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Review & Giveaway Afterburn by Sylvia Day

My rating: ★ 5 Bite Sized and Dangerously Delicious Stars ★



~ Have you ever wanted something so bad, you couldn't imagine not having it? ~

Gianna Rossi, strong, beautiful and driven. There are only two things in Gia's life that she has wanted that bad.
One, Jackson Rutledge. The man she stupidly fell in love with.
And Two, an internship under the one of the most successful restaurateur in the industry.

Gia had Jax for 5 weeks, then it all ended abruptly. Never hearing for him again.
Now set on making herself known in the the restaurant industry her main focus is her career.
A year later, under the guidance of her Mentor/now friend, she has evolved into a sophisticated, successful woman. Slowly making a name for herself.
When her current business deal crosses path with the elusive Jackson, Gia isn't prepared for the realisation that he can still affect her so much.
With Jax cutting in on her business deal, and the undeniable chemistry between the two, Gia suddenly finds herself drawn back into his life.

There is nothing soft about Jackson Rutledge, He works hard, plays hard and fucks harder. A jaded man cut from a ruthless cloth. He comes from a wealthy and powerful family.
He gets what he wants and he wants Gia. Jax isn't walking away this time.

"There you are," he said, with an unmistakable note of triumph. "You almost had me fooled into thinking the Gia I knew was gone." 
"Don't toy with me, Jax. It's beneath you." 
"I want you beneath me."

He is direct when it comes to what he wants. But you find yourself feeling weary on what exactly his intentions are. He clearly has feelings for her and can't seem to get enough, but without an explanation as to why he just stopped calling or coming around, you are really left guessing like Gia.
Gia's not quite the same girl she was when she was last with Jax, but Jax slowly starts to pull the sassy Gia back. With his persistent presence in her life, Gia, finds it hard to fight what her body is craving…. Jax. What they had was Hot and passionate and neither one could ever get enough. She fights desperately to not let him back in.

~ My body didn't care that he'd dumped me without a word. It wanted Jax. Desperately… ~


She succumbs to the pressure building in her and surrenders to it. He ignites her so bad she refuses to fight it anymore. But Jax wants more without having to define what it is they have. Gia refuses to fall back into the way their relationship headed last time. She's confused and doesn't have the answers to her questions. It felt like a game and she didn't know the rules.

"Don't." He caught my chin, tilting my head up. "You can't ask me to give you everything I've got, then take it lightly. It's not fair." 
"No," I agreed. "It isn't, is it?" 

Sassy Gia was great. I loved her. I loved her honesty and strength. She was fiery. She might of succumbed to the temptation that was the sex god Jax, but you really felt she learnt something from the first experience with him, and refused to accept anything less than what she wanted.

"One night to screw me out of your system? That's a cliche, Jax. It never works. Great sex doesn't stop being great just because you gorge on it."

But your still left with that sneaky suspicion of what really is at play here. You have these powerful players that clearly are hiding things. Jax is persistent and resistant at the same time. She has the business deal going south, Jax in her bed, and the realisation she still loves this man. He holds a power over her she can't control.
But he pulls her close only to push her back. It's a mystery. You're constantly trying to come up with some sort of explanation.

"You fucked me over, Jax. Right after you fucked me literally. Did you take a shower first? Or were you still smelling like me when you made the call?"

When her business deal gets screwed over by Jax, she realises it's game on. Jackson Rutledge is about to learn a thing or two about playing with her.She can play this game and she can win.

"I'm on to you, Jackson Rutledge…. I'm going to figure you out." 
"I'm an open book…" 
"You're a head trip… And your mystery-man days are numbered.


I really enjoyed Aftershock. I didn't realise how much I missed Day's writing until I started reading. This is the first book in the Afterburn/Aftershock series. It's doesn't end in cliffy, but more.. "I wonder what the hell is going on…"
I liked that it wasn't dragged out with angst or unnecessary drama.I think because it is on the short side, we don't get a lot of detail on certain aspects. I loved Gia's family and her relationship with her brothers. I would of loved to have more development between them. But I guess I could be feeling like that because I just really loved everything and wanted to savour it all.
I enjoyed the mystery, going back over my notes I picked up a few random hints that has me guessing.. Can't wait to find out.
I'm gonna have to put it out there that this, was a lot more enjoyable for me than 'Bared to you.' Don't get me wrong Love Ava and Gideon, But Gia…. damn she kinda is a bit badass… hahhahaha

Afterburn is the first instalment of a 2 part series that will complete the novel. Aftershock is set to be released in November.

★ 5 Stars ★

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