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*** 5 Star Review** Eraser Amber by Megan Keith

Title: Eraser Amber
Author: Megan Keith
Genre: Erotica
Publication Date: October, 17th 
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He wants Mackenzie, longs for her.

In a heartbeat his world came crashing down.


His actions broke her trust, yet she's the one paying the price.

Guilt suffocates him, he needs to fix this ... fix them.

Can he right the wrong before it’s too late?

Or is the desire they were once consumed with fading?

PLEASE NOTE: This is the 5th novella of the series and they do need to be read in order.

WARNING: Mature 18+ readers only. It contains explicit sex scenes including BDSM type scenarios

My Review

WhOooHOO!!! Yes yes yes!!! I cannot even contain my excitement!
I'm soooooo fucking excited that we got the next installment in the Eraser series...BOOK 5 is HERE! And so close to the last instalment Eraser Crimson is was like Christmas all over again! YAY!
But I must really thank the goddess that is Megan Keith,for not making us wait too too long, especially with the way book 4 ended. 

But still...

 I HAVE BEEN DYING!!!!  Damn woman and her cliffy’s!

Lucky for us book 5 picks up right where we left off, the part that left me shaking my head looking for the nearest rock to climb under and wait alone with my reeling thoughts about what the hell was going on in my happy place with Sir and Mackenzie! OMG Mackenzie... Gasp!!! 
Freaking out BIG TIME! 

Ms. Keith has definitely kept us on our toes throughout this series and I've loved every stinking minute of it!!! 

Keith is a master story telling manipulator who has kept my head spinning, my heart thumping and my lady bits clenching for all 5 books. Add in the crazy twist and turns, beyond sizzling sex scenes, and one hell of beyond sex on a 10 foot pole character that is Sir along with all his Sir-isms... how could it not be one of my all time favourite series EVER?

But best of all, and the icing on the cake for me, has been watching the sexy romance between Sir and Mackenzie grow deeper and deeper making me completely addicted. 
 I've been so consumed in watching these two come together in the most intimate ways. 
From just one night to (FINGERS CROSSED)... til' death do us part?
I just can’t seem to get enough of these two!

I’m a complete goner for this series! Like FANGIRL hard!

However, this book, Eraser Amber is sooooo bittersweet for me as I've been so smitten, connected and totally consumed with this sinfully sexy series from the start and with this being book 5 it means we only have one more to go before it's end.  And that, Ms. Keith just devastates and wrecks me! 
I love my Sir fix, and I am NOT looking forward to the end AT ALL!

Instantly upon starting Eraser Amber my heart is hurting for Sir! I could just feel his pain and guilt radiating off the pages, just pulling on my heart stings with every utterance of his uncertainty for his relationships future. Never have I begun an Eraser book with tears forming so quickly! 
WTF? Ms. Keith not cool!!

Seeing Sir so guilt stricken was hard, with Keith's writing always being so descriptive and accurate you can't help but feel his torture first hand. My poor Sir, I just wanted to reach in and hold him.

"She is my beginning and my end." -Sir

Watching Mackenzie struggle with her feelings toward Sir in the beginning chapters was also heartbreaking. I hate when these two are apart and struggling. HATE IT! However, I was a bit frustrated with her at some points and  just wanted her to listen to and forgive Sir. I mean know he was wrong but its Sir, so she needed to just forgive him and move along to some 

But of course Ms. Keith has taken a liking to withholding my scorching sex scenes from ME, like the little dominatrix that she is, so as I read I was not so patiently waiting for the molten scenes I long for. and expect.

When Mackenzie finally gives in and agrees to go home with him I swear my heart fluttered with the hope that things would be alright in the Sir and Mackenzie bubble like I need then to be.

God!!! These two were out to destroy me this time around I'm convinced. There were many points where I tell ya, I was pretty tempted to throw my kindle across the room!  
I swear you could hear me yelling for these two to just give in and make up already! 
Cheese and Rice, please stop the torture, forgive and move on to the hot yummy make up sex that I know will be coming.

Craving, for my sexy dominant Sir to surface and give me my much needed Sir fix!! 
These two were driving me crazy!!

I honestly found myself waiting with bated breath waiting and reading the scenes where they are apart but yet so close. Nose twitches and eye stings in full effect, leading me to believe that this book just might not only leave me hot and bothered like the norm, but just might tarnish by book loving soul, if things don’t go my way…I stress when my fav couples are under duress, so this installment is hurting me! But God DID I LOVE IT!! And I COULD NOT STOP READING!

Lucky for me…well and for Ms. Keith the duress doesn’t last long (good thing, because I would have cyber stalked her until she fixed it and made it right again).

That being said we NEED to talk about what Keith does best…OH. MY. GOD!! 
The SEX scenes in this book are FUCKING insane!! I cannot believe that they could get any hotter, but holy shit, I will NEVER look at Glenfiddich the same way again!!

(not just 6 books worth....I'm saying ALWAYS! hint, hint)

I’m talking change of panties is an absolute MUST! SOAKING....CLENCHING...OH. MY. SIR!

I seriously mean drooling, fanning myself…. NEED a Sir of my own…light up a cigarette... 

And of course that is just one of the many hotter than HELL sex scenes we are privy to.
Sir is back and in full effect, and I lapped up every minute I was given with my Sir in the mode I love best! Keith’s ability to write clenchingly good scenes just keeps getting better and better 
*bows and salutes to you Ms. Keith! You ROCK my WORLD!!

Then of course the cliffy queen strikes again bursting my basking in the afterglow of the ending I thought I was getting this time around!! Grrr! SOOO now I’m left FREAKING out once again!!!

If you haven’t read this series yet you NEED to go ONE-CLICK it NOW!!!

★★☆ 5 I DONT WANT IT TO END...EVER Stars ☆★★

Review by Gillian Grybas

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About the Author

I have an unhealthy addiction to books, I love to read them, live them and write them. I love books that are full of angst, heartbreak and breathtaking romance, tragedy, everyday issues and not-so-everyday fantasies. I love swoon-worthy bad boys and hot and steamy sex scenes, edge-of-your-seat drama, twists, turns and surprises. And most importantly, happily-ever-afters!

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