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I Breathe You

I Breathe You by Lori L. Clark
My rating: ★ 4 Stars ★

I Breathe You (Breathe, #1)

~ "If someone takes a piece of your heart, hunt 'em down and get it back. You're a strong girl Rhane, but ain't nobody able to live with half a heart."~

Rhane, is on top of the world. Her rock band Fate's Crazy has just been given the chance of a lifetime to tour with the hottest act around.
But life as she knows it changes in a split second. Everything she held so tight has been ripped away. Her Boyfriend, Dalton killed in an accident that she has no memory of.
An accident that leaves her without a voice unable to speak above a whisper.


6 months later we see Rhane being discharged from hospital into the care of her Uncle T.
With no relationship with her parents, Rhane really only has T in her life.
She decides to go live on her late Grandmothers Property.
An old run down house that needs a lot of work.

Rhane is going through the motions of day to day existence.
Dalton was the the air she breathed the love of her life. Her voice was her life. Music was her passion.

~Losing my voice in the accident was akin to losing my identity, and although I try to put on a brave front, inside, I am anything but.~

She is numb and bitter and holds so much anger that it builds and in the end consumes her.

~“A tiny voice inside my head reminds me to just breathe. Inhale, one, two, three. Hold, one, two, three. Exhale, one, two, three. Repeat.” ~

Then Ian Callahan walks into Rhane's life and makes her start to feel again.

Ian is hired to help fix up Rhane's property.
There is an instant attraction between them both, but Ian's dealing with his own shitty drama's life has dealt him.
While they fight their obvious attraction, Rhane begins to heal.

While it is a slow process, we go through the motions with her.


She has to work through all her anger and pain. Her way of dealing with her loss is not working, but as she acknowledges her demons she starts to let it go.


While Rhane is slowly healing herself. Ian is a constant.
I really liked Ian, he was patient and didn't want to push her to far or fast.

~"It's ok Sunshine, I've got you," he murmurs. "Go on and cry like nobody's watching. I'll be your rock." ~

When they do finally get to a place where they entertain the idea of more between them Ian's past comes back to test them.
Can they move past the drama together and survive a happy ever after together?

This was more than your typical New Adult romance where girl has major issues, boy has issues , they fight attraction, then have hot sex….
To me it was more about Rhane's journey. Her ordeal is so heavy and then you find yourself willing her through the healing process.
It was about finding herself again, Bring herself back from something that had the ability to ruin her.

~Sometimes, I feel there are two personalities at war inside my brain competing for top filing. It's like trying to put together a thousand- piece puzzle where five hundred or so of the pieces have mysteriously vanished. ~

I really did connect with Rhane. I found her spunky and witty.
I loved Gwen. Loved their relationship.
And T was amazing.
I did enjoy the build up to Rhaine and Ian's relationship, but found myself wanting more.
He was sexy, and sweet. I wish there was more time for them to be 'together'
There were a few things left unanswered which totally leaves it open for a continuation.
I'm looking forward to Ian's story next. .

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  1. Thanks for the amazing review, Jess! <3 Book two is in the works. :)