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Burn by Maya Banks
My rating: ★ 4 Stars ★

Burn (Breathless, #3)


Twenty- eight year old Josie is an Art Grad. A Free spirt living a carefree artist’s life. A chance encounter with Ash makes her question everything about herself.

~“If you wore my collar, you’d damn well know you belonged to me,” he growled. “Furthermore, you wouldn’t regret for a moment that you gave yourself wholly to me. If you were in my care, you’d definitely belong to me. There’d be no question.“ ~

Ash meets Josie and is instantly intrigued. Never has a woman been immune to his charm. An all consuming feeling he can't figure out makes him do anything in his power to have Josie.

~ Something about her brought his caveman instincts roaring to the surface. he was lucky he could form coherent sentences without growling, beating his chest and dragging her back into his cave by her hair.~

Josi has been in a Dominant/submissive relationship with Michael, When Ash starts to make her question her relationship she ends it with Michael. When Michael turns on her, Ash steps in and refuses to let her go.

Ash helps her see that she’s been doing all the giving while getting none in return, and he convinces her to try letting him take care of her in all the ways she truly deserves.

~"Nothing I can ever give you could compare to your gift of submission. The gift of your trust. Nothing is more valuable than that, and you can't put a price tag on that kind of gift." ~

This was a little insta love. Yeah ok it was a lot Inst love. But I'm not to fussy with Insta love. It can happen.


The sex was a little more dominate in Burn than the other two.

~ " Going to blindfold you. It will heighten your other senses. Want you to trust me completely to give you pleasure."~


The sex was hot. Ash was total dirty talker.. I love dirty talkers

~“In my mouth, Josie. Come all over my mouth. I’ll work you back up again. I’ll make it good for you.” ~

I liked Ash he was total Alpha. Dominating but still sweet.


I liked that Ash was upfront from the start. About anything that could hurt her.
except that one little detail. The one that she finds out about...

I think the difference with this one is Josie really doesn't fight Ash's dominance but embrace's it.
I like that. It was a little different to othe female leads that are spunky and fight their submission.

I was worried about his sister. I kept waiting for some drama to come out and slap us in the face.

I loved the girls night out! hahahahha they are the best!
Overall I enjoyed the final in the trilogy.
But have to say Gabe and Mia's story is my fav.
I know heaps of people didn't like Gabe cause what he did. And I agree the thought makes me sick. But and it's a big but… I just liked them so much!!!!

If you haven't started on this series, then get on it! You won't be disappointed.

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Jess xx

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