Friday, August 30

Friday's Five... 5 Stars are NOT Enough

Top 5 books where 5 Stars were not enough....

Out of the hundreds and hundreds of books I have read, there is a small handful that have completely, absolutely, down right owned me.
I think my body was pretty much covered on goosebumps the entire time I read these five.
I just want to go back and experience these over and over.

UnBreak Me 
Lexi Ryan 
See my Review 

On the Island 
Tracey Garvis Graves
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Waiting for You 
Shey Stahl 
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Collen Hoover

The Sea of Tranquility 
Katja Millay

Want to read any of these Amazing Books? 
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Jess xx


  1. Great list Jess. Some of those would be on mine too :)

  2. Sea of Tranquility ... abso-frigging-lutely. :) I also really, really loved Unteachable!