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Zane (Alluring Indulgence Series) ✦Review and Giveaway✦

Zane by Nicole Edwards
My rating: ★4 SEXY SINFUL STARS ★
Zane (Alluring Indulgence, #2)

Warning: This book contains sexual encounters and graphic language that some readers may find objectionable, including, but not limited to: m/f, m/m, m/f/m, m/m/f encounters, anal sex, exhibitionism, and voyeurism. Contains graphic material that is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

FUCK ME.. I'm ready!


"Awww, shit.  Another one bites the dust" 

This is the story of Zane Walker and Vanessa Carmichael
Zane is the youngest of the Walker brothers. The story starts off 3 months after the attack that lands him in a month long coma. When Zane is attacked in front of Vanessa’s house by Jake, he ends up fighting for his life. Zane has had a slow road to recovery and wants nothing more to be back home out of the confines of Hospital.

V has stayed cleared of Zane for the last 3 months. She feels guilty for what happened to him and believes that he is better off without her.
Since the accident, V has been suffering from PTSD. Struggling to leave and enter her home. She manages to keep her issues to herself. But when Zane is released from Hospital, his first stop is to V's.
Zane, will do anything to help V past her fears.

While their chemistry is off the charts, V is worried for Zane'ss safety and refuses to let him back in.
But Zane won't allow V to harbour those feelings. He knows what they have, he just needs to prove to her. After 15mins back in each others space, they can't stop the need their bodies Crave.

~ For some reason, when Zane was close, her clothes just seemed to fall off. ~


"Tell me how much you've missed this, and I'll give you everything you want. I'll bury my tongue in your sweet pussy and make you come with just my mouth. You want that, don't you?" 


Now if you have read Kaleb you will know the Walker brothers have a reputation when it comes to the ladies. And a certain appetite to threesomes.


Enter Beau.
HOLY HOTNESS BEAU. Beau is a whole different kettle of fish. SWOON…
Zane, V, and Beau have a little different twist to their three way. Beau is Bi-sexual and possibly attracted to Zane.
When I read the scene with Beau, V, and Zane playing pool I was like…



~ Zane did the unthinkable, letting go of V and standing straight before looking down at his best friend on his knees sucking his cock deep and deeper into his hungry mouth. Zane didn't let go of Beau;s hair. He held the man firmly in place, glanced up at V one last time and when she nodded her approval, Zane let go.~ 


I was a little disappointed that there wasn't anymore action with Beau and Zane. Poor Beau… I hope he gets his HEA

But I was ok cause then I was given a little teaser into Travis.. HOLY SHIT ON A STICK..
I couldn't wait to start.


With Jake still threatening V, Zane will take matters into his own hands to protect her. But she completely shuts down and her walls go back up
Distancing herself from Zane, she goes to stay with her mum for a while. When she does, not only does she break Zane's heart, she finds herself broken again.
Can her and Zane get back to where they were?

Loved it! Nicole writes Off the chart hot sex scenes...and if you are a fan of really awesome menage, don't wait to get your hands on these. I'm heading Straight to Travis…..


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