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Give Me Love Review & Giveaway

Give Me Love by Kate McCarthy 
My Rating:  ★ 4 Stars ★

~ "You're the light I can't live without and the only one that has ever held my heart. I want to be the man standing beside you, laughing with you, crying with you, holding you, and loving you." ~

Evie and her Band Jamieson is about to hit the big-time. Moving back to Sydney puts her back in the sights of her Bestfriend, Mac's older Brother Jared. 

For the last few years Evie has avoided Jared at all costs. One look at the hot badass guy, made Evie run for the hills. After a few messed up teenage years earning her 2 heartbreaks she only plays it safe. And Jared has heartbreak written all over him. 

They have a friendship via text messages. But when she moves back to sydney Jared makes it clear that when she is ready, she will be his. 

~ “You know what you have to do, Evie,” he whispered in my ear and I shivered. “Just be with me.”

Jared co-owns a business that 'consults' in dangerous hostage and kidnapping situations. Ever since he set eyes on his little sisters best friend, he has wanted more. Jared has his own heartbreak that he deals with, but he wants her bad. 

~ "Evie, Up there? Wow. I already knew you were the hottest fucking thing I'd ever seen in my life, but that voice of yours..." he leaned in close until the warmth of his breath tickled my ear "...makes me want to fuck you." ~

Evie fights the attraction in her unique crazy ways, making you laugh out loud at the stuff she comes out with. I loved her. I think I might have a little girl crush on her.. Hahaha 

~ I am a cool cucumber. No, fuck that. I am Snoop Dogg. You can get no cooler than that.~

Jared is totally swoon worthy… 

~ "I feel like everything is so much brighter when I'm with you. When you're not there it's like someone turned out the lights." ~

I loved EVERYONE… 
Henry.. Swoon… 
Jake… HOT
Mac.. Hahahah Macface Mactard. Macky Wacky.... Hey I'm Aussie. We love that shit for some reason… 
Even Tetris Tate.. Wonder if he is in the second? 
Seriously Loved them all. I loved their banter. The Slang comes naturally to me and I freaking loved it. 

~ Sandwich was their nickname for me because of my name Jamieson. Jam. Jam Sandwich. Now it was just Sandwich. It wasn't really the best nickname, but you just had to roll with what you got because if you kicked up a fuss, you'd  end up with something worse. ~

When Evie and Jared's relationship finally takes off,  a psycho determined to enact revenge against Jared, sets his sights on Evie.  
There were car chases and shoot outs. Kidnappings and stabbings it was action packed! 

~ "Evie, get the fuck OUT OF THE CAR!"
The impact from the Camry had pushed us a full car length into the busy intersection. Cars flew by dangerously. Out of my peripheral vision, I saw the cavalry screech to a stop behind us, defending out of their cars, running for us. I was making a fumbled frantic move for the door when i saw a truck bearing down towards us with nowhere else to go, honking his horn loudly, then everything went black.~ 

With the band hitting it big time, Jared and the Bad ass Brigade protecting her against a psycho, misunderstandings and trust issues. Can Evie and Jared fight their way through the chaos and be with each other? 
Or will it end up in heartbreak for them both of them? 

~ I saw it all, the highest of our highs and the lowest of our lows and as much as every piece was a part of me, I wanted to howl for never getting a chance to live in the middle.~

'Give me love' is Kate McCarthy's 1st instalment of her Give Me series..

It wasn't an insta love for me.
What Kate does is, give you a wonderful character build up that, by the end you really feel like you know the gang personally. 
I don't think I have read a book in a while that takes it's time in getting to really know the characters. 

For me I could see where others found it a little slow to get into. Around 30% I was anxiously waiting for my Evie and Jared action...
However…By the time I got to 40-50% I was so invested in EVERYONE I couldn't put it down. The gang is so complex, you do appreciate knowing their background. 
And now that I'm finished, I'm itching to get my hands on Give me Strength. Like seriously need it now!! 

 Favourite Lines 

~ “I relaxed back into the couch, wondering why it appeared all men had it in for that movie. My last thought before my eyes drifted closed was that perhaps it was because Ryan Gosling set the bar too high.” ~

~ "The first rule of being a bad ass is that you don't talk about being a bad ass. Period." ~

~ "How did you get so lucky? Not just one, but two of them. Bit greedy, aren't you? she said with a wink. 
"You haven't seen the rest of them."  
"There's more of those? Honey, I am you new best friend." ~ 

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Jess xx


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