family friend who has always been a father/uncle figure to her. After discovering what has unfolded, Beth is taken back to her home town with Tommy, her uncle, aunt and to her grandparents.
Beth embarks on a journey of healing far from the horrors of her home. In her darkest moments, she meets a boy named Ryan.
Spending one summer together, Beth and Ryan's friendship turns to first love.


However road to life takes them in different directions.
Beth moves on with her life, healing in time. Friendships form and life takes her forward with the decision of letting love back in.

10 yrs later and a tragedy brings Beth and Ryan together again.
Both Beth and Ryan haven't gotten over their first love and emotions come forth bringing all truths out.

~ There aren't many times in life you get the opportunity to come full circle, and I can't help but feel like life is telling me to grab on this time an never let go. ~

~In the end, there really is not a choice. I have been his since our first encounter under the cherry tree and, no matter how frightening, I know Ryan is worth the risk.~


My heart felt heavy all the way through with Beth, her journey of suffering and pain to love and life, to firsts and living and letting go of the past so it no longer holds power over her.

Truly a Beautiful story.
This is a must read!

~ Together forever, never apart. Maybe in distance but never in heart. ~

Buy it
Read it
Love it

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