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Blog Stop, Review and Giveaway : ★Breeze Of Life By Kirsty Dallas★

Title: Breeze of Life
Author: Kirsty Dallas
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date:  17th August, 2013 
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Recommended for 17 years+. This book contains language which some may find offensive and sexual situations.

Bree ‘Breeze’ Delany never imagined her life could sink so deep. That such intense pain could take up residence in her heart and shred her soul to pieces. And all it had taken was one little word to drag Bree to the depths of this despair, cancer.

It took just one person to pull Bree from the darkness, her best friend Harper Somerville. Determined to show his Breeze the beauty in life no matter how short or long it is, Harper takes Bree on the road trip of a life time.
Not only does Harper remind Bree how exciting and beautiful life is, but he also shows her a passion and love that she has only read about in her naughty romance novels.
Screw happily ever afters, perhaps life was meant to be lived with happily ever nows…


Have you ever had that moment when reading a book, and you just know that it's going to be epic….
Sometimes it pulls you in so fast, so deep, you don't have a second to comprehend it. Breeze of Life did just that, it bought me to my knees in the first 2 pages. I lost count how many times I had to stop to gather myself, to exhale the breath that I found caught in the back of my throat.
Kirsty's words wrapped around my heart, squeezing so freaking hard it shattered. Then she slowly, but beautifully put it back together.
Only somewhere along the way, she kept a piece. And that's OK, because I don't want it back. For an Author to write such powerful words, words that you know came from some part of their life, and they allow us to experience it, giving a part of them selves…. it's just out of this world beautiful.
The rawness of her poetry felt so personal, an achingly dark. But at the same time soulfully healing.
She had complete control over my emotions, there was no fighting it.
She owned me. Broke me. Fixed me. Then forced me to feel with every part of my being, that I cried and cried for what those words represented to her. And when I finished, I felt cleansed and peaceful.

There are no words to describe the high this book gave me....

~ Screw happily ever afters, perhaps life was meant to be lived with happily ever nows. ~

What happens when you're living your life but you don't feel alive? A feeling of numbness takes over you.
A girl so terrified of death she refused to live.
Chemo and Radiation therapy has racked Bree ‘Breeze’ Delany's body. She struggles to pull herself out of the funk she's trapped in.

~ Empty, Silent. 
Alone in a black hole of dissidence 
a shadow of the life that once blossomed within. 
Hope lays dormant, 
no longer taunting me from afar. 
Defeated, Extinguished. 
Drowning in a sea of overwhelming devastation 
A ghostly fragment of my former self. ~

And then her saving grace comes home...

Harper Somerville, Bree's best friend. The man she has been crushing on for years. When Bree found out about her Cancer she decided to keep it from her best friend Harper.
But as she slowly sinks deeper into depression, Harper finds out and comes straight home to be with her. 

Harper is obviously angry and hurt that Breeze kept this from him. He has stayed away after admitting his feelings and being denied. Their friendship a little strained.  But how could she push him away. He refuses to let her go through this alone, but once he sees how far gone his Bree is, he makes it his mission to bring her back and show her the beauty in life. 

~ "I'm not going to accept that you will die sooner rather than later. I will only accept life." ~ 

Bree fights it. She is barely living. How can anyone else see what she is going through?

~"I get it Harper, I understand what you're saying but when I got cancer something inside of me broke. I'm filled with selfish thoughts like how I won't have children or get married. I want to smile but it's just easier to frown. I want to go outside and enjoy the sun but when I'm out there the sadness just follows me. At least death might bring me peace from all this selfish sorrow. ~

Harper decides to take her on a road trip. 
A journey to nowhere... A journey to loose themselves, but find themselves at the same time. 

He needs to bring the old Breeze back, but has a lot of work to do. His happy carefree Breeze is so far gone and in her place is a scared, unsure person that can't pull herself out of the dark. Harper won't accept anything other than his old Breeze.

~"Louder, Breeze," he demanded in a voice that commanded obedience. I wanted to ignore him. I wanted to demand he turn around, drive me home and let me wallow in my room, in the cocoon of my blankets. "Again," he growled. 
"I am good enough, you do want me there, I am pretty, and I'm definitely not boring." I pretty much screamed it at him, tears running down my face.... 
"Damn straight." ~ 

Somewhere along their journey. Bree starts to feel alive.

 ~ Smiling had seemed so difficult only a few days ago. Now, it felt easy and right. Gradually, some resemblance to the old Bree was finding it's way back. My soul was being repaired, my sorrow fading and the darkness gradually becoming lighter. ~

This was such an emotional roller coaster. You were giddy for Bree and Harper but at the back of your mind you felt the depths of Bree's pain. Your heart broke for her and you were silently praying for her. Harper was just unbelievable. He has my heart. God I loved him. 

~ "You are going to live, baby girl, and you are going to live with no regrets. And if you go before me, I want you to know when it's my turn I will find you. I'm going to rock your afterlife just like I rocked your living life." ~

Their Chemistry is smoking hot!  Harper is my type of guy.
Their love was intense. There just is something about friends turn lovers for me. Their relationship shows a different depth. 

~"Breeze, many my nights are filled of dreams where I fuck you in every conceivable position and in every conceivable place" ~ Harper
 ~“I could feel him everywhere, in me, on me, around me, but nothing compared to the feeling of him in my heart. Harper possessed me on every level.” ~ Bree 

It had everything I could ever want in a story. I fell in love with everything. Their Friendship, Harper and his Bossy ways, Breeze finding her way back. The funny Jokes. OMG the funny McDonald's joke! Hilarious.. I freaking loved EVERYTHING! I super liked that they head to Brissy in the book ( That's where I live! No joke) so super cool! 
It was the best journey I have ever been on. 

I didn't want this to end. Breeze of Life was a breathtaking ride.
(as in Breath completely taken) 
You come away feeling like someone real and close to you just told you their story, and you feel personally affected by it. Kirsty's gift with words is divine. This chick rocks my world. 
If I never read a book that moves me in such away again, I won't mind, because I will just come back to Breeze of Life over and over again.  It will stay with me forever. 

~ No matter what our future held, a long life, a short life, I knew what we would be together forever. I would be with Breeze in this life, the next and beyond, because true love is endless and when two soul mates come together it is for eternity. ~

★ 5 Breath Completely Taken Stars ★

Buy it 
 Read it 
 Love it 

 Jess xx

About Kirsty Dallas 

I'm just a little Aussie girl with a big imagination, so much to write and so little time to do it. When I'm not writing (or reading) I am kept smiling and sane (for the most part) by my 5 year old daughter. She is the light in my world. I have a wonderfully supportive family who keep me completely grounded. Trust me, they will never let any success go to my head!! And I love them for it. I enjoy ice cold ciders, barbeque's, music and art. I hate cooking, in fact I think I have major kitchen allergies. My feet rarely grace anything other than flip-flops and even in the middle of a hot Aussie summer, I love my jeans!!! To sum me up in a few words (and you know how hard just a few words is for an author) ~ easy going, laid back, dreamy and passionate.
I hope you all love reading my novels as much as I love writing them

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