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The Dare

The Dare by Karin Tabke
My rating: ★ 4.5 Stars ★

The Dare

Two men, one a sexy stranger, and a night of no holds barred passion…


It all starts with a dare…..

At first appearance Dr. Katrina Winslow is very reserved. Spending most of her time in the lab, Katy doesn't have time to think about the sensual side lurking underneath her conservative demeanour.

All that changes one night when her boyfriend, Evan, dares her into a threesome.
Away on a work conference, she accepts the dare to please Even, but also finds herself very attracted to the sexy green eyed Policeman.

The Threesome was HOT…. Like seriously freaking hot!
Evan is a douche bag but the chemistry between Katy and Simon is smoking…..

~ She arched against Evan's chest, lifting her arms and lacing her fingers behind her hi snack and at the same time presser her pussy harder against the lips and finger that ravaged it. Never has she felt so alive, so free, so inhibited. ~


Evan had been pushing her to try new things, but never had she let herself go this far.
To allow two men at the same time to pleasure her.

But soon the night comes to an abrupt end, and Simon kicked out.
Before the night ends Katy is left with the knowledge her Boyfriend Evan is actually married. The man she just trusted her body to had been lying to her all along.
By the next day she has sworn off men.

With her last night at the conference Katy heads down to the hotel bar to drown her worries. Fueled by alcohol she decides to confront Evan, but Simon steers her away and into his suite.

While she feels stupid and betrayed, Simon listens and tries to show her that Evan is a douche and she doesn't deserve him. With the alcohol relaxing her, Katy admits to Simon some truths and confesses her desires.

~"I'm…." She grabbed his collar with two hands and whispered, "Simon I think I'm a secret slut." ~

Hahahhah That line was hilarious.

Simon finds Kat amusing and appreciates her honesty.

~"I crave, Simon. Things I shouldn't. Things I never told Evan or any man. Things I shouldn't want to do."

"Like What?"

"Like -- things…" Heat flushed her cheeks

"Like Golden showers?"


"Like animals?"

"God No!"

"Like with Girls?"

"Ha, wouldn't you like to watch that?"

"Like, I think I like to be dominated,"…… ~

Hahahah Loved it!

After Kat opens up about her desires, she spends the night.

When she awakes, they share one steamy Hot shower..
Holy hotness that shower scene was freaking SMOKING HOT!!!


~ "Simon," she moaned, hanging from the handcuffs. "Please. Fill me…"

"Like this? he asked, sliding a thick finger slow and easy into her as his lips caught a nipple and gently tugged at it.

"Oh - Yes, Deeper," She begged

He sucked her nipple into his mouth, rolling it around his tounge, as that big thick finger of his moved more deeply into her. ~


Simon and Kat clearly have chemistry, the sex was HOT but Simon admits he can only do here and now.
When Simon is called downstairs, Kat flees his room, confused and not wanting to trust any man again. She heads straight to the airport for home.
Leaving without a single goodbye.

Arriving home safely, Kat is in for a huge surprise when the sexy man who has the ability to take her over the edge, decides he isn't going to let her get away that easy…

The Dare is a Novella and is part of a 4 part series. Tabke, draws you in quickly and keeps your attention. Not once did it feel rushed and her attention to detail kept you wanting more. Yes, it does obviously end in a cliffhanger but it's wasn't to harsh, it just left me excited to see where this can go next.
I would definitely recommend The Dare.

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I dare you…

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